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Chapter 246-215 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF246-215-01100IntentFood safety, illness prevention, and honest presentation (FDA Food Code 1-102.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-01105ScopeStatement (FDA Food Code 1-103.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-01115Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms (FDA Food Code 1-201.10(B)).
Subpart A - Supervision
HTMLPDF246-215-02100ResponsibilityAssignment (FDA Food Code 2-101.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02105Demonstration of knowledge (FDA Food Code 2-102.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02107Certified food protection manager (FDA Food Code 2-102.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-02110DutiesFood protection manager certification (FDA Food Code 2-102.20).
HTMLPDF246-215-02115DutiesPerson in charge (FDA Food Code 2-103.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02120Food worker cards.
Subpart B - Employee Health
HTMLPDF246-215-02200Employee health—Reporting policy.
HTMLPDF246-215-02205Employee health—Reportable history of illness.
HTMLPDF246-215-02210Employee health—Prohibit a conditional employee from becoming a food employee.
HTMLPDF246-215-02215Employee health—Notify health officer.
HTMLPDF246-215-02220Employee health—Conditions of exclusion.
HTMLPDF246-215-02225Employee health—Conditions of restriction.
HTMLPDF246-215-02230Employee health—Aiding illness investigations.
HTMLPDF246-215-02235Employee health—Other conditions.
HTMLPDF246-215-02240Employee healthComplying with local health officer.
HTMLPDF246-215-02245Employee health—Removal of exclusion or restriction based on diagnosis.
HTMLPDF246-215-02250Employee health—Removal of exclusion or restriction based on symptoms.
HTMLPDF246-215-02255Employee health—Removal of exclusion or restriction based on exposure.
Subpart C - Personal Cleanliness
HTMLPDF246-215-02300Hands and armsClean condition (FDA Food Code 2-301.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02305Hands and armsCleaning procedure (FDA Food Code 2-301.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-02310Hands and armsWhen to wash (FDA Food Code 2-301.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-02315Hands and armsWhere to wash (FDA Food Code 2-301.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-02320Hands and armsHand antiseptics (FDA Food Code 2-301.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-02325FingernailsMaintenance (FDA Food Code 2-302.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02330JewelryProhibition (FDA Food Code 2-303.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02335Outer clothingClean condition (17 FDA Food Code 2-304.11).
Subpart D - Hygienic Practices
HTMLPDF246-215-02400Food contamination preventionEating, drinking, or using tobacco (FDA Food Code 2-401.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02405Food contamination preventionDischarges from the eyes, nose, and mouth (FDA Food Code 2-401.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-02406Food contamination preventionUse of bandages, finger cots, or finger stalls (FDA Food Code 2-401.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-02410Hair restraintsEffectiveness (FDA Food Code 2-402.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02415AnimalsHandling prohibition (FDA Food Code 2-403.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-02500Responding to contamination eventsClean-up of vomiting and diarrheal events (FDA Food Code 2-501.11).
Subpart A - Characteristics
HTMLPDF246-215-03100Condition—Safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented (FDA Food Code 3-101.11).
Subpart B - Sources, Specifications, and Original Containers and Records
HTMLPDF246-215-03200SourcesCompliance with food law (FDA Food Code 3-201.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03205SourcesFood in a hermetically sealed container (FDA Food Code 3-201.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03210SourcesFluid milk and milk products (FDA Food Code 3-201.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03215SourcesFish (FDA Food Code 3-201.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03220SourcesMolluscan shellfish (FDA Food Code 3-201.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-03225Sources—Wild mushrooms.
HTMLPDF246-215-03230SourcesGame animals (FDA Food Code 3-201.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-03235Specifications for receivingTemperature (FDA Food Code 3-202.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03240Specifications for receivingAdditives (FDA Food Code 3-202.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03245Specifications for receivingEggs (FDA Food Code 3-202.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03250Specifications for receivingEggs and milk products, pasteurized (FDA Food Code 3-202.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03255Specifications for receivingPackage integrity (FDA Food Code 3-202.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-03260Specifications for receivingIce (FDA Food Code 3-202.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-03265Specifications for receivingShucked shellfish, packaging and identification (FDA Food Code 3-202.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-03270Specifications for receivingShellstock identification (FDA Food Code 3-202.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-03275Specifications for receivingShellstock, condition (FDA Food Code 3-202.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-03280Specifications for receiving—Commercially processed treated juice (FDA Food Code 3-202.110).
HTMLPDF246-215-03285Original containers and recordsMolluscan shellfish, original container (FDA Food Code 3-203.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03290Original containers and recordsShellstock, maintaining identification (FDA Food Code 3-203.12).
