Help With Abbreviations (2019-20)

Help With Abbreviations: Action Abbreviations

1st Reading First reading
2nd Reading Second reading
2nd ReadSCal On second reading suspension calendar
3rd Reading Third reading
adheres Adheres to its position on a bill in dispute
adh/H concur Senate adheres to its position/asks House to concur
adh/S concur House adheres to its position/asks Senate to concur
Adopted Resolution adopted
Adopted 3rd Adopted on third reading
Adopted/Rule Adopted by Rules Committee
Amended Bill has been amended
ask H recede Senate asks House to recede
ask S recede House asks Senate to recede
Before Senate Placed before Senate
C * L * Chapter * of Laws of * year
C * L * E * Chapter * of Laws of * year of * Special Session
concur part Concurs in certain amendments, refuses to concur in others
concurred Concurred in amendment(s) from other house
confirm Majority; do confirm
Confirm SGA confirmed
Confirm Cal Placed on Confirmation Calendar
Del to Gov Delivered to Governor
DNP Do Not Pass
DNP*S Do Not Pass * Substitute
DNS Do Not Substitute
DP Do Pass
DP w/oA Do Pass without amendments by *
DPA Do Pass with amendment(s)
DP*S Do Pass * Substitute
DP*SA Do Pass with amendment(s) to * Substitute
Failed 3rd Failed on third reading
Failed FP Failed on final passage
Filed Sec/St Filed with the Secretary of State
Floor Committee relieved of further consideration
Gov no action No gubernatorial action
Gov part veto Partially vetoed by Governor
Gov signed Signed by Governor
Gov vetoed Vetoed by Governor
Held Held for further consideration
In dispute Bill in dispute
Indef postpd Indefinitely postponed
ind/pos Majority; indefinitely postpone
insists Insists on its position on a bill in dispute
ins/conf Insists on its position and asks for conference
ins/H recede Senate insists on its position/asks House to recede
ins/S recede House insists on its position/asks Senate to recede
no confirm Majority; do not confirm
Not adopted Resolution not adopted
Not confirm SGA not confirmed
Not subst for Substitute bill not substituted
Notice recon Notice given to reconsider vote on third reading
Out of order Ruled out of order
Passed 3rd Passed third reading
Passed FP Passed on final passage
Prefiled Prefiled for introduction
Pres signed Signed by President of the Senate
recede part Recedes from certain amendments/refuses to recede from
receded Receded from position on bill in dispute
ref con/conf Refuses to concur/asks for conference
ref concur Refuses to concur in other house's amendment(s)
ref recede Refuses to recede from position on bill in dispute
ref rec/conf Refuses to recede from position/requests conference
refuses conf Refuses request for conference
ref/H recede Senate refuses to concur/asks House to recede
ref/S recede House refuses to concur/asks Senate to recede
ref& * Majority; refer to * committee
Resigned Appointee resigned; appointment withdrawn
Ret to Gov Returned to Governor
Rules 2 Passed to Rules committee for second reading -- Senate
Rules 2 G Made eligible to be placed on second reading -- Senate
Rules 3 Passed to Rules committee for third reading -- Senate
Rules 3C On Rules Consideration list for third reading -- House
Rules 3G Made eligible to be placed on third reading -- Senate
Rules C On Rules Consideration list for second reading -- House
Rules R On Rules Review list for second reading -- House
Spkr signed Signed by Speaker of the House
Subst for Substitute bill adopted
Tabled Tabled
Term expired Appointee's term expired; appointment withdrawn
Veto override Veto overridden
Veto sustain Veto sustained
w/o Rec Majority; without recommendation

Total count = 83

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Help With Abbreviations: House Committee Abbreviations (2019-20)
APP Appropriations HSEL Human Services & Early Learning
CB Capital Budget ITED Innovation, Technology & Economic Development
CRJ Civil Rights & Judiciary LAWS Labor & Workplace Standards
CWD College & Workforce Development LG Local Government
COG Commerce & Gaming PS Public Safety
CPB  Consumer Protection & Business RUL Rules
ED Education  RDAN Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources
ENVI Environment & Energy SGOV State Government & Tribal Relations
FIN Finance TR Transportation
HCW Health Care & Wellness     
 HOUS Housing, Community Development & Veterans    

Total count = 20

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Help With Abbreviations: Senate Committee Abbreviations (2019-20)
AWTE Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks HSRR Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation
BH Behavioral Health Subcommittee LBRC Labor & Commerce
EDU Early Learning & K-12 Education LAW Law & Justice
ENET Energy, Environment & Technology LGOV Local Government
FIET Financial Institutions, Economic Development & Trade RULE  Rules
HLTC Health & Long Term Care SGTE State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections
HEWD Higher Education & Workforce Devleopment TRAN Transportation
HSA Housing Stability & Affordability WM Ways & Means

