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Detailed Legislative Reports - Bill Status Report: All Bills (2023-24)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SHB 1009 Docs f Military spouse employment S Ways & Means 03/21/2023 Leavitt
2SHB 1010 Docs f Shellfish sanitary control S Ag/Water/Natur 03/07/2023 Chapman
2SHB 1013 Docs f Regional apprenticeship prgs S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Maycumber
2SHB 1025 Docs Police/private actions H Rules C 03/13/2023 Thai
2SHB 1028 Docs f# Crime victims & witnesses S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Orwall
2SHB 1032 Docs f# Wildfires/electric utilities S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Dent SB 5039(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1039 Docs f Intramuscular needling S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Macri SB 5288(S Health & Long)
2SHB 1122 Docs f WMS bargaining S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Doglio SB 5141(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1131 Docs f# Solid waste management H Rules C 03/13/2023 Berry SB 5154(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1151 Docs Fertility services coverage S Health & Long 03/09/2023 Stonier SB 5204(S Health & Long)
2SHB 1168 Docs f Prenatal substance exposure S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Simmons
2SHB 1176 Docs fe Climate-ready communities S Ways & Means 03/16/2023 Slatter SB 5247(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1186 Docs d Child welfare housing H Rules R 02/16/2023 Rule SB 5256(S subst for)
2SHB 1204 Docs fd Family connections program S Ways & Means 03/15/2023 Callan SB 5426(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1205 Docs f# Service by pub./dependency S Law & Justice 03/08/2023 Taylor
2SHB 1229 Docs d Voter registration H Rules R 02/24/2023 Simmons SB 5112(S subst for)
2SHB 1239 Docs Educator ethics & complaints H Rules R 02/25/2023 Santos
2SHB 1272 Docs f# Voters' pamphlets H Rules R 02/24/2023 Bergquist
2SHB 1278 Docs d Nonrelative kin placement H Rules C 03/13/2023 Ortiz-Self SB 5124(S subst for)
2SHB 1305 Docs f Students with disabilities H Rules C 03/13/2023 Pollet
2SHB 1316 Docs f Dual credit program access S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Paul
2SHB 1322 Docs f#d Walla Walla water 2050 plan S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Rude SB 5384(S Ag/Water/Natur)
2SHB 1332 Docs f Tribes/K-12 instruction S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Lekanoff
2SHB 1338 Docs f DOC ed. and vocational prgs. H Rules R 02/24/2023 Reeves
2SHB 1389 Docs f Residential rent increases H Rules R 02/24/2023 Ramel SB 5435(S Housing)
2SHB 1390 Docs f# District energy systems S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Ramel
2SHB 1391 Docs f Energy in buildings S Environment, E 03/02/2023 Ramel
2SHB 1405 Docs Public benefit payments/DCYF S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Alvarado SB 5397(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1425 Docs f# Municipal annexations S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Berg
2SHB 1433 Docs f# Energy labeling/residential S Environment, E 03/03/2023 Duerr
2SHB 1445 Docs f# Law enf. misconduct H Rules C 03/13/2023 Hansen
2SHB 1447 Docs Assistance programs S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Peterson
2SHB 1452 Docs f Medical reserve corps S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Timmons
2SHB 1470 Docs f# Private detention facilities S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Ortiz-Self
2SHB 1474 Docs f Covenant homeownership prg. S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Taylor SB 5496(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1477 Docs f Working families' tax credit S Ways & Means 03/07/2023 Thai
2SHB 1491 Docs f Employee personal vehicles S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Orcutt
2SHB 1492 Docs f# State v. Blake relief H Rules R 02/24/2023 Simmons
2SHB 1522 Docs f Sexual misconduct/assocs. S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Pollet
2SHB 1525 Docs f Apprenticeships/child care S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Fosse
2SHB 1534 Docs f Construction consumers S Ways & Means 03/22/2023 Orwall
2SHB 1550 Docs f Transition to kindergarten S Ways & Means 03/28/2023 Santos
2SHB 1559 Docs f Postsecondary student needs S Ways & Means 03/16/2023 Entenman SB 5566(S Ways & Means)
2SHB 1578 Docs d Wildland fire safety S Ways & Means 03/28/2023 Springer SB 5611(S Ag/Water/Natur)
2SHB 1579 Docs f# Independent prosecutions S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Stonier
2SHB 1580 Docs f# Children in crisis S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Callan
2SHB 1586 Docs f Vehicular pursuits work grp. H Rules R 02/24/2023 Goodman
2SHB 1618 Docs Childhood sexual abuse/SOL S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Farivar
2SHB 1639 Docs fd Billy Frank Jr. statue S Ways & Means 03/20/2023 Lekanoff
2SHB 1648 Docs f Ticket sales H Rules R 02/24/2023 Reeves
2SHB 1681 Docs f Problem gambling S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Stearns SB 5634(S subst for)
2SHB 1724 Docs f Behavioral health workforce S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Bateman
2SHB 1728 Docs f Statewide resiliency program S Ways & Means 03/27/2023 Donaghy
2SHB 1745 Docs f Diversity in clinical trials S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Thai
2SHB 1746 Docs f# State broadband map S Ways & Means 03/27/2023 Ryu SB 5718(S Environment, E)
2SHB 1762 Docs f Warehouse employees S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Doglio
2SSB 5002 Docs f# Alcohol concentration/DUI S Rules X 03/10/2023 Lovick
2SSB 5046 Docs f# Postconviction counsel H Approps 03/21/2023 Saldaña
2SSB 5048 Docs f College in high school fees H Approps 03/28/2023 Mullet
2SSB 5071 Docs Purple star designation S Rules X 03/10/2023 Nobles HB 1346(H subst for)
2SSB 5103 Docs f# Medicaid patients/discharge H Approps 03/29/2023 Muzzall
2SSB 5120 Docs f# Crisis relief centers H Approps 03/24/2023 Dhingra
2SSB 5128 Docs fo Jury diversity H Approps 03/28/2023 Trudeau HB 1598(H Civil R & Judi)
2SSB 5134 Docs f Reentry services & supports H Approps 03/29/2023 Wilson, C.
2SSB 5213 Docs f Pharmacy benefit managers S Rules X 03/10/2023 Kuderer HB 1253(H HC/Wellness)
2SSB 5225 Docs Working conn. child care H Approps 03/21/2023 Wilson, C.
2SSB 5254 Docs f Leasing of state lands S Rules X 03/10/2023 Van De Wege
2SSB 5263 Docs f# Psilocybin H Approps 03/29/2023 Salomon
2SSB 5268 Docs f# Public works procurement H Approps 03/21/2023 Hasegawa HB 1306(H Rules C)
2SSB 5269 Docs f Manufacturing H Approps 03/28/2023 Shewmake
2SSB 5290 Docs f#e Local permit review H Approps 03/28/2023 Mullet HB 1296(H Approps)
2SSB 5393 Docs f Health provider contracting S Rules X 03/10/2023 Robinson HB 1379(H HC/Wellness)
2SSB 5412 Docs Land use permitting/local H Rules R 03/28/2023 Salomon
2SSB 5425 Docs f Fire sprinkler contractors H Approps 03/28/2023 Salomon
2SSB 5438 Docs f Supportive relationships H Approps 03/29/2023 Warnick
2SSB 5454 Docs f RN PTSD/industrial insurance H Approps 03/28/2023 Cleveland HB 1593(H Rules R)
2SSB 5477 Docs f# Murdered indigenous women H Community Safe 03/06/2023 Torres
2SSB 5502 Docs f Sub. use disorder treatment H Approps 03/27/2023 Gildon
2SSB 5518 Docs f Cybersecurity H Approps 03/27/2023 Boehnke HB 1464(H State Govt & T)
2SSB 5532 Docs f Small rural hospital payment H Approps 03/24/2023 King HB 1748(H HC/Wellness)
2SSB 5555 Docs f Certified peer specialists H Approps 03/29/2023 Randall
2SSB 5593 Docs f Student data transfer H Approps 03/22/2023 Liias
2SSB 5635 Docs Victims' rights S Rules X 03/10/2023 Braun
2SSB 5670 Docs f Running start/10th grade S Rules X 03/10/2023 Hawkins
2SSB 5689 Docs f# Internet projects/tribes S 2nd Reading 03/28/2023 Stanford HB 1711(H subst for)
2SSB 5730 Docs f# Vehicle residences/impound S Rules X 03/10/2023 Fortunato
2SSB 5736 Docs f Workforce shortages S Rules X 03/10/2023 Nobles
E2SHB 1110 Docs f# Middle housing S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Bateman SB 5190(S Ways & Means)
E2SHB 1134 Docs f# 988 system S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Orwall
E2SHB 1143 Docs f#e Firearms/purchase & transfer S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Berry SB 5211(S Law & Justice)
E2SHB 1167 Docs f# Residential housing S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Duerr
E2SHB 1170 Docs f#d Climate response strategy S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Street SB 5093(S Rules X)
E2SHB 1181 Docs f#e Climate change/planning S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Duerr SB 5203(S Ways & Means)
E2SHB 1188 Docs f Child welfare services/DD S Ways & Means 03/15/2023 Senn
E2SHB 1189 Docs f# Total confinement release S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Hackney
E2SHB 1216 Docs f#e Clean energy siting S Ways & Means 03/27/2023 Fitzgibbon SB 5380(S Ways & Means)
E2SHB 1238 Docs fo Free school meals S Ways & Means 03/21/2023 Riccelli SB 5339(S Ways & Means)
E2SHB 1320 Docs f# Personnel records S Ways & Means 03/27/2023 Reed SB 5061(S Ways & Means)
E2SHB 1357 Docs f Prior authorization/health S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Simmons
E2SHB 1392 Docs f Electronics repair S Environment, E 03/07/2023 Gregerson SB 5464(S Environment, E)
E2SHB 1479 Docs fo Student restraint, isolation S EL/K-12 03/10/2023 Callan SB 5559(S EL/K-12)
E2SHB 1515 Docs f# Behavioral health contracts S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Macri
E2SHB 1541 Docs Lived experience S Ways & Means 03/27/2023 Farivar SB 5616(S State Govt & E)
E2SHB 1565 Docs f Prof. education workforce S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Ortiz-Self
E2SHB 1694 Docs f Home care workforce shortage S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Alvarado
E2SHB 1715 Docs f Domestic violence S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Davis
E2SSB 5001 Docs f# Public facility districts H Rules R 03/31/2023 Hawkins
E2SSB 5045 Docs f# ADU rental/property tax H FINDP 03/31/2023 Kuderer
E2SSB 5080 Docs f#o Cannabis social equity H Approps 03/23/2023 Saldaña
E2SSB 5112 Docs f#d Voter registration H TRDPA 03/29/2023 Hunt HB 1229(H Rules R)
E2SSB 5144 Docs f# Batteries/environment H Approps 03/23/2023 Stanford
E2SSB 5174 Docs fo Student transportation H Rules R 03/27/2023 Wellman
E2SSB 5198 Docs Mobile home community sales Del to Gov 03/31/2023 Frame HB 1129(H Rules R)
E2SSB 5199 Docs f#d Newspaper publishers/tax S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Mullet HB 1206(H Finance)
E2SSB 5236 Docs f# Hospital staffing standards H Approps 03/23/2023 Robinson
E2SSB 5243 Docs o High school and beyond plans H Approps 03/29/2023 Wellman HB 1273(H Approps)
E2SSB 5258 Docs Condos and townhouses S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Shewmake HB 1298(H Civil R & Judi)
E2SSB 5278 Docs f Home care aide certification H Approps 03/28/2023 Wilson, L.