Subpart C - Preventing Contamination After Receiving
HTMLPDF246-215-03300Preventing contamination by employeesPreventing contamination from hands (FDA Food Code 3-301.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03303Preventing contamination by employeesPreventing contamination when tasting (FDA Food Code 3-301.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03306Preventing food and ingredient contaminationPackaged and unpackaged foodSeparation, packaging, and segregation (FDA Food Code 3-302.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03309Preventing food and ingredient contaminationFood storage containers, identified with common name of food (FDA Food Code 3-302.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03312Preventing food and ingredient contaminationPasteurized eggs, substitute for raw eggs for certain recipes (FDA Food Code 3-302.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03315Preventing food and ingredient contaminationProtection from unapproved additives (FDA Food Code 3-302.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03318Preventing food and ingredient contaminationWashing fruits and vegetables (FDA Food Code 3-302.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-03321Preventing food and ingredient contaminationCombining of raw eggs in advance prohibited.
HTMLPDF246-215-03324Preventing contamination from ice used as a coolantIce used as exterior coolant, prohibited as ingredient (FDA Food Code 3-303.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03327Preventing contamination from ice used as a coolantStorage or display of food in contact with water or ice (FDA Food Code 3-303.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03330Preventing contamination from equipment, utensils, and linensFood contact with equipment and utensils (FDA Food Code 3-304.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03333Preventing contamination from equipment, utensils, and linensIn-use utensils, between-use storage (FDA Food Code 3-304.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03336Preventing contamination from equipment, utensils, and linensLinens and napkins, use limitation (FDA Food Code 3-304.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03339Preventing contamination from equipment, utensils, and linensWiping cloths, use limitation (FDA Food Code 3-304.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03342Preventing contamination from equipment, utensils, and linensGloves, use limitation (FDA Food Code 3-304.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-03345 Preventing contamination from equipment, utensils, and linensUsing clean tableware for second portions and refills (FDA Food Code 3-304.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-03348Preventing contamination from equipment, utensils, and linensRefilling returnables (FDA Food Code 3-304.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-03351Preventing contamination from the premisesFood storage (FDA Food Code 3-305.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03354Preventing contamination from the premisesFood storage, prohibited areas (FDA Food Code 3-305.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03357Preventing contamination from the premisesVended time/temperature control for safety food, original container (FDA Food Code 3-305.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03360Preventing contamination from the premisesFood preparation (FDA Food Code 3-305.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03363Preventing contamination by consumersFood display (FDA Food Code 3-306.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03366Preventing contamination by consumersCondiments, protection (FDA Food Code 3-306.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03369Preventing contamination by consumersConsumer self-service operations (FDA Food Code 3-306.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03372Preventing contamination by consumersReturned food and reservice of food (FDA Food Code 3-306.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03375Preventing contamination by consumersMiscellaneous sources of contamination (FDA Food Code 3-307.11).
Subpart D - Destruction of Organisms of Public Health Concern
HTMLPDF246-215-03400CookingRaw animal foods (FDA Food Code 3-401.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03405CookingMicrowave cooking (FDA Food Code 3-401.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03410CookingPlant food cooking for hot holding (FDA Food Code 3-401.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03415CookingNoncontinuous cooking of raw animal foods (FDA Food Code 3-401.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03420Cooking—Unattended cooking and hot holding.
HTMLPDF246-215-03425FreezingParasite destruction (FDA Food Code 3-402.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03430FreezingRecords, creation and retention (FDA Food Code 3-402.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03435ReheatingPreparation for immediate service (FDA Food Code 3-403.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-03440ReheatingReheating for hot holding (FDA Food Code 3-403.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03445Other methodsTreating juice (FDA Food Code 3-404.11).
Subpart E - Limitation of Growth of Organisms of Public Health Concern
HTMLPDF246-215-03500Temperature and time controlFrozen food (FDA Food Code 3-501.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03505Temperature and time control—Time/temperature control for safety food, slacking (FDA Food Code 3-501.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03510Temperature and time controlThawing (FDA Food Code 3-501.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-03515Temperature and time controlCooling (FDA Food Code 3-501.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-03520Temperature and time controlCooling methods (FDA Food Code 3-501.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-03525Temperature and time control—Time/temperature control for safety food, hot and cold holding (FDA Food Code 3-501.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-03526Temperature and time controlReady-to-eat, time/temperature control for safety food, date marking (FDA Food Code 3-501.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-03527Temperature and time controlReady-to-eat, time/temperature control for safety food, disposition (FDA Food Code 3-501.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-03530Temperature and time controlTime as a public health control (FDA Food Code 3-501.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-03535Specialized processing methodsVariance requirement (FDA Food Code 3-502.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03540Specialized processing methodsReduced oxygen packaging without a variance, criteria (FDA Food Code 3-502.12).
Subpart F - Food Identity, Presentation, and On-Premises Labeling
HTMLPDF246-215-03600Accurate representationStandards of identity (FDA Food Code 3-601.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03605Accurate representationHonestly presented (FDA Food Code 3-601.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03610LabelingFood labels (FDA Food Code 3-602.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03615LabelingOther forms of information (FDA Food Code 3-602.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-03620Consumer advisory—Consumption of animal foods that are raw, undercooked, or not otherwise processed to eliminate pathogens (FDA Food Code 3-603.11).