Total count = 15

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Help With Abbreviations: Document Extension Abbreviations

When you retrieve the text of a bill, bill report, or digest, you
may see one of the following extensions on the document name. The
convention for document names is the bill number plus one of the
extensions. Bills as originally introduced do not have an extension.
Examples: 1001.E, 1003-S.PL, 5432.DIG. Initiatives are named

.DIG digest
.E engrossed
.E2 second engrossment
.FBR final bill report
.HBR House bill report
.PL passed legislature
.SBR Senate bill report
.SL signed by Governor - session law
.VTO veto message
Amendments are named according to the following example:
1001-S AMH SMIT JONE 1. AMH or AMS indicates a House or Senate
amendment. The next four letters indicate the sponsor of the
amendment, in this case, Representative Smith. The following
four letters indicate the staff person who prepared the amendment,
in this example, staff person Jones. The last number indicates the
amendment set.

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Help With Abbreviations: Document Naming Conventions

Bills as originally introduced are given a number without an extension. As legislation progresses through the normal legislative process, versions of the legislation may be created using any of the naming conventions shown below. Examples of other document naming conventions follow the bill naming conventions.
Example Description
1008 HB 1008
1008.DIG Digest for HB 1008
1008.E Engrossed HB 1008
1008.FBR Final Bill Report for HB 1008
1008.HBR House Bill Report for HB 1008
1008.PL HB 1008 as it Passed the Legislature
1008.SBR Senate Bill Report for HB 1008
1008.SL Session Law version of HB 1008
Governor's Veto Message for HB 1008
Governor's Veto Message for SSB 6010
1008-S Substitute HB 1008
1008-S AMC Adopted Conference Amendment on Substitute HB 1008 (See note in the first amendment example.)
1008-S AMH Amendments by the House on Substitute HB 1008 (See note in the first amendment example.)
1008-S AMS Amendments by the Senate on Substitute HB 1008 (See note in the first amendment example.)
1008-S2.E2 Second Engrossed Second Substitute HB 1008
COM 2005-011 House list of bills reported by standing committee (# is the session year followed by legislative day)
ETHICS2005.01 First 2005 advisory opinion of the Legislative Ethics Board
ETHICSCOM2005.01 First 2005 complaint opinion of the Legislative Ethics Board
GREEN SHEET List of bills that have been moved to the second step in the Senate Rules Committee
INITIATIVE 601 Initiative 601
INTRO 2005-001 House list of bills to be introduced (# is the year followed by the legislative day)
INTRODUCTIONS 2005-01-13 Senate list of bills introduced on January 13, 2005
PREFILED 2005-12-20 House list of prefiled bills as of December 20, 2005
PREFILED SENATE 2005-12-27     Senate list of prefiled bills as of December 27, 2005
RCW 1.08.010 or
RCW 1.08
Revised Code of Washington, RCW 1.08.010 or display all sections found under Title 1, Chapter 8
RULES CON 2005-011 House Rules consideration report
RULES REVIEW List of bills that have been reported out of House committee and referred to the House Rules Committee
SHORT TITLES 2005-01-13 Senate short titles and referral list for January 13, 2005 (bills to be introduced in the Senate for the date indicated)
STANDING 2005-01-14 Senate list of bills reported by standing committees on January 14, 2005
WAC 388-12-010 or
WAC 388-12
Washington Administrative Code, Section 388-12-010, or display all sections found under Title 388, Chapter 12 (Note: Use WSL Search to access current WAC sections)
WHITE SHEET List of bills that have been reported out of Senate committee and referred to the Senate Rules Committee

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Help With Abbreviations: Legislative Types of Bills and Document Ranges

Abbreviation Stands For Bill # Range Description
HB House Bill 1000-3999 Bills propose to amend, add, or repeal statutes.
SB Senate Bill 5000-7999
HJM House Joint Memorial 4000-4199 Memorials express the Legislature's concern, usually to the President and the U.S. Congress, about an issue, for example, asking the federal government to fund a program.
SJM Senate Joint Memorial 8000-8199
HJR House Joint Resolution 4200-4399 Joint resolutions propose to amend the state constitution.
SJR Senate Joint Resolution 8200-8399
HCR House Concurrent Resolution 4400-4599 Concurrent resolutions relate to the internal operation of the Legislature, in which one house concurs in the action of the other; they may originate in either house.
SCR Senate Concurrent Resolution 8400-8599
HR House Resolution 4600-4999 Resolutions are typically used to commemorate or congratulate, or to adopt rules for the body. They pertain to one body only.
SR Senate Resolution 8600-8999
SGA Senate Gubernatorial Appointment 9000-9999 Designation by the Governor to fill an office or position; this is a Senate-only function.

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