E2SSB 5311 Docs fd Special education funding H Approps 03/22/2023 Wellman HB 1211(H Approps)
E2SSB 5315 Docs fo Special education/nonpublic H Approps 03/29/2023 Wilson, C.
E2SSB 5367 Docs fo Products containing THC H Approps 03/23/2023 Robinson HB 1612(H Reg Subst & Ga)
E2SSB 5440 Docs f#e Competency evaluations H Approps 03/29/2023 Dhingra
E2SSB 5536 Docs f# Controlled substances H Approps 03/29/2023 Robinson
E2SSB 5580 Docs f Maternal health outcomes H Approps 03/29/2023 Muzzall
E2SSB 5582 Docs f# Nurse supply H Approps 03/28/2023 Holy
E2SSB 5634 Docs f Problem gambling H FINDP 03/31/2023 Conway HB 1681(H subst for)
EHB 1086 Docs Community org. contracts S Rules 2 03/17/2023 Shavers
EHB 1209 Docs f# Controlled substance equip. S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Leavitt
EHB 1210 Docs f School board recordings S 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Rude
EHB 1274 Docs f Child malnutrition guide S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Couture
EHB 1324 Docs f# Prior juvenile offenses S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Hackney SB 5475(S Law & Justice)
EHB 1336 Docs f#o Vol. firefighter pensions S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Stokesbary SB 5567(S Ways & Means)
EHB 1337 Docs f# Accessory dwelling units S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Gregerson
EHB 1478 Docs f Student rights S EL/K-12 03/06/2023 Timmons
EHB 1636 Docs Foreclosure/common interest S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Orwall
EHB 1663 Docs f# Consolidated port districts S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Goehner
EHB 1714 Docs Financial literacy grants S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Stonier
EHB 1782 Docs af Wahkiakum county ferry S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 McEntire SB 5750(S Rules X)
EHB 1797 Docs f Real estate appraisers/eval. S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Cheney
EHB 1812 Docs f Medicaid/B&O tax deductions S Ways & Means 03/22/2023 Springer
EHB 1823 Docs f WA student loan program S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Timmons
ESB 5015 Docs f Productivity board H Approps 03/29/2023 Fortunato
ESB 5022 Docs Drug testing equipment H Rules R 03/29/2023 Muzzall
ESB 5130 Docs f# Assisted outpatient treat. H Approps 03/29/2023 Frame
ESB 5175 Docs f School principal contracts H Rules R 03/29/2023 Wellman
ESB 5309 Docs f Petroleum transportation/tax H Finance 03/06/2023 Lovelett
ESB 5336 Docs f# Main street trust fund H FINDP 03/31/2023 Cleveland
ESB 5341 Docs fd WA food & ag. products H Approps 03/21/2023 Muzzall
ESB 5352 Docs Vehicular pursuits H Rules R 03/29/2023 Lovick HB 1363(H Rules R)
ESB 5355 Docs f Sex trafficking prev. ed. H Approps 03/29/2023 Wilson, C.
ESB 5462 Docs f Inclusive learning standards H Education 03/02/2023 Liias
ESB 5534 Docs f Workforce investment board H Approps 03/27/2023 Randall
ESB 5592 Docs f Defibrillators/fitness H Approps 03/21/2023 Hunt
ESB 5623 Docs f# Hate crimes Del to Gov 03/31/2023 Dhingra
ESB 5650 Docs f K-12 inflationary increases Del to Gov 03/31/2023 Rolfes
ESB 5691 Docs Resource & assess. centers H Rules R 03/29/2023 Warnick HB 1685(H Rules R)
ESHB 1019 Docs f Pesticide advisory board S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Dent
ESHB 1033 Docs f Compostable product usage S Rules 2 03/23/2023 Walen
ESHB 1037 Docs Family burial grounds S Law & Justice 03/01/2023 Walsh
ESHB 1042 Docs f# Use of existing buildings S 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Walen
ESHB 1048 Docs Voting rights act S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Mena SB 5047(S Rules X)
ESHB 1050 Docs af# Apprenticeship utilization S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Riccelli
ESHB 1051 Docs fd Robocalls & telephone scams S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Leavitt
ESHB 1057 Docs fo PERS/TRS 1 benefit increase S 2nd Reading 03/15/2023 Stokesbary SB 5350(H Rules R)
ESHB 1073 Docs f Medical assistants S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Harris
ESHB 1106 Docs f Unemployment/voluntary S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Fosse
ESHB 1155 Docs fd Consumer health data S 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Slatter SB 5351(S Law & Justice)
ESHB 1169 Docs f# Legal financial obligations S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Simmons
ESHB 1173 Docs f# Light pollution S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Connors
ESHB 1175 Docs fo Petroleum storage tanks S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Doglio SB 5233(S Environment, E)
ESHB 1187 Docs Employee-union privilege S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Hackney SB 5706(S Law & Justice)
ESHB 1203 Docs d Accounts S Ways & Means 03/07/2023 Ormsby SB 5293(S subst for)
ESHB 1222 Docs af Hearing instruments coverage S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Orwall
ESHB 1235 Docs f WDFW licensing S Ag/Water/Natur 03/10/2023 Chapman
ESHB 1245 Docs # Lot splitting S Loc Gov, Land 03/03/2023 Barkis SB 5364(S Rules X)
ESHB 1251 Docs f# Water system notices S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Stonier SB 5215(S Health & Long)
ESHB 1260 Docs fd Work-limiting disability S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Alvarado SB 5480(S Ways & Means)
ESHB 1277 Docs fo Paraeducator course of study S Rules 2 03/15/2023 Donaghy
ESHB 1282 Docs fd Public building materials S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Duerr SB 5322(S Ways & Means)
ESHB 1293 Docs f# Development regulations S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Klicker
ESHB 1311 Docs f# Credit repair services S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Reeves
ESHB 1329 Docs f#d Utility shutoffs/heat S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Mena SB 5366(S Rules X)
ESHB 1335 Docs f Personal identifying info. S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Hansen SB 5321(S Law & Justice)
ESHB 1340 Docs Health professions/conduct S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Riccelli SB 5400(S Health & Long)
ESHB 1361 Docs d State employment S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Abbarno
ESHB 1362 Docs d Reports S Rules 2 03/27/2023 Stearns
ESHB 1369 Docs Fish and wildlife officers S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Griffey SB 5382(S Rules X)
ESHB 1371 Docs f# Freight railroad infra. S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Barkis SB 5494(S Business, Fin)
ESHB 1377 Docs f Continuing education/K-12 S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Santos
ESHB 1387 Docs f# Law enf. applicant pool S Law & Justice 03/07/2023 Ramos
ESHB 1394 Docs f# Sexual offenses by youth S Ways & Means 03/23/2023 Senn SB 5543(S Human Services)
ESHB 1424 Docs f# Dogs and cats/consumers S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Berg
ESHB 1436 Docs fo Special education funding S Ways & Means 03/28/2023 Pollet
ESHB 1466 Docs f Dental auxiliaries S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Riccelli
ESHB 1469 Docs f Health care services/access S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Hansen SB 5489(S Rules X)
ESHB 1498 Docs f# Aviation assurance funding S Ways & Means 03/28/2023 Dye
ESHB 1503 Docs f Health care licenses/info. S 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Riccelli
ESHB 1508 Docs f Health care cost board S Health & Long 03/08/2023 Macri SB 5519(S Health & Long)
ESHB 1533 Docs PRA/employee information S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Mena SB 5746(S State Govt & E)
ESHB 1547 Docs f# Out-of-state health prov. S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Caldier
ESHB 1554 Docs f# Lead impacts S Transportation 03/29/2023 Doglio
ESHB 1555 Docs Indian tribes/extradition S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Lekanoff SB 5642(S Law & Justice)
ESHB 1568 Docs f Long-term care professionals S Health & Long 03/10/2023 Chambers
ESHB 1576 Docs f Dentist compact S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Caldier
ESHB 1584 Docs f Nuclear reactor technology S Rules 2 03/27/2023 Barnard
ESHB 1589 Docs f Clean energy S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Doglio SB 5562(S Ways & Means)
ESHB 1600 Docs d Firearms/juvenile records S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Goodman
ESHB 1652 Docs f Child support pass through S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Taylor
ESHB 1678 Docs f Dental therapists S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Riccelli
ESHB 1705 Docs Stormwater facilities/county S Loc Gov, Land 03/07/2023 Griffey SB 5645(S Loc Gov, Land)
ESHB 1731 Docs f Short-term rentals/liquor S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Waters
ESHB 1732 Docs K-12 inflation adjustments S Ways & Means 03/03/2023 Bergquist
ESHB 1736 Docs f# Vehicle odometer readings S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Cortes
ESHB 1744 Docs Charter school oversight S Ways & Means 03/28/2023 Rude
ESHB 1758 Docs f# Hatchery maintenance permits S 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Mena
ESHB 1766 Docs f Protection orders/hope cards S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Griffey
ESHB 1789 Docs fd Ecosystem services S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Reeves
ESHB 1791 Docs Commercial aviation services S Transportation 03/10/2023 Fey
ESHB 1838 Docs Transp. revenue forecast S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Fey SB 5757(S Transportation)
ESR 8601 Docs Senate permanent rules S Adopted 01/09/2023 Pedersen
ESSB 5010 Docs f# Synthetic opioids/endanger. H Community Safe 03/03/2023 Wilson, L.