Subpart G - Contaminated Food
HTMLPDF246-215-03700DispositionDiscarding or reconditioning unsafe, adulterated, or contaminated food (FDA Food Code 3-701.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-03705Disposition—Examination, hold orders, condemnation, and destruction of food.
Subpart H - Special Requirements for Highly Susceptible Populations
HTMLPDF246-215-03800Additional safeguardsPasteurized foods, prohibited reservice, and prohibited food (FDA Food Code 3-801.11).
Subpart A - Materials for Construction and Repair
HTMLPDF246-215-04100MultiuseCharacteristics (FDA Food Code 4-101.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04105MultiuseCast iron, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-101.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04110MultiuseLead in ceramic, china, and crystal utensils, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-101.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04115MultiuseCopper, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-101.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-04120MultiuseGalvanized metal, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-101.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-04125MultiuseSponges, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-101.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-04130MultiuseWood, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-101.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-04135Multiuse—Nonstick coatings, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-101.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-04140Multiuse—Nonfood-contact surfaces (FDA Food Code 4-101.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-04145Single-service and single use—Characteristics (FDA Food Code 4-102.11).
Subpart B - Design and Construction
HTMLPDF246-215-04200Durability and strength—Equipment and utensils (FDA Food Code 4-201.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04202Durability and strength—Food temperature measuring devices (FDA Food Code 4-201.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04204Cleanability—Food-contact surfaces (FDA Food Code 4-202.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04206Cleanability—CIP equipment (FDA Food Code 4-202.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04208Cleanability—"V" threads, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-202.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04210Cleanability—Hot oil filtering equipment (FDA Food Code 4-202.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-04212Cleanability—Can openers (FDA Food Code 4-202.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-04214Cleanability—Nonfood-contact surfaces (FDA Food Code 4-202.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-04216Cleanability—Kick plates, removable (FDA Food Code 4-202.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-04218Cleanability—Ventilation hood systems, filters (FDA Food Code 4-202.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-04220Accuracy—Temperature measuring devices, food (FDA Food Code 4-203.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04222Accuracy—Temperature measuring devices, ambient air and water (FDA Food Code 4-203.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04224Accuracy—Pressure measuring devices, mechanical warewashing equipment (FDA Food Code 4-203.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04226Functionality—Ventilation hood systems, drip prevention (FDA Food Code 4-204.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04228Functionality—Equipment openings, closures and deflectors (FDA Food Code 4-204.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04230Functionality—Dispensing equipment, protection of equipment and food (FDA Food Code 4-204.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04232Functionality—Vending machine, vending stage closure (FDA Food Code 4-204.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-04234Functionality—Bearings and gear boxes, leakproof (FDA Food Code 4-204.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-04236Functionality—Beverage tubing, separation (FDA Food Code 4-204.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-04238Functionality—Ice units, separation of drains (FDA Food Code 4-204.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-04240Functionality—Condenser unit, separation (FDA Food Code 4-204.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-04242Functionality—Can openers on vending machines (FDA Food Code 4-204.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-04244Functionality—Molluscan shellfish tanks (FDA Food Code 4-204.110).
HTMLPDF246-215-04246Functionality—Vending machines, automatic shutoff (FDA Food Code 4-204.111).
HTMLPDF246-215-04248Functionality—Temperature measuring devices (FDA Food Code 4-204.112).
HTMLPDF246-215-04250Functionality—Warewashing machines, data plate operating specifications (FDA Food Code 4-204.113).
HTMLPDF246-215-04252Functionality—Warewashing machines, internal baffles (FDA Food Code 4-204.114).
HTMLPDF246-215-04254Functionality—Warewashing machines, temperature measuring devices (FDA Food Code 4-204.115).
HTMLPDF246-215-04256Functionality—Manual warewashing equipment, heaters and baskets (FDA Food Code 4-204.116).
HTMLPDF246-215-04258Functionality—Warewashing machines, automatic dispensing of detergents and sanitizers (FDA Food Code 4-204.117).
HTMLPDF246-215-04260Functionality—Warewashing machines, flow pressure device (FDA Food Code 4-204.118).
HTMLPDF246-215-04262Functionality—Warewashing sinks and drainboards, self-draining (FDA Food Code 4-204.119).
HTMLPDF246-215-04264Functionality—Equipment compartments, drainage (FDA Food Code 4-204.120).
HTMLPDF246-215-04266Functionality—Vending machines, liquid waste products (FDA Food Code 4-204.121).
HTMLPDF246-215-04268Functionality—Case lot handling equipment, moveability (FDA Food Code 4-204.122).