ESSB 5050 Docs Breast implant surgery H HC/Wellness 03/02/2023 Wellman
ESSB 5082 Docs f# Advisory votes H Rules R 03/23/2023 Kuderer HB 1158(H State Govt & T)
ESSB 5102 Docs f School library info and tech H Approps 03/29/2023 Wellman
ESSB 5111 Docs f Sick leave/construction H Rules R 03/28/2023 Keiser
ESSB 5123 Docs af Cannabis/employment H Passed 3rd 03/29/2023 Keiser
ESSB 5124 Docs fd Nonrelative kin placement H Approps 03/21/2023 Trudeau HB 1278(H Rules C)
ESSB 5142 Docs d HIV medication rebate rev. C 10 L 23 03/30/2023 Liias HB 1408(H Rules C)
ESSB 5143 Docs Pesticide registration comm. Del to Gov 03/31/2023 Torres
ESSB 5150 Docs f Beef commission H Ag&Nr 03/06/2023 Shewmake
ESSB 5152 Docs d Synthetic media H Rules R 03/29/2023 Valdez HB 1442(H Rules C)
ESSB 5173 Docs f# Property exempt from exec. H Rules R 03/29/2023 Stanford HB 1400(H Civil R & Judi)
ESSB 5179 Docs Death with dignity act Del to Gov 03/31/2023 Pedersen HB 1281(H Rules C)
ESSB 5186 Docs f Contracting/discrimination H Rules R 03/29/2023 Liias
ESSB 5187 Docs d Operating budget H 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Rolfes HB 1140(H Exec Action)
ESSB 5197 Docs f Eviction processes H Rules R 03/22/2023 Kuderer
ESSB 5200 Docs d Capital budget H 2nd Reading 03/27/2023 Mullet HB 1147(H CBDPS)
ESSB 5207 Docs Controlled entities H 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Billig HB 1426(H Rules R)
ESSB 5217 Docs f Musculoskeletal injuries/L&I H Approps 03/21/2023 Dhingra
ESSB 5231 Docs Emergency DV orders H Rules R 03/29/2023 Salomon
ESSB 5257 Docs af Elementary school recess H Passed 3rd 03/20/2023 Nobles HB 1504(H subst for)
ESSB 5267 Docs f# Railroad workers H Rules R 03/29/2023 Kuderer HB 1548(H Rules R)
ESSB 5272 Docs af#d Speed safety cameras Del to Gov 03/31/2023 Liias
ESSB 5284 Docs fo Campaign finance disclosure H Rules R 03/29/2023 Nguyen
ESSB 5293 Docs d Accounts S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Rolfes HB 1203(H subst for)
ESSB 5294 Docs fd Retirement system funding H Rules R 03/28/2023 Rolfes HB 1201(H Rules C)
ESSB 5301 Docs d Commerce housing programs H Exec Action 03/31/2023 Mullet HB 1709(H Rules C)
ESSB 5320 Docs f Journey level electricians H Rules R 03/28/2023 Saldaña HB 1462(H Labor & Workpl)
ESSB 5326 Docs f Vehicle insurance verif. H Transportation 03/03/2023 Lovick
ESSB 5334 Docs f# Affordable housing funding H FINDPA 03/31/2023 Lovelett
ESSB 5365 Docs Vapor and tobacco/minors H Rules R 03/27/2023 Saldaña
ESSB 5371 Docs f Orca vessel protection H Approps 03/29/2023 Lovelett HB 1145(H Ag&Nr)
ESSB 5447 Docs f Alternative jet fuel H FINDPA 03/31/2023 Billig HB 1505(H Env & Energy)
ESSB 5466 Docs f#e Transit-oriented development H Exec Action 03/31/2023 Liias HB 1517(H Housing)
ESSB 5512 Docs f Higher ed. financial reports H Rules R 03/27/2023 Holy
ESSB 5515 Docs f Child abuse and neglect H Approps 03/29/2023 Dhingra
ESSB 5528 Docs Construction retainage H Rules R 03/29/2023 Stanford HB 1524(H Labor & Workpl)
ESSB 5546 Docs f Cannabis commission H Approps 03/29/2023 Shewmake HB 1581(H Reg Subst & Ga)
ESSB 5576 Docs f# Sexual assault procedures H Community Safe 03/02/2023 Dhingra
ESSB 5583 Docs f Young driver safety H Transportation 03/03/2023 Liias
ESSB 5599 Docs Protected health care/youth H Rules R 03/29/2023 Liias
ESSB 5614 Docs f# Adult entertainment H Reg Subst & Ga 03/21/2023 Saldaña
ESSB 5702 Docs f Student homelessness pilot H Rules R 03/27/2023 Trudeau HB 1693(H Rules R)
ESSB 5716 Docs f In-home services surveys H Approps 03/28/2023 Rivers
ESSB 5726 Docs f Prevailing wage/public works H Labor & Workpl 03/06/2023 King
HB 1000 Docs f Working families' tax credit H Finance 01/09/2023 Stokesbary
HB 1001 Docs f Audiology & speech compact H Spkr Signed 03/31/2023 Leavitt SB 5021(S Health & Long)
HB 1002 Docs f# Hazing penalty S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Leavitt
HB 1004 Docs f# Bridge jumping signs S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Abbarno SB 5478(S Rules X)
HB 1005 Docs f Military/employer tax incen. H 2nd Reading 03/02/2023 Abbarno
HB 1006 Docs Drug testing equipment S Law & Justice 02/10/2023 Orwall
HB 1008 Docs f Plan 2 members/insurance S Rules 2 03/14/2023 Bronoske SB 5420(S Ways & Means)
HB 1011 Docs Long-term care/repeal H HC/Wellness 01/09/2023 Abbarno
HB 1014 Docs f# Fire protection projects H Cap Budget 01/09/2023 Abbarno
HB 1016 Docs f Wine retailer shippers H Reg Subst & Ga 01/09/2023 Chapman SB 5007(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1017 Docs f Cosmetologists, etc/licenses S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Ryu SB 5307(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1018 Docs f Hog fuel/tax exemption S Ways & Means 03/20/2023 Tharinger SB 5030(S Ways & Means)
HB 1020 Docs State dinosaur S Rules 2 03/27/2023 Morgan
HB 1021 Docs f Social worker licensing H Rules R 01/24/2023 Thai SB 5354(S Health & Long)
HB 1022 Docs f# Support & services levies H Rules R 02/17/2023 Chapman
HB 1023 Docs fo Wire tap reports/courts S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Walen
HB 1027 Docs f Audio-only telemedicine H Rules C 03/13/2023 Riccelli SB 5036(C 6 L 23)
HB 1029 Docs Vaccine mandate reemployment H Labor & Workpl 01/09/2023 Jacobsen
HB 1030 Docs f Applied doctorate degrees S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Leavitt
HB 1031 Docs Medal of valor award S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Low
HB 1034 Docs Fur farming H Ag&Nr 01/09/2023 Walen SB 5161(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1035 Docs f Health care restrictions H HC/Wellness 01/09/2023 Walen
HB 1036 Docs Clergy/child abuse reporting H Human Svc, You 01/09/2023 Walen
HB 1038 Docs f Anesthesiologist assistants H HC/Wellness 01/09/2023 Taylor SB 5184(S Health & Long)
HB 1040 Docs f Aviation & aerospace cmte. H Innov, Comm & 01/09/2023 Dent
HB 1041 Docs f Prescribing psychologists H HC/Wellness 01/09/2023 Bateman
HB 1046 Docs Housing dev. income limits S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Walen
HB 1049 Docs ad County district boundaries S Passed 3rd 03/22/2023 Doglio SB 5106(S subst for)
HB 1052 Docs f# Nonprofit housing/tax ex. S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Ramel
HB 1053 Docs Vehicular pursuits H Community Safe 01/09/2023 Robertson
HB 1054 Docs Occupancy limits S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Walen
HB 1055 Docs f#o Pub safety telecommunicators S Rules 2 03/14/2023 Stokesbary SB 5328(S Rules X)
HB 1058 Docs fd Commercial driver's licenses H Spkr Signed 03/31/2023 Paul SB 5251(S Rules X)
HB 1061 Docs f Insurance producer education S Pres Signed 03/27/2023 Ryu SB 5026(S Business, Fin)
HB 1062 Docs Law enf. officers/deception H Community Safe 01/09/2023 Peterson
HB 1063 Docs Motorcycles on laned roads H Transportation 01/09/2023 Corry SB 5401(S Transportation)
HB 1064 Docs f School safety capital grants H Cap Budget 01/09/2023 Jacobsen
HB 1065 Docs Online marketplaces H ConsPro&Bus 01/09/2023 Ryu
HB 1066 Docs o Technical corrections S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Goodman
HB 1071 Docs f School resource officers H Education 01/09/2023 Walsh
HB 1072 Docs f Motor vehicle length H Transportation 01/09/2023 Klicker
HB 1076 Docs f# Salmon voluntary stewardship H Env & Energy 01/09/2023 Klicker
HB 1081 Docs fd Derelict vessel appeals H Ag&Nr 01/09/2023 Simmons SB 5192(D el to Gov)
HB 1082 Docs PT & OT service corporations H Spkr Signed 03/31/2023 Simmons SB 5044(S Health & Long)
HB 1083 Docs f Cannabis retailer payments H Reg Subst & Ga 01/09/2023 Robertson
HB 1089 Docs f# Sex trafficking H Approps 01/31/2023 Orwall SB 5114(S subst for)
HB 1090 Docs d Defects and omissions H Civil R & Judi 01/09/2023 Orwall SB 5087(S subst for)
HB 1091 Docs Tax increases/voter approval H State Govt & T 01/09/2023 Walsh
HB 1092 Docs State property tax/valuation H Finance 01/09/2023 Walsh
HB 1093 Docs K-12 scholarship program H Education 01/09/2023 Walsh
HB 1096 Docs Amateur sports officials H Community Safe 01/09/2023 Low SB 5731(S Law & Justice)
HB 1099 Docs f Public works wages H Cap Budget 01/24/2023 Berry
HB 1100 Docs Dispo. of remains/indigent H Spkr Signed 03/31/2023 Schmick
HB 1102 Docs fo Judge pro tempore compen. S Pres Signed 03/27/2023 Taylor
HB 1107 Docs d "Master" and "servant" terms S Pres Signed 03/27/2023 Fosse
HB 1112 Docs f# Negligent driving S Transportation 03/29/2023 Harris
HB 1114 Docs af Sentencing comm'n members S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1115 Docs Abortion cost sharing H HC/Wellness 01/09/2023 Bateman SB 5242(H Approps)
HB 1116 Docs Juveniles/controlled subst. H Human Svc, You 01/09/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1119 Docs Health care oversight cmte. H HC/Wellness 01/09/2023 Riccelli SB 5121(S subst for)
HB 1120 Docs f Annuity transactions H Spkr Signed 03/31/2023 Reeves
HB 1123 Docs Clean energy facility siting H Env & Energy 01/09/2023 Dye
HB 1126 Docs d Transportation budget, supp. H Transportation 01/09/2023 Fey SB 5164(S Transportation)
HB 1127 Docs d Adult protective services H Human Svc, You 01/09/2023 Bateman
HB 1128 Docs fd Personal needs allowance S Ways & Means 03/15/2023 Bateman SB 5183(S Ways & Means)
HB 1130 Docs d Firearm industry duties H Civil R & Judi 01/09/2023 Hackney SB 5078(S subst for)
HB 1135 Docs f# Impact fee use H Rules R 01/24/2023 Slatter SB 5452(H Rules R)
HB 1137 Docs f Return-to-work opportunities H Labor & Workpl 01/09/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1139 Docs Harassment/election official H Community Safe 01/09/2023 Leavitt
HB 1140 Docs d Operating budget H Exec Action 03/29/2023 Ormsby SB 5187(S subst for)
HB 1141 Docs d Operating budget, supp. H Approps 01/09/2023 Ormsby SB 5188(S Ways & Means)
HB 1144 Docs f# Firearms/purchase & transfer H Civil R & Judi 01/09/2023 Berry SB 5232(S Ways & Means)
HB 1145 Docs f Orca vessel protection H Ag&Nr 01/09/2023 Berry SB 5371(S subst for)
HB 1146 Docs f Dual credit program notice S Rules 2 03/23/2023 Paul
HB 1149 Docs fd Housing/capital expenditures H Cap Budget 01/09/2023 Tharinger SB 5202(S Ways & Means)
HB 1150 Docs f# Unlawful branding of person H Rules C 03/13/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1152 Docs f Consumer products/gender H ConsPro&Bus 01/09/2023 Mena SB 5171(S subst for)
HB 1153 Docs Octopus farming H Rules R 02/17/2023 Peterson
HB 1154 Docs Religious institutions H State Govt & T 01/09/2023 Walsh
HB 1156 Docs fo College grant eligibility H Approps 01/20/2023 Slatter SB 5711(H Approps)
HB 1157 Docs Wild and exotic animals H Ag&Nr 01/09/2023 Leavitt SB 5148(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1158 Docs f# Advisory votes H State Govt & T 01/09/2023 Walen SB 5082(S subst for)
HB 1161 Docs Firearm enhancements H Community Safe 01/09/2023 Graham
HB 1162 Docs Controlled substances H Community Safe 01/09/2023 Graham
HB 1164 Docs f Appliance management H Env & Energy 01/09/2023 Doglio
HB 1166 Docs f Water quality trading prog. H Env & Energy 01/09/2023 Dye
HB 1172 Docs f Working fam. fiscal impacts H Approps 01/09/2023 McEntire
HB 1178 Docs Firearms/local government H Civil R & Judi 01/09/2023 Hackney SB 5446(S Law & Justice)
HB 1179 Docs f#d Nonconviction data/auditor S Pres Signed 03/27/2023 Ramos SB 5119(S Law & Justice)
HB 1180 Docs d Firearms/assault weapons H Civil R & Judi 01/09/2023 Peterson SB 5193(S Law & Justice)
HB 1183 Docs Vehicle emissions standards H Env & Energy 01/09/2023 Dye
HB 1184 Docs fd Used vehicle warranties H ConsPro&Bus 01/09/2023 Hackney
HB 1190 Docs Climate funding/outdoor rec. H Env & Energy 01/09/2023 Dye
HB 1191 Docs f Cooperative finance org. B&O H Rules R 01/30/2023 Springer SB 5166(H Rules R)
HB 1193 Docs Greenhouse gas/building code H Env & Energy 01/10/2023 Dye
HB 1194 Docs f# Renewable energy workforce H Postsec Ed & W 01/10/2023 Klicker
HB 1195 Docs f# Weapons/parks & hospitals H Civil R & Judi 01/10/2023 Senn
HB 1196 Docs Criminal plea negotiation H Community Safe 01/10/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1197 Docs fd Workers' comp. providers S Rules 2 03/22/2023 Bronoske SB 5310(S Rules X)
HB 1198 Docs PTBA/limited law enforcement H Community Safe 01/10/2023 Bronoske SB 5402(S Law & Justice)
HB 1199 Docs Child care/communities S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Senn
HB 1201 Docs fd Retirement system funding H Rules C 03/13/2023 Ormsby SB 5294(S subst for)
HB 1202 Docs fd Eliminating accounts H Rules C 03/13/2023 Ormsby SB 5295(D el to Gov)
HB 1206 Docs f#d Newspaper publishers/tax H Finance 01/10/2023 Pollet SB 5199(S subst for)
HB 1208 Docs f Pet insurance H Rules R 01/26/2023 Walen SB 5319(D el to Gov)
HB 1211 Docs d Special education funding H Approps 01/10/2023 Bergquist SB 5311(S subst for)
HB 1212 Docs Outdoor recreation fees H Innov, Comm & 01/10/2023 Dye
HB 1214 Docs Gender transition/minors H HC/Wellness 01/10/2023 Walsh
HB 1215 Docs fe Riparian areas H Ag&Nr 01/10/2023 Chapman SB 5266(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1218 Docs fd Caseload forecast/tax credit S Rules 2 03/14/2023 Bergquist SB 5285(S Rules X)
HB 1219 Docs PTBA governing bodies H Transportation 01/13/2023 Pollet SB 5575(S Transportation)
HB 1220 Docs Universal civic duty voting H State Govt & T 01/10/2023 Mena SB 5209(S Rules X)
HB 1221 Docs fo Lottery players/PRA S Rules 2 03/20/2023 Stearns SB 5432(S Rules X)
HB 1223 Docs Emissions limits/use H Env & Energy 01/11/2023 McEntire
HB 1224 Docs Environmental permitting H Env & Energy 01/11/2023 McEntire
HB 1225 Docs f#d Hatchery maint. permitting H Env & Energy 01/11/2023 Chapman
HB 1226 Docs fd Smelt, crawfish, and carp H Rules C 03/13/2023 Chapman
HB 1227 Docs Employer health care funding H Labor & Workpl 01/11/2023 Reeves
HB 1230 Docs f School websites/drug info. S Rules 2 03/23/2023 Callan
HB 1232 Docs f College bound scholarship S Ways & Means 03/16/2023 Bergquist
HB 1233 Docs Housing of inmates H Community Safe 01/11/2023 Jacobsen
HB 1237 Docs f VIN inspection fee S Transportation 02/06/2023 Robertson
HB 1243 Docs # Muni. airport commissions S Transportation 03/24/2023 Dent
HB 1244 Docs f Enrichment levy authority H Rules C 03/13/2023 Ramel SB 5692(S EL/K-12)
HB 1246 Docs f Health benefits/SEBB H Approps 01/12/2023 Ortiz-Self
HB 1249 Docs Retail cannabis products H Rules R 02/08/2023 Corry SB 5340(H Rules R)
HB 1252 Docs f# Impact fee deferrals H Rules C 03/13/2023 Bateman
HB 1253 Docs f Pharmacy benefit managers H HC/Wellness 01/12/2023 Stonier SB 5213(S Rules X)
HB 1256 Docs f Higher ed. matching grants H Cap Budget 01/12/2023 Steele
HB 1257 Docs f# Cargo and passenger ports S Transportation 03/02/2023 Hackney
HB 1259 Docs d Secretary of state exec team S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Abbarno
HB 1262 Docs fd Lump sum reporting system S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Walen SB 5255(S Law & Justice)
HB 1263 Docs f Health care marketplace H Civil R & Judi 01/12/2023 Simmons SB 5241(S Rules X)
HB 1264 Docs f# Solid waste customers/rates H Env & Energy 01/12/2023 Walen
HB 1265 Docs f Adult family homes/prop. tax S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Ramos SB 5302(S Rules X)
HB 1269 Docs fo Rx drug affordability board H Rules R 02/14/2023 Riccelli
HB 1270 Docs Commission on boys and men H State Govt & T 01/12/2023 Dye
HB 1276 Docs f# Accessory dwelling units H Housing 01/12/2023 Pollet SB 5235(S subst for)
HB 1279 Docs f# Firefighters/LEOFF H Approps 01/12/2023 Griffey SB 5468(S Rules X)