HTMLPDF246-215-04270Functionality—Vending machine doors and openings (FDA Food Code 4-204.123).
HTMLPDF246-215-04272Acceptability—Food equipment, certification and classification (FDA Food Code 4-205.10).
Subpart C - Numbers and Capacities
HTMLPDF246-215-04300Equipment—Cooling, heating, and holding capacities (FDA Food Code 4-301.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04305Equipment—Manual warewashing, sink compartment requirements (FDA Food Code 4-301.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04310Equipment—Drainboards (FDA Food Code 4-301.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04315Equipment—Ventilation hood systems, adequacy (FDA Food Code 4-301.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-04320Equipment—Clothes washers and dryers (FDA Food Code 4-301.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-04325Equipment—Designated food preparation sinks.
HTMLPDF246-215-04330Utensils, temperature measuring devices, and testing devices—Utensils, consumer self-service (FDA Food Code 4-302.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04335Utensils, temperature measuring devices, and testing devices—Food temperature measuring devices (FDA Food Code 4-302.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04340Utensils, temperature measuring devices, and testing devices—Temperature measuring devices, manual warewashing (FDA Food Code 4-302.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04345Utensils, temperature measuring devices, and testing devices—Sanitizing solutions, testing devices (FDA Food Code 4-302.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-04350Cleaning agents and sanitizersCleaning agents and sanitizers availability (FDA Food Code 4-303.11).
Subpart D - Location and Installation
HTMLPDF246-215-04400Location—Equipment, clothes washers and dryers, and storage cabinets, contamination prevention (FDA Food Code 4-401.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04405Installation—Fixed equipment, spacing or sealing (FDA Food Code 4-402.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04410Installation—Fixed equipment, elevation or sealing (FDA Food Code 4-402.12).
Subpart E - Maintenance and Operations
HTMLPDF246-215-04500Equipment—Good repair and proper adjustment (FDA Food Code 4-501.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04505Equipment—Cutting surfaces (FDA Food Code 4-501.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04510Equipment—Microwave ovens (FDA Food Code 4-501.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04515Equipment—Warewashing equipment, cleaning frequency (FDA Food Code 4-501.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-04520Equipment—Warewashing machines, manufacturer's operating instructions (FDA Food Code 4-501.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-04525Equipment—Warewashing sinks, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-501.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-04530Equipment—Warewashing equipment, cleaning agents (FDA Food Code 4-501.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-04535Equipment—Warewashing equipment, clean solutions (FDA Food Code 4-501.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-04540Equipment—Manual warewashing equipment, wash solution temperature (FDA Food Code 4-501.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-04545Equipment—Mechanical warewashing equipment, wash solution temperature (FDA Food Code 4-501.110).
HTMLPDF246-215-04550Equipment—Manual warewashing equipment, hot water sanitization temperature (FDA Food Code 4-501.111).
HTMLPDF246-215-04555Equipment—Mechanical warewashing equipment, hot water sanitization temperatures (FDA Food Code 4-501.112).
HTMLPDF246-215-04560Equipment—Mechanical warewashing equipment, sanitization pressure (FDA Food Code 4-501.113).
HTMLPDF246-215-04565Equipment—Manual and mechanical warewashing equipment, chemical sanitization—Temperature, pH, concentration, and hardness (FDA Food Code 4-501.114).
HTMLPDF246-215-04570Equipment—Manual warewashing equipment, chemical sanitization using detergent-sanitizers (FDA Food Code 4-501.115).
HTMLPDF246-215-04575Equipment—Warewashing equipment, determining chemical sanitizer concentration (FDA Food Code 4-501.116).
HTMLPDF246-215-04580Utensils and temperature and pressure measuring devices—Good repair and calibration (FDA Food Code 4-502.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04585Utensils and temperature and pressure measuring devices—Single-service and single-use articles, required use (FDA Food Code 4-502.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04590Utensils and temperature and pressure measuring devices—Single-service and single-use articles, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-502.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04595Utensils and temperature and pressure measuring devices—Shells, use limitation (FDA Food Code 4-502.14).
Subpart F - Cleaning of Equipment and Utensils
HTMLPDF246-215-04600Objective—Equipment, food-contact surfaces, nonfood-contact surfaces, and utensils (FDA Food Code 4-601.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04605Objective—Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils (FDA Food Code 4-602.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04610Objective—Cooking and baking equipment (FDA Food Code 4-602.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04615Objective—Nonfood-contact surfaces (FDA Food Code 4-602.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04620Methods—Dry cleaning (FDA Food Code 4-603.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04625Methods—Precleaning (FDA Food Code 4-603.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04630Methods—Loading of soiled items, warewashing machines (FDA Food Code 4-603.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04635Methods—Wet cleaning (FDA Food Code 4-603.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-04640Methods—Washing, procedures for alternative manual warewashing equipment (FDA Food Code 4-603.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-04645Methods—Rinsing procedures (FDA Food Code 4-603.16).