HB 1280 Docs f Open vehicle safety recalls H Transportation 01/12/2023 Wylie SB 5504(S subst for)
HB 1283 Docs Self-directed investments H Approps 01/13/2023 Duerr
HB 1286 Docs f# Reprod. health/employers H Labor & Workpl 01/13/2023 Berry SB 5260(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1287 Docs f Dental hygienists S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Thai
HB 1290 Docs fd Tribal police training S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Lekanoff SB 5086(S Rules X)
HB 1294 Docs Plan 1 retiree COLAs H Approps 01/13/2023 Steele
HB 1296 Docs f#e Local permit review H Approps 01/31/2023 Peterson SB 5290(S subst for)
HB 1297 Docs fd Geoduck task force H Approps 02/01/2023 Reeves SB 5410(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1298 Docs Condos and townhouses H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2023 Hutchins SB 5258(S subst for)
HB 1301 Docs f License review and reporting S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 McClintock
HB 1303 Docs f#d Property tax administration S Pres Signed 03/27/2023 Street SB 5407(S Ways & Means)
HB 1307 Docs f Physician bargaining H Approps 02/07/2023 Fosse
HB 1308 Docs fo Graduation pathway options S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Stonier
HB 1309 Docs fd Contractor registration H Rules R 02/14/2023 Fosse SB 5088(H Rules R)
HB 1310 Docs f Physician assistant collab. H HC/Wellness 01/13/2023 Riccelli SB 5633(S Health & Long)
HB 1312 Docs af Jury service S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Rude
HB 1314 Docs Polychlorinated biphenyls H Env & Energy 01/13/2023 Ormsby SB 5369(H Approps)
HB 1315 Docs Legal newspapers H Civil R & Judi 01/13/2023 Schmick
HB 1317 Docs o Grassroots lobbying S Rules 2 03/27/2023 Pollet
HB 1319 Docs f# Collisions/driver reexam S Pres Signed 03/27/2023 Reed SB 5216(S Rules X)
HB 1321 Docs f Ambulance transport fund H Rules C 03/13/2023 Donaghy SB 5122(C 9 L 23)
HB 1325 Docs Long sentences review H Community Safe 01/16/2023 Hackney SB 5451(S Law & Justice)
HB 1327 Docs fd Dental school faculty H Rules C 03/13/2023 Caldier SB 5113(H Rules R)
HB 1328 Docs Schools & families/funding H Approps 01/16/2023 Stokesbary
HB 1330 Docs f Campaigns/foreign nationals S State Govt & E 03/01/2023 Christian
HB 1331 Docs Public use airport dev./tax H Finance 01/16/2023 Christian
HB 1334 Docs f# PTBA aquatic lands access S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Hutchins SB 5292(H Transportation)
HB 1339 Docs f Insurance premium tax rate H ConsPro&Bus 01/16/2023 Schmick
HB 1341 Docs f Cannabis license ownership H Reg Subst & Ga 01/16/2023 Wylie SB 5377(S Rules X)
HB 1342 Docs f Embodied carbon reductions H Cap Budget 01/16/2023 Steele
HB 1343 Docs f# Rent relief & housing H Housing 01/16/2023 Kloba
HB 1344 Docs f Low-proof beverages/tax H Reg Subst & Ga 01/16/2023 Chapman SB 5375(S Ways & Means)
HB 1345 Docs fd DOC/costs of privileges S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Farivar
HB 1347 Docs f Comm.-based health assess. H Env & Energy 01/16/2023 Pollet
HB 1348 Docs f Behavioral health support H HC/Wellness 01/16/2023 Callan SB 5189(S subst for)
HB 1349 Docs f Foreclosure protections S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Orwall
HB 1350 Docs f# Multifamily unit conversion H Housing 01/16/2023 Walen
HB 1353 Docs School district elections H Education 01/16/2023 Stonier
HB 1354 Docs f School volunteers/conviction H Education 01/16/2023 Stonier
HB 1356 Docs f Biosimilar medicines H HC/Wellness 01/16/2023 Reeves
HB 1358 Docs f Prof. licensing review H ConsPro&Bus 01/16/2023 Cheney
HB 1359 Docs f Prof. licenses/new residents H ConsPro&Bus 01/16/2023 Cheney
HB 1364 Docs f Nautical NW license plate H Rules C 03/13/2023 Paul
HB 1366 Docs First-time home buyers H Cap Budget 01/17/2023 Donaghy
HB 1367 Docs f# Homeless funding S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Donaghy
HB 1370 Docs fo Securities whistleblowers S Rules 2 03/23/2023 Reeves
HB 1372 Docs Electrification/gas emission H State Govt & T 01/17/2023 Dye
HB 1373 Docs Illegal encampment removal H Housing 01/17/2023 Stokesbary
HB 1374 Docs fe Office of career connect WA H Postsec Ed & W 01/17/2023 Slatter SB 5305(S Ways & Means)
HB 1376 Docs School practice standards H Education 01/17/2023 Santos
HB 1379 Docs Health provider contracting H HC/Wellness 01/17/2023 Macri SB 5393(S Rules X)
HB 1380 Docs f# Law enf. officer funding H Approps 01/31/2023 Stokesbary
HB 1382 Docs Comm. transition services H Human Svc, You 01/17/2023 Hackney
HB 1383 Docs Early release petitions/juv. H Community Safe 01/17/2023 Hackney
HB 1393 Docs f Journey level electricians H Labor & Workpl 01/17/2023 Schmidt SB 5545(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1395 Docs f Aircraft fuel tax distrib. H Transportation 01/18/2023 Dent
HB 1396 Docs f# First degree murder/juvenile H Community Safe 01/18/2023 Goodman
HB 1397 Docs f Dependency H Human Svc, You 01/18/2023 Walsh SB 5525(S Human Services)
HB 1398 Docs Economic development info. H Labor & Workpl 01/18/2023 Chapman
HB 1400 Docs Property exempt from exec. H Civil R & Judi 01/18/2023 Peterson SB 5173(S subst for)
HB 1401 Docs f# Housing permit process H Rules C 03/13/2023 Jacobsen
HB 1402 Docs f# Urban growth boundaries H Local Govt 01/18/2023 Jacobsen
HB 1403 Docs f# Water & sewage system access H Local Govt 01/18/2023 Goehner
HB 1404 Docs f State building code council H Local Govt 01/18/2023 Goehner SB 5117(S State Govt & E)
HB 1407 Docs f Dev. disability/eligibility S Ways & Means 03/15/2023 Taylor
HB 1409 Docs f Building code classif. H Local Govt 01/18/2023 Abbarno SB 5416(S State Govt & E)
HB 1410 Docs Hate crimes & bias incidents H Civil R & Judi 01/18/2023 Hansen SB 5427(S Ways & Means)
HB 1411 Docs f Cross-sector prof. dev. H Approps 02/10/2023 Ortiz-Self
HB 1412 Docs f Ag. land/foreign ownership H Civil R & Judi 01/18/2023 Shavers
HB 1415 Docs Controlled sub. possession H Community Safe 01/18/2023 Maycumber
HB 1416 Docs f#d Consumer-owned utilities S Rules 2 03/27/2023 Doglio
HB 1418 Docs f Charter schools/enrichment H Approps 01/18/2023 Springer SB 5442(S EL/K-12)
HB 1419 Docs f# County treasurer duties S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Chapman
HB 1420 Docs Lien priority/mortgages S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Hackney SB 5443(S Law & Justice)
HB 1421 Docs f# Voluntary stewardship prog. S Loc Gov, Land 03/07/2023 Chambers
HB 1422 Docs f# Reusable packing materials H Rules R 02/23/2023 Springer
HB 1423 Docs d Trust land transfer program H Cap Budget 01/18/2023 Hackney SB 5372(S Ways & Means)
HB 1428 Docs f# Pedestrians/roadways H Transportation 01/18/2023 Alvarado SB 5383(S Rules X)
HB 1429 Docs Educational employee strikes H Labor & Workpl 01/18/2023 Stokesbary
HB 1432 Docs f# Juvenile justice H Human Svc, You 01/18/2023 Farivar SB 5474(S Ways & Means)
HB 1434 Docs d DOH facilities/enforcement H HC/Wellness 01/18/2023 Thai SB 5271(S Rules X)
HB 1437 Docs f Interstate massage compact H Postsec Ed & W 01/18/2023 Kloba
HB 1438 Docs f Shooting sports contests H Reg Subst & Ga 01/19/2023 Eslick
HB 1440 Docs f# Juvenile court jurisdiction H Human Svc, You 01/19/2023 Thai SB 5434(S Ways & Means)
HB 1441 Docs Automatic renewal/contracts H ConsPro&Bus 01/19/2023 Chambers
HB 1444 Docs fo Common school trust revenue H Cap Budget 01/19/2023 McEntire SB 5126(S subst for)
HB 1446 Docs f# Law enf. officers/increase H Local Govt 01/19/2023 Stokesbary SB 5361(S Ways & Means)
HB 1448 Docs fd Motor carrier safety H Rules R 02/14/2023 Hackney SB 5041(D el to Gov)
HB 1454 Docs f Competitive telecomm. H Innov, Comm & 01/19/2023 Ryu SB 5455(S Environment, E)