Subpart G - Sanitization of Equipment and Utensils
HTMLPDF246-215-04700Objective—Food-contact surfaces and utensils (FDA Food Code 4-701.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-04705Frequency—Before use after cleaning (FDA Food Code 4-702.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04710Methods—Hot water and chemical (FDA Food Code 4-703.11).
Subpart H - Laundering
HTMLPDF246-215-04800Objective—Clean linens (FDA Food Code 4-801.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04805Frequency—Specifications (FDA Food Code 4-802.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04810Methods—Storage of soiled linens (FDA Food Code 4-803.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04815Methods—Mechanical washing (FDA Food Code 4-803.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04820Methods—Use of laundry facilities (FDA Food Code 4-803.13).
Subpart I - Protection of Clean Items
HTMLPDF246-215-04900Drying—Equipment and utensils, air-drying required (FDA Food Code 4-901.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04905Drying—Wiping cloths, air drying locations (FDA Food Code 4-901.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04910Lubricating and reassembling—Food-contact surfaces (FDA Food Code 4-902.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04915Lubricating and reassembling—Equipment (FDA Food Code 4-902.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04920Storing—Equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service and single-use articles (FDA Food Code 4-903.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04925Storing—Prohibitions (FDA Food Code 4-903.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04930Preventing contamination—Kitchenware and tableware (FDA Food Code 4-904.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-04935Preventing contamination—Soiled and clean tableware (FDA Food Code 4-904.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-04940Preventing contamination—Preset tableware (FDA Food Code 4-904.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-04945Preventing contamination—Rinsing equipment and utensils after cleaning and sanitizing (FDA Food Code 4-904.14).
Subpart A - Water
HTMLPDF246-215-05100Source—Approved system (FDA Food Code 5-101.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05105Source—System flushing and disinfection (FDA Food Code 5-101.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05110Source—Bottled drinking water (FDA Food Code 5-101.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05115Quality—Standards (FDA Food Code 5-102.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05120Quality—Nondrinking water (FDA Food Code 5-102.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05125Quality—Sampling (FDA Food Code 5-102.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05130Quantity and availability—Sample report (FDA Food Code 5-102.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-05135Quantity and availability—Capacity (FDA Food Code 5-103.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05140Distribution, delivery and retention—Pressure (FDA Food Code 5-103.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05145Distribution, delivery and retention—System (FDA Food Code 5-104.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05150Distribution, delivery and retention—Alternate water supply (FDA Food Code 5-104.12).
Subpart B - Plumbing System
HTMLPDF246-215-05200Materials—Approved (FDA Food Code 5-201.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05205Design, construction and installation—Approved system and cleanable fixtures (FDA Food Code 5-202.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05210Design, construction and installation—Handwashing facility, installation (FDA Food Code 5-202.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05215Design, construction and installation—Backflow prevention, air gap (FDA Food Code 5-202.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05220Design, construction and installation—Backflow prevention device, design standard (FDA Food Code 5-202.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-05225Design, construction and installation—Conditioning device, design (FDA Food Code 5-202.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-05230Numbers and capacities—Handwashing sinks (FDA Food Code 5-203.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05235Numbers and capacitiesToilets and urinals (FDA Food Code 5-203.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05240Numbers and capacitiesService sink (FDA Food Code 5-203.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05245Numbers and capacitiesBackflow prevention device, when required (FDA Food Code 5-203.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-05250Numbers and capacitiesBackflow prevention, carbonator.
HTMLPDF246-215-05255Location and placementHandwashing sinks (FDA Food Code 5-204.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05260Location and placementBackflow prevention device (FDA Food Code 5-204.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05265Location and placementConditioning device (FDA Food Code 5-204.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05270Operation and maintenanceUsing a handwashing sink (FDA Food Code 5-205.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05275Operation and maintenanceProhibiting a cross connection (FDA Food Code 5-205.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05280Operation and maintenanceScheduling inspection, testing, and service for water system device (FDA Food Code 5-205.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05285Operation and maintenanceWater reservoir of fogging devices, cleaning (FDA Food Code 5-205.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-05290Operation and maintenanceSystem maintained in good repair (FDA Food Code 5-205.15).
Subpart C - Mobile Water Tank and Mobile Food Establishment Water Tank
HTMLPDF246-215-05300Materials—Approved (FDA Food Code 5-301.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05305Design and construction—Enclosed system, sloped to drain (FDA Food Code 5-302.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05310Design and construction—Inspection and cleaning port, protected and secured (FDA Food Code 5-302.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05315Design and construction—"V" type threads, use limitation (FDA Food Code 5-302.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05320Design and construction—Tank vent, protected (FDA Food Code 5-302.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-05325Design and construction—Inlet and outlet, sloped to drain (FDA Food Code 5-302.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-05330Design and construction—Hose, construction and identification (FDA Food Code 5-302.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-05335Numbers and capacities—Filter, compressed air (FDA Food Code 5-303.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05340Numbers and capacities—Protective cover or device (FDA Food Code 5-303.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05345Numbers and capacities—Mobile food unit tank inlet (FDA Food Code 5-303.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05350Operation and maintenance—System flushing and sanitation (FDA Food Code 5-304.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05355Operation and maintenance—Using a pump and hoses, backflow prevention (FDA Food Code 5-304.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05360Operation and maintenance—Protecting inlet, outlet, and hose fitting (FDA Food Code 5-304.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05365Operation and maintenance—Tank, pump, and hoses, dedication (FDA Food Code 5-304.14).
Subpart D - Sewage, Other Liquid Waste, and Rainwater
HTMLPDF246-215-05400Mobile holding tank—Capacity and drainage (FDA Food Code 5-401.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05405Retention, drainage, and delivery design, construction, and installation—Establishment drainage system (FDA Food Code 5-402.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-05410Retention, drainage, and delivery design, construction, and installation—Backflow prevention (FDA Food Code 5-402.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05415Retention, drainage, and delivery location and placement—Grease trap (FDA Food Code 5-402.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05420Retention, drainage, and delivery operation and maintenance—Conveying sewage (FDA Food Code 5-402.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05425Retention, drainage, and delivery operation and maintenance—Removing mobile food unit wastes (FDA Food Code 5-402.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-05430Retention, drainage, and delivery operation and maintenance—Flushing a waste retention tank (FDA Food Code 5-402.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-05435Disposal facility design and construction—Approved sewage disposal system (FDA Food Code 5-403.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05440Disposal facility design and construction—Other liquid wastes and rainwater (FDA Food Code 5-403.12).
Subpart E - Refuse, Recyclables, and Returnables
HTMLPDF246-215-05500Facilities on the premises, materials, design, construction and installation—Indoor storage area (FDA Food Code 5-501.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-05505Facilities on the premises, materials, design, construction and installation—Outdoor storage surface (FDA Food Code 5-501.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05510Facilities on the premises, materials, design, construction and installation—Outdoor enclosure (FDA Food Code 5-501.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05515Facilities on the premises, materials, design, construction and installation—Receptacles (FDA Food Code 5-501.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-05520Facilities on the premises, materials, design, construction and installation—Receptacles in vending machines (FDA Food Code 5-501.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-05525Facilities on the premises, materials, design, construction and installation—Outside receptacles (FDA Food Code 5-501.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-05530Facilities on the premises, numbers and capacities—Storage areas, rooms, and receptacles, capacity and availability (FDA Food Code 5-501.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-05535Facilities on the premises, numbers and capacities—Toilet room receptacle, covered (FDA Food Code 5-501.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-05540Facilities on the premises, numbers and capacities—Cleaning implements and supplies (FDA Food Code 5-501.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-05545Facilities on the premises, location and placement—Storage areas, redeeming machines, receptacles and waste handling units, location (FDA Food Code 5-501.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-05550Facilities on the premises, operation and maintenance—Storing refuse, recyclables, and returnables (FDA Food Code 5-501.110).
HTMLPDF246-215-05555Facilities on the premises, operation and maintenance—Areas, enclosures, and receptacles, good repair (FDA Food Code 5-501.111).
HTMLPDF246-215-05560Facilities on the premises, operation and maintenance—Outside storage prohibitions (FDA Food Code 5-501.112).
HTMLPDF246-215-05565Facilities on the premises, operation and maintenance—Covering receptacles (FDA Food Code 5-501.113).
HTMLPDF246-215-05570Facilities on the premises, operation and maintenance—Using drain plugs (FDA Food Code 5-501.114).
HTMLPDF246-215-05575Facilities on the premises, operation and maintenance—Maintaining refuse areas and enclosures (FDA Food Code 5-501.115).
HTMLPDF246-215-05580Facilities on the premises, operation and maintenance—Cleaning receptacles (FDA Food Code 5-501.116).
HTMLPDF246-215-05585Removal—Frequency (FDA Food Code 5-502.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-05590Removal—Receptacles or vehicles (FDA Food Code 5-502.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-05595Facilities for disposal and recycling—Community or individual facility (FDA Food Code 5-503.11).
Subpart A - Materials for Construction and Repair
HTMLPDF246-215-06100Indoor areas—Surface characteristics (FDA Food Code 6-101.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06105Outdoor areas—Surface characteristics (FDA Food Code 6-102.11).