HB 1455 Docs f# Child marriage S Law & Justice 03/09/2023 Stonier SB 5695(S Law & Justice)
HB 1456 Docs Definition of theft H Community Safe 01/19/2023 Griffey
HB 1459 Docs f PERS & TRS plan 1 adjustment H Approps 01/19/2023 Stokesbary
HB 1461 Docs Eastern WA law enf. training H Community Safe 01/19/2023 Maycumber
HB 1462 Docs f Journey level electricians H Labor & Workpl 01/19/2023 Doglio SB 5320(S subst for)
HB 1463 Docs State employee transport. H State Govt & T 01/19/2023 Caldier
HB 1464 Docs f Ransomware/state H State Govt & T 01/20/2023 Hackney SB 5518(S subst for)
HB 1465 Docs f Prescription cost-sharing H HC/Wellness 01/20/2023 Riccelli SB 5445(S Health & Long)
HB 1467 Docs f# Property infill/GMA H Local Govt 01/20/2023 Barkis
HB 1468 Docs f# Impact fee deferrals H Rules C 03/13/2023 Goehner
HB 1471 Docs d State procurement procedures S Rules 2 03/20/2023 Stearns SB 5428(S Rules X)
HB 1472 Docs f Motor vehicle sales tax H Approps 01/20/2023 Barkis
HB 1473 Docs f# Wealth/property tax H Finance 01/20/2023 Thai SB 5486(S Ways & Means)
HB 1475 Docs f# Online ballot portal H State Govt & T 01/20/2023 Farivar
HB 1476 Docs # Impact fees/law enforcement H Local Govt 01/20/2023 Shavers SB 5289(S Loc Gov, Land)
HB 1480 Docs fd All-hazard emergency manage. H Approps 02/07/2023 Donaghy
HB 1481 Docs f Tribal peace officers/LEOFF S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Cortes
HB 1482 Docs f# Property tax exemptions H Finance 01/20/2023 Orcutt
HB 1483 Docs State school levies H Finance 01/20/2023 Orcutt
HB 1484 Docs f Estate tax exclusion amount H Finance 01/20/2023 Orcutt
HB 1485 Docs f Roadside safety measures H Rules C 03/13/2023 Orcutt SB 5023(D el to Gov)
HB 1486 Docs f# Military surplus vehicles H Transportation 01/20/2023 Orcutt
HB 1487 Docs f Right shoulder/motorcycles H Transportation 01/20/2023 Orcutt
HB 1488 Docs f Working forest license plate H Rules C 03/13/2023 Orcutt
HB 1489 Docs f Mt. St. Helens license plate H Rules C 03/13/2023 Orcutt SB 5590(S Rules 2)
HB 1490 Docs Direct sales of milk H Ag&Nr 01/20/2023 Orcutt
HB 1495 Docs ARNP, PA, & MD reimbursement H HC/Wellness 01/23/2023 Simmons SB 5373(S Ways & Means)
HB 1496 Docs Naselle Youth Camp property H State Govt & T 01/23/2023 Walsh SB 5556(S State Govt & E)
HB 1497 Docs f# Vapor and tobacco/minors H Reg Subst & Ga 01/23/2023 Harris
HB 1502 Docs PFML job protection study H Labor & Workpl 01/23/2023 Berry
HB 1505 Docs f Alternative jet fuel H Env & Energy 01/23/2023 Slatter SB 5447(S subst for)
HB 1507 Docs Fair housing training S Law & Justice 03/02/2023 Entenman
HB 1509 Docs f# Community solar H Env & Energy 01/23/2023 Hackney
HB 1511 Docs f Income/child care programs H Approps 02/14/2023 Reeves
HB 1512 Docs f# Missing persons S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1514 Docs f RV & park trailers/insignia S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Robertson SB 5521(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1517 Docs f#e Transit-oriented development H Housing 01/23/2023 Reed SB 5466(S subst for)
HB 1518 Docs fd Parking at rest areas H Rules C 03/13/2023 Barkis SB 5487(H Transportation)
HB 1519 Docs f# Local project review H Rules C 03/13/2023 Barkis
HB 1520 Docs Fentanyl H Community Safe 01/23/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1523 Docs Agricultural overtime H Labor & Workpl 01/23/2023 Goehner SB 5476(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1524 Docs Prime contractor retainage H Labor & Workpl 01/23/2023 Bronoske SB 5528(S subst for)
HB 1527 Docs f#d Tax increment financing S Rules 2 03/23/2023 Wylie SB 5539(S Ways & Means)
HB 1528 Docs d Adult protective services H Human Svc, You 01/24/2023 Bateman SB 5370(D el to Gov)
HB 1529 Docs f Horse racing/funding H Approps 01/24/2023 Stearns
HB 1530 Docs f# Law enf. employ. eligibility S Law & Justice 03/08/2023 Cortes
HB 1532 Docs f# Turn signal in roundabouts H Transportation 01/24/2023 Doglio
HB 1535 Docs Gubernatorial proclamations H State Govt & T 01/24/2023 Corry
HB 1536 Docs f H.S. diplomas/withholding S Rules 2 03/28/2023 Timmons
HB 1537 Docs f Child care licensing H Human Svc, You 01/24/2023 Couture
HB 1538 Docs Special district malfeasance H Community Safe 01/24/2023 Griffey
HB 1539 Docs f Private vocational licenses H Postsec Ed & W 01/24/2023 Senn
HB 1540 Docs f Driver training/large veh. S Pres Signed 03/27/2023 Hutchins SB 5603(S Rules X)
HB 1542 Docs af# AEDs/high voltage work S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Bronoske
HB 1543 Docs f# Horse program/Coyote Ridge S Rules 2 03/23/2023 Dye
HB 1544 Docs f# Shoreline program review S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Alvarado SB 5159(S Rules X)
HB 1545 Docs Vaccination/online students H Postsec Ed & W 01/24/2023 Caldier
HB 1546 Docs Chronic pain/good faith H HC/Wellness 01/24/2023 Caldier
HB 1549 Docs AP course options H Education 01/24/2023 Stonier
HB 1551 Docs f Lead in cookware H Approps 02/15/2023 Pollet SB 5605(S Environment, E)
HB 1552 Docs f Urban agriculture study S Rules 2 03/28/2023 Reeves
HB 1553 Docs f Batteries/environment H Env & Energy 01/24/2023 Street
HB 1556 Docs f# Property tax rebates H Finance 01/24/2023 Berg SB 5495(S Ways & Means)
HB 1557 Docs f# Digital processing services H Finance 01/24/2023 Santos SB 5483(S Ways & Means)
HB 1558 Docs fd Self-insured pensions/fund H Approps 02/16/2023 Cheney SB 5084(H Approps)
HB 1560 Docs f# Property tax exemptions H Finance 01/24/2023 Shavers
HB 1563 Docs Medical use of cannabis S Rules 2 03/28/2023 Kloba SB 5608(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1564 Docs f OTC sexual assault kits S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1566 Docs f Vacation leave accrual H Rules R 02/16/2023 Bateman
HB 1569 Docs f Common interest communities H Approps 02/13/2023 Leavitt
HB 1571 Docs f Nursing facility rates H Approps 01/25/2023 Tharinger SB 5526(S Ways & Means)
HB 1573 Docs f Dairy, etc. tax preferences S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Rule SB 5277(S Passed 3rd)
HB 1574 Docs Methane/agriculture H Ag&Nr 01/25/2023 Rule
HB 1575 Docs f# Cultural access programs/tax S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Reed SB 5612(S Loc Gov, Land)
HB 1581 Docs f Cannabis commission H Reg Subst & Ga 01/25/2023 Wylie SB 5546(S subst for)
HB 1582 Docs f# Right turns H Transportation 01/25/2023 Ryu SB 5514(S Transportation)
HB 1583 Docs f Certified peer specialists H HC/Wellness 01/25/2023 Eslick
HB 1585 Docs f# Local infra. project areas H Finance 02/14/2023 Cortes
HB 1587 Docs f Spirit tax/veterans' orgs. H Reg Subst & Ga 01/25/2023 Shavers
HB 1592 Docs Ranked choice pres. primary H State Govt & T 01/25/2023 Mena
HB 1594 Docs Residential electrician cert H Labor & Workpl 01/25/2023 Goehner
HB 1595 Docs f Cannabis excise tax H Reg Subst & Ga 01/25/2023 Chambers
HB 1597 Docs Public records act requests H State Govt & T 01/26/2023 Springer SB 5571(S State Govt & E)
HB 1598 Docs o Jury diversity H Civil R & Judi 01/26/2023 Hackney SB 5128(S subst for)
HB 1599 Docs d Firearm background checks S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Goodman
HB 1601 Docs Parental rights H Civil R & Judi 01/26/2023 Graham
HB 1602 Docs Communications/criminal H Community Safe 01/26/2023 Graham
HB 1603 Docs fd Agricultural products promo. H Ag&Nr 01/26/2023 Morgan
HB 1604 Docs f Custom farming/B&O tax H Finance 01/26/2023 Corry
HB 1605 Docs Small districts/skill center H Approps 02/07/2023 Rule SB 5668(S Ways & Means)
HB 1606 Docs Electronic commerce H ConsPro&Bus 01/26/2023 Ryu
HB 1607 Docs Juvenile statements H Human Svc, You 01/26/2023 Hackney
HB 1608 Docs Anaphylaxis meds./schools H Education 01/26/2023 Bronoske
HB 1610 Docs Public health/consumers H State Govt & T 01/26/2023 Walsh SB 5596(S Health & Long)
HB 1611 Docs f# Local government permitting H Finance 02/09/2023 Reed
HB 1612 Docs fo Products containing THC H Reg Subst & Ga 01/26/2023 Kloba SB 5367(S subst for)
HB 1613 Docs Controlled sub. possession H Community Safe 01/26/2023 Rule SB 5467(S Law & Justice)
HB 1614 Docs f# Home cultivation of cannabis H Approps 02/17/2023 Kloba
HB 1615 Docs f Education savings accounts H Education 01/26/2023 Eslick
HB 1616 Docs Personal data rights charter H Civil R & Judi 01/26/2023 Kloba SB 5643(S Environment, E)
HB 1617 Docs f Universal services program H Innov, Comm & 01/26/2023 Ryu
HB 1619 Docs f Renewable energy resources H Env & Energy 01/26/2023 Fey
HB 1622 Docs f Students/homelessness S 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Fey
HB 1623 Docs f Regional economic dev. H Approps 02/07/2023 Volz
HB 1624 Docs f ESD election administration S 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Ybarra
HB 1625 Docs Rent controls/local gov. H Housing 01/26/2023 Pollet SB 5615(S Loc Gov, Land)
HB 1626 Docs f Colorectal screening tests S Ways & Means 03/17/2023 Bronoske
HB 1627 Docs Family vlogs H Civil R & Judi 01/26/2023 Reeves
HB 1629 Docs Firearm transfers to museums H Civil R & Judi 01/26/2023 Wylie SB 5436(S subst for)
HB 1630 Docs f Sports wagering H Reg Subst & Ga 01/26/2023 Walen SB 5587(S Business, Fin)
HB 1631 Docs f# Illegal racing H Civil R & Judi 01/27/2023 Hackney SB 5606(H Rules R)
HB 1632 Docs f Retirement options study H ConsPro&Bus 01/27/2023 Reeves
HB 1634 Docs f Residential insurance H ConsPro&Bus 01/27/2023 Reeves
HB 1635 Docs f# Police dogs/liability H Rules C 03/13/2023 Mosbrucker
HB 1640 Docs f Pardons and commutations H Rules R 02/16/2023 Street
HB 1641 Docs f High-potency cannabis H Reg Subst & Ga 01/27/2023 Davis
HB 1642 Docs f Cannabis concentrates H Reg Subst & Ga 01/27/2023 Davis
HB 1643 Docs f Nurse student loan repayment H Postsec Ed & W 01/27/2023 Riccelli SB 5498(S Ways & Means)
HB 1644 Docs f Margin tax H Finance 01/27/2023 Walen SB 5482(S Business, Fin)
HB 1645 Docs County legislative meetings S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Barnard SB 5067(H Local Govt)
HB 1646 Docs f Variable insurance tax rate H ConsPro&Bus 01/27/2023 Schmick
HB 1649 Docs Prejudgment interest H Civil R & Judi 01/27/2023 Hackney
HB 1650 Docs f# Cannabis prohibitions H Rules R 02/17/2023 Wylie
HB 1651 Docs f# Infraction debt H Transportation 01/30/2023 Reeves
HB 1653 Docs f# Animal adoption fees/tax H Finance 01/30/2023 Caldier
HB 1654 Docs Behavior support homes H Human Svc, You 01/30/2023 Harris SB 5506(S Ways & Means)
HB 1655 Docs f Provider contract comp. H HC/Wellness 01/30/2023 Harris
HB 1656 Docs fd Unemployment ins. appeals S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Schmidt SB 5240(H Labor & Workpl)
HB 1657 Docs Marriages by federal judges S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Street
HB 1659 Docs Carbon market prices H Env & Energy 01/30/2023 Dye
HB 1660 Docs f RV auctions minimum bid H Rules C 03/13/2023 Christian
HB 1661 Docs f# Mobile crisis intervention H Approps 02/14/2023 Maycumber
HB 1662 Docs f# Sole community hospitals H Approps 01/30/2023 Tharinger
HB 1664 Docs Env. justice council/rural H Env & Energy 01/30/2023 Goehner
HB 1665 Docs Pharmacist treatment H HC/Wellness 01/30/2023 Stonier
HB 1666 Docs f Fee and debt collection H ConsPro&Bus 01/30/2023 Reeves
HB 1667 Docs Prevailing wage H Labor & Workpl 01/30/2023 Schmidt SB 5563(S Labor & Comm)
HB 1669 Docs Auto theft authority account H Approps 01/30/2023 Chambers
HB 1670 Docs f# Property tax limit factor H Rules R 02/23/2023 Ormsby
HB 1671 Docs Military service/false claim H State Govt & T 01/30/2023 Couture
HB 1672 Docs Veterans' org./spirits tax H Reg Subst & Ga 01/30/2023 Couture
HB 1673 Docs Child welfare workers H Human Svc, You 01/30/2023 McEntire
HB 1674 Docs f# Roadway users/trucks & SUVs H Transportation 01/30/2023 Ramel
HB 1675 Docs School safety dashboard H Education 01/30/2023 McEntire
HB 1679 Docs f Student homelessness group S Rules 2 03/15/2023 Rule SB 5719(S Ways & Means)
HB 1680 Docs Rural library districts H Finance 01/31/2023 Kretz
HB 1684 Docs f Tribes/job title reporting S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Slatter
HB 1687 Docs f# Vehicle service fees H Transportation 01/31/2023 Eslick SB 5548(S Transportation)
HB 1688 Docs f Tow truck payments/indigent H Rules R 02/24/2023 Hackney
HB 1689 Docs Forest practices in cities H Ag&Nr 01/31/2023 Doglio SB 5636(S Loc Gov, Land)
HB 1690 Docs f Kidney disease centers H HC/Wellness 01/31/2023 Reeves
HB 1691 Docs Eluding a police vehicle H Community Safe 01/31/2023 Connors
HB 1695 Docs Surplus property/housing S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Alvarado SB 5674(S Rules X)
HB 1696 Docs af# Stalking-related offenses S Passed 3rd 03/31/2023 Davis
HB 1697 Docs Early achievers, voluntary H Human Svc, You 01/31/2023 Walsh
HB 1702 Docs f# Senior citizens local tax H Local Govt 02/01/2023 Orcutt SB 5686(S Loc Gov, Land)
HB 1703 Docs Local property tax levies H Local Govt 02/01/2023 Orcutt
HB 1704 Docs Sales and use tax rate H Finance 02/01/2023 Orcutt
HB 1707 Docs f Bingo S Rules 2 03/23/2023 Kloba
HB 1708 Docs Ballots/online portal H State Govt & T 02/01/2023 Volz
HB 1710 Docs Tutoring & extended learning H Approps 02/01/2023 Rude SB 5248(S Ways & Means)
HB 1712 Docs f Finfish worker displacement S Rules 2 03/28/2023 Schmick SB 5621(H Labor & Workpl)
HB 1713 Docs f Health care/rural areas H HC/Wellness 02/01/2023 Maycumber
HB 1716 Docs f Child care B&O credit H Finance 02/01/2023 Rule
HB 1718 Docs Parks/health & wellness H HC/Wellness 02/01/2023 Rule SB 5095(S Rules X)
HB 1719 Docs f I-405 express & HOV lanes H Transportation 02/01/2023 Walsh
HB 1721 Docs Skill center class size H Approps 02/02/2023 Paul
HB 1722 Docs f# Tow truck operator comp. H Transportation 02/02/2023 Doglio SB 5652(S subst for)
HB 1723 Docs f# GMA/equity and env. justice H Local Govt 02/02/2023 Duerr SB 5651(S Ways & Means)
HB 1726 Docs f#d Fire service training H Rules R 02/17/2023 Bronoske SB 5724(S State Govt & E)
HB 1727 Docs Transaction fees H ConsPro&Bus 02/02/2023 Chapman
HB 1730 Docs Youth employment/21+ estab. S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Waters
HB 1733 Docs f Nursing degrees H Postsec Ed & W 02/02/2023 Paul
HB 1734 Docs Alt. placement contracting H Community Safe 02/02/2023 Couture SB 5544(S Human Services)
HB 1737 Docs f Reconciliation account S Ways & Means 03/02/2023 Morgan
HB 1738 Docs f Universal comm. services H Approps 02/14/2023 Ryu
HB 1739 Docs f Child care prov. instruction H Human Svc, You 02/02/2023 Dent
HB 1740 Docs f Forestry riparian easements H Cap Budget 02/17/2023 Orcutt SB 5667(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1741 Docs o Prototypical school formulas H Approps 02/03/2023 Rule
HB 1742 Docs fd Nontax statutes/DOR S Ways & Means 03/24/2023 Wylie
HB 1747 Docs Seismic safety/schools H Cap Budget 02/03/2023 Chapman SB 5680(S EL/K-12)
HB 1748 Docs Small rural hospital payment H HC/Wellness 02/03/2023 Mosbrucker SB 5532(S subst for)
HB 1749 Docs Filipino Americans/schools H Education 02/03/2023 Chandler
HB 1750 Docs f Water safety education S Rules 2 03/27/2023 Berg
HB 1751 Docs Sex offender facility siting H Community Safe 02/03/2023 Couture
HB 1752 Docs Water/consumptive quality H Ag&Nr 02/03/2023 Dye
HB 1754 Docs DCYF child welfare eval. H Human Svc, You 02/03/2023 Dent
HB 1755 Docs Democracy voucher program H State Govt & T 02/03/2023 Farivar
HB 1757 Docs f# Farmers/sales tax remittance H Rules R 03/13/2023 Corry
HB 1759 Docs Chinese American month H State Govt & T 02/06/2023 Santos
HB 1760 Docs Disability/civil actions H Civil R & Judi 02/06/2023 Barnard