Subpart B - Design, Construction and Installation
HTMLPDF246-215-06200Cleanability—Floors, walls and ceilings (FDA Food Code 6-201.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06205Cleanability—Floors, walls, and ceilings, utility lines (FDA Food Code 6-201.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-06210Cleanability—Floor and wall junctures, covered and enclosed or sealed (FDA Food Code 6-201.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-06215Cleanability—Floor carpeting, restriction and installation (FDA Food Code 6-201.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-06220Cleanability—Floor covering, mats and duckboards (FDA Food Code 6-201.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-06225Cleanability—Wall and ceiling coverings and coatings (FDA Food Code 6-201.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-06230Cleanability—Walls and ceilings, attachments (FDA Food Code 6-201.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-06235Cleanability—Walls and ceilings, studs, joists, and rafters (FDA Food Code 6-201.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-06240Functionality—Light bulbs, protective shielding (FDA Food Code 6-202.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06245Functionality—Heating, ventilating, air conditioning system vents (FDA Food Code 6-202.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-06250Functionality—Insect control devices, design and installation (FDA Food Code 6-202.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-06255Functionality—Toilet rooms, enclosed (FDA Food Code 6-202.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-06260Functionality—Outer openings, protected (FDA Food Code 6-202.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-06265Functionality—Exterior walls and roofs, protective barrier (FDA Food Code 6-202.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-06270Functionality—Outdoor food vending areas, overhead protection (FDA Food Code 6-202.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-06275Functionality—Outdoor servicing areas, overhead protection (FDA Food Code 6-202.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-06280Functionality—Outdoor walking and driving surfaces, graded to drain (FDA Food Code 6-202.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-06285Functionality—Outdoor refuse areas (FDA Food Code 6-202.110).
HTMLPDF246-215-06290Functionality—Private homes and living or sleeping quarters, use prohibition (FDA Food Code 6-202.111).
HTMLPDF246-215-06295Functionality—Living or sleeping quarters, separation (FDA Food Code 6-202.112).
Subpart C - Numbers and Capacities
HTMLPDF246-215-06300Handwashing sinksMinimum number (FDA Food Code 6-301.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-06305Handwashing sinksHandwashing cleanser, availability (FDA Food Code 6-301.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06310Handwashing sinksHand-drying provision (FDA Food Code 6-301.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-06315Handwashing sinksHandwashing aids and devices, use restriction (FDA Food Code 6-301.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-06320Handwashing sinksHandwashing signage (FDA Food Code 6-301.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-06325Handwashing sinksDisposable towels, waste receptacle (FDA Food Code 6-301.20).
HTMLPDF246-215-06330Toilets and urinals—Minimum number (FDA Food Code 6-302.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-06335Toilets and urinals—Toilet tissue, availability (FDA Food Code 6-302.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06340Lighting—Intensity (FDA Food Code 6-303.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06345Ventilation—Mechanical (FDA Food Code 6-304.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06350Dressing areas and lockers—Designation (FDA Food Code 6-305.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06355Service sinksAvailability (FDA Food Code 6-306.10).
Subpart D - Location and Placement
HTMLPDF246-215-06400Handwashing sinksConveniently located (FDA Food Code 6-401.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-06405Toilet rooms—Convenience and accessibility (FDA Food Code 6-402.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06410Employee accommodations—Designated areas (FDA Food Code 6-403.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06415Distressed merchandise—Segregation and location (FDA Food Code 6-404.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06420Refuse, recyclables, and returnables—Receptacles, waste handling units, and designated storage areas (FDA Food Code 6-405.10).
Subpart E - Maintenance and Operation: Premises, Structures, Attachments, and Fixtures
HTMLPDF246-215-06500Methods—Repairing (FDA Food Code 6-501.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-06505Methods—Cleaning, frequency and restrictions (FDA Food Code 6-501.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-06510Methods—Cleaning floors, dustless methods (FDA Food Code 6-501.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-06515Methods—Cleaning ventilation systems, nuisance and discharge prohibition (FDA Food Code 6-501.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-06520Methods—Cleaning maintenance tools, preventing contamination (FDA Food Code 6-501.15).
HTMLPDF246-215-06525Methods—Drying mops (FDA Food Code 6-501.16).
HTMLPDF246-215-06530Methods—Absorbent materials on floors, use limitations (FDA Food Code 6-501.17).
HTMLPDF246-215-06535Methods—Cleaning of plumbing fixtures (FDA Food Code 6-501.18).
HTMLPDF246-215-06540Methods—Closing toilet room doors (FDA Food Code 6-501.19).
HTMLPDF246-215-06545Methods—Using dressing rooms and lockers (FDA Food Code 6-501.110).
HTMLPDF246-215-06550Methods—Controlling pests (FDA Food Code 6-501.111).
HTMLPDF246-215-06555Methods—Removing dead or trapped birds, insects, rodents, and other pests (FDA Food Code 6-501.112).
HTMLPDF246-215-06560Methods—Storing maintenance tools (FDA Food Code 6-501.113).
HTMLPDF246-215-06565Methods—Maintaining premises, unnecessary items and litter (FDA Food Code 6-501.114).
HTMLPDF246-215-06570Methods—Prohibiting animals (FDA Food Code 6-501.115).