HB 1763 Docs f Conditional scholarships S Rules 2 03/29/2023 Eslick
HB 1769 Docs Juvenile records H Human Svc, You 02/06/2023 Cortes SB 5644(S Human Services)
HB 1770 Docs Unlawful firearm possession H Civil R & Judi 02/06/2023 Cheney
HB 1771 Docs f Relocation assistance S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Donaghy
HB 1772 Docs f Tetrahydrocannabinol & alc. S Rules 2 03/22/2023 Waters
HB 1773 Docs Apprenticeship objections H Labor & Workpl 02/06/2023 Schmidt
HB 1774 Docs f Public empl. salary surveys H State Govt & T 02/06/2023 Gregerson SB 5694(S Ways & Means)
HB 1775 Docs Salmon recovery/liability S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Lekanoff SB 5693(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1777 Docs f# Energy contracting S Ways & Means 03/29/2023 Doglio
HB 1780 Docs Climate comm. act/fuel use H Env & Energy 02/07/2023 Schmick
HB 1781 Docs f Boater safety and education H Innov, Comm & 02/07/2023 Donaghy SB 5597(S Ag/Water/Natur)
HB 1785 Docs f COVID-19/occupational H Labor & Workpl 02/07/2023 Berry
HB 1786 Docs f Milk product haulers H Transportation 02/07/2023 Rule SB 5531(H Transportation)
HB 1787 Docs f# Transport and delivery H Local Govt 02/07/2023 Sandlin
HB 1788 Docs Health care/minors H HC/Wellness 02/07/2023 Walsh
HB 1790 Docs f Cannabis social equity H Reg Subst & Ga 02/07/2023 Entenman
HB 1792 Docs f Water rights procedures S 2nd Reading 03/30/2023 Timmons
HB 1793 Docs f Wireless devices tax H Finance 02/08/2023 Gregerson
HB 1794 Docs f# Research and development H Finance 02/08/2023 Waters
HB 1795 Docs f Estate tax H Finance 02/08/2023 Street
HB 1796 Docs Mobile homes/prop. tax ex. H Finance 02/08/2023 Ybarra
HB 1798 Docs d Earned release time H Community Safe 02/08/2023 Doglio
HB 1799 Docs f Data brokers H ConsPro&Bus 02/09/2023 Kloba
HB 1800 Docs Graffiti H Community Safe 02/09/2023 Barkis
HB 1801 Docs COVID-19 vaccine/state empl. H Labor & Workpl 02/09/2023 Jacobsen
HB 1802 Docs Minors in possession H Community Safe 02/09/2023 Cheney
HB 1803 Docs f Specialty shop endorsement H Reg Subst & Ga 02/09/2023 Steele
HB 1805 Docs Robbery in the second degree H Community Safe 02/09/2023 Graham
HB 1806 Docs f# Exclave small businesses H Approps 02/16/2023 Rule
HB 1808 Docs f Parentage/sexual assault H Civil R & Judi 02/10/2023 Doglio
HB 1809 Docs f# Definition of food H Finance 02/10/2023 Wylie
HB 1810 Docs f Mobile home rental assist. H Housing 02/10/2023 Orcutt
HB 1811 Docs f Insurance/credit exceptions H Rules R 02/17/2023 Hackney
HB 1813 Docs Community transition facs. H Community Safe 02/10/2023 Griffey
HB 1814 Docs Vaccine mandate/reemployment H Labor & Workpl 02/10/2023 Corry
HB 1815 Docs f Payment card processing/tax H Finance 02/10/2023 Berg SB 5733(S Ways & Means)
HB 1816 Docs Ballot forwarding H State Govt & T 02/10/2023 Cheney
HB 1817 Docs f# Housing gap voucher pilot H Housing 02/10/2023 Rule SB 5741(S Housing)
HB 1819 Docs K-12 music instruction H Education 02/13/2023 Reed
HB 1820 Docs Local sales tax uses H Local Govt 02/13/2023 Walsh
HB 1824 Docs f Shooting sweepstakes S Rules 2 03/24/2023 Eslick
HB 1825 Docs f Teacher comp./state schools H Approps 02/14/2023 Harris
HB 1826 Docs Party preferences H State Govt & T 02/14/2023 Rude
HB 1827 Docs Vaccination status H Civil R & Judi 02/14/2023 Walsh
HB 1828 Docs Juveniles/decline hearings H Human Svc, You 02/15/2023 Bronoske
HB 1830 Docs f Nonhighway vehicles H Transportation 02/15/2023 Klicker SB 5751(S Rules X)
HB 1831 Docs f Ferries/workforce shortages H Transportation 02/16/2023 Ramos
HB 1832 Docs f Vehicle per mile charge H Transportation 02/16/2023 Fey
HB 1834 Docs f Reconciliation returns H Approps 03/23/2023 Walen
HB 1835 Docs Frontier counties H Innov, Comm & 02/17/2023 Kretz
HB 1836 Docs Waste heat H Env & Energy 02/17/2023 Hackney
HB 1837 Docs Contraception vend. machines H Postsec Ed & W 02/17/2023 Pollet
HB 1839 Docs f Train length H Rules R 02/25/2023 Santos
HB 1840 Docs Catalytic converter theft H Community Safe 02/21/2023 Cheney
HB 1841 Docs Ferries/workforce shortages H Transportation 02/21/2023 Ramos
HB 1842 Docs Ferry system salary comps. H Labor & Workpl 02/22/2023 Fey
HB 1843 Docs School district elections H Education 02/23/2023 Harris
HB 1844 Docs Right of action/officials H Civil R & Judi 02/28/2023 Graham
HB 1845 Docs Crime victims ombuds H State Govt & T 03/15/2023 Graham
HB 1846 Docs f Ferry vessel procurement H Transportation 03/17/2023 Fey SB 5760(S Transportation)
HB 1847 Docs f# Community authority/tax S Ways & Means 03/28/2023 Santos
HB 1848 Docs Broadband equipment/tax H Finance 03/23/2023 Walen SB 5761(S Environment, E)
HB 1849 Docs Elk management program H Ag&Nr 03/24/2023 Lekanoff
HB 1850 Docs f Hospital safety net program H Approps 03/27/2023 Macri SB 5764(S Ways & Means)
HB 1851 Docs First approach skills prog. H Approps 03/28/2023 Callan
HB 1852 Docs I-5 bridge tolling H Transportation 03/29/2023 Wylie SB 5765(S Transportation)
HB 1853 Docs Transportation resources H Transportation 03/30/2023 Fey
HCR 4400 Docs Joint session/state of state H Filed Sec/St 01/10/2023 Fitzgibbon
HCR 4401 Docs Legislature joint rules H Filed Sec/St 01/10/2023 Fitzgibbon
HCR 4402 Docs f Jennifer Belcher Building H Rules R 02/17/2023 Doglio
HJM 4000 Docs Year of the salmon H Rules R 02/07/2023 Lekanoff
HJM 4002 Docs Constitutional convention H State Govt & T 01/23/2023 Harris SJM 8004(S State Govt & E)
HJR 4200 Docs Owner-occupied property/tax H Finance 01/09/2023 Walsh
HJR 4201 Docs e Reproductive freedom H HC/Wellness 01/11/2023 Gregerson SJR 8202(S Rules X)
HJR 4202 Docs Tax referendums H State Govt & T 01/13/2023 Volz
HJR 4203 Docs School district bonds H Education 01/16/2023 Stonier
HJR 4204 Docs d Investments/persist. poverty H 2nd Reading 03/24/2023 Volz SJR 8205(S Ways & Means)
HJR 4205 Docs f# Property tax rebates H Finance 01/24/2023 Berg SJR 8206(S Ways & Means)
HJR 4206 Docs f# Personal property taxation H Rules R 02/24/2023 Leavitt
HJR 4207 Docs School district bond voting H Education 02/23/2023 Harris
HR 4600 Docs House organized, ready H Adopted 01/09/2023 Fitzgibbon
HR 4601 Docs Temporary rules H Adopted 01/09/2023 Fitzgibbon
HR 4602 Docs Jamie Walsh H Adopted 01/12/2023 Jinkins
HR 4603 Docs Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. H Adopted 01/16/2023 Jinkins
HR 4604 Docs Lunar New Year H Adopted 01/20/2023 Thai
HR 4605 Docs Presidents' Day H Adopted 02/20/2023 Jinkins
HR 4606 Docs Lourdes E. Alvarado-Ramos H Adopted 01/25/2023 Leavitt
HR 4607 Docs Digital privacy day H Adopted 01/27/2023 Kloba
HR 4608 Docs Keenan Konopaski H Adopted 02/03/2023 Pollet
HR 4609 Docs Fire Marshal Michael Jackson H Adopted 02/03/2023 McClintock
HR 4610 Docs Washington National Guard H Adopted 02/01/2023 Jinkins
HR 4611 Docs Cindy Arnold H Adopted 02/03/2023 McClintock
HR 4612 Docs Sheriff Casey Salisbury H Adopted 02/03/2023 Couture
HR 4613 Docs Chelan H.S. volleyball H Adopted 02/10/2023 Steele
HR 4614 Docs Wenatchee H.S. football H Adopted 02/10/2023 Goehner
HR 4615 Docs Japanese American internment H Adopted 02/16/2023 Jinkins
HR 4616 Docs Children's day H Adopted 02/20/2023 Jinkins
HR 4617 Docs House rules, permanent H Adopted 02/23/2023 Fitzgibbon
HR 4618 Docs Turner syndrome H Adopted 02/24/2023 Low
HR 4619 Docs Black history month H Adopted 02/27/2023 Hackney
HR 4620 Docs Daffodil festival H Adopted 03/10/2023 Chambers
HR 4621 Docs Bill Russell Riccelli
HR 4622 Docs Fumiko Kimura H Adopted 03/07/2023 Bronoske
HR 4623 Docs Prairie H.S. wrestling H Adopted 03/10/2023 McClintock
HR 4624 Docs Deborah Senn H Adopted 03/08/2023 Senn
HR 4625 Docs Billy Frank Jr. H Adopted 03/09/2023 Wilcox
HR 4626 Docs Survivors of crimes H Adopted 03/10/2023 Graham
HR 4627