Subpart A - Labeling and Identification
HTMLPDF246-215-07100Original containers—Identifying information, prominence (FDA Food Code 7-101.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07105Working containers—Common name (FDA Food Code 7-102.11).
Subpart B - Operational Supplies and Applications
HTMLPDF246-215-07200Storage—Separation (FDA Food Code 7-201.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07205Presence and use—Restriction (FDA Food Code 7-202.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07210Presence and use—Conditions of use (FDA Food Code 7-202.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-07215Container prohibitions—Poisonous or toxic material containers (FDA Food Code 7-203.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07220Chemicals—Sanitizers, criteria (FDA Food Code 7-204.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07225Chemicals—Chemicals for washing, treatment, storage, and processing fruits and vegetables, criteria (FDA Food Code 7-204.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-07230Chemicals—Boiler water additives, criteria (FDA Food Code 7-204.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-07235Chemicals—Drying agents, criteria (FDA Food Code 7-204.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-07240Lubricants—Incidental food contact, criteria (FDA Food Code 7-205.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07245Pesticides—Restricted use pesticides, criteria (FDA Food Code 7-206.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07250Pesticides—Rodent bait stations (FDA Food Code 7-206.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-07255Pesticides—Tracking powders, pest control and monitoring (FDA Food Code 7-206.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-07260Medicines—Restriction and storage (FDA Food Code 7-207.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07265Medicines—Refrigerated medicines, storage (FDA Food Code 7-207.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-07270First-aid supplies—Storage (FDA Food Code 7-208.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-07275Other personal care items—Storage (FDA Food Code 7-209.11).
Subpart C - Stock and Retail Sale
HTMLPDF246-215-07300Storage and display—Separation (FDA Food Code 7-301.11).
Subpart A - Applicability
HTMLPDF246-215-08100Use for intended purpose—Public health protection (FDA Food Code 8-101.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08105Additional requirements—Preventing health hazards, provision for conditions not addressed (FDA Food Code 8-102.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08110Variances—Modifications and waivers (FDA Food Code 8-103.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08115Variances—Documentation of proposed variance and justification (FDA Food Code 8-103.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-08120Variances—Conformance with approved procedures (FDA Food Code 8-103.12).
Subpart B - Plan Submission and Approval
HTMLPDF246-215-08200Facility and operating plans—When plans are required (FDA Food Code 8-201.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-08205Facility and operating plans—Contents of the plans and specifications (FDA Food Code 8-201.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-08210Facility and operating plans—When a HACCP plan is required (FDA Food Code 8-201.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-08215Facility and operating plans—Contents of a HACCP plan (FDA Food Code 8-201.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-08220Trade secrets (FDA Food Code 8-202.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08225Construction inspection and approval—Preoperational inspections (FDA Food Code 8-203.10).
Subpart C - Permit to Operate
HTMLPDF246-215-08300RequirementPrerequisite for operation (FDA Food Code 8-301.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-08305Exempt from permit with approval.
HTMLPDF246-215-08310Application procedure—Submission thirty calendar days before proposed opening (FDA Food Code 8-302.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-08315Application procedure—Form of submission (FDA Food Code 8-302.12).
HTMLPDF246-215-08320Application procedure—Qualifications and responsibilities of applicants (FDA Food Code 8-302.13).
HTMLPDF246-215-08325Application procedure—Contents of the application (FDA Food Code 8-302.14).
HTMLPDF246-215-08330Issuance—New, converted, or remodeled establishments (FDA Food Code 8-303.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08335Issuance—Existing establishments, permit renewal, and change of ownership (FDA Food Code 8-303.20).
HTMLPDF246-215-08340Issuance—Denial of application for permit, notice (FDA Food Code 8-303.30).
HTMLPDF246-215-08345Conditions of retention—Responsibilities of the regulatory authority (FDA Food Code 8-304.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08350Conditions of retention—Responsibilities of the permit holder (FDA Food Code 8-304.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-08355Conditions of retention—Permits not transferable (FDA Food Code 8-304.20).
Subpart D - Inspection and Correction of Violations
HTMLPDF246-215-08400Frequency—Establishing inspection interval (FDA Food Code 8-401.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08405Frequency—Performance- and risk-based (FDA Food Code 8-401.20).
HTMLPDF246-215-08410Frequency—Competency of inspectors (FDA Food Code 8-402.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08415Access—Allowed at reasonable times after due notice (FDA Food Code 8-402.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-08420Access—Refusal, notification of right to access, and final request for access (FDA Food Code 8-402.20).
HTMLPDF246-215-08425Access—Refusal, reporting (FDA Food Code 8-402.30).
HTMLPDF246-215-08430Report of findings—Documenting information and observations (FDA Food Code 8-403.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08435Report of findings—Specifying time frame for corrections (FDA Food Code 8-403.20).
HTMLPDF246-215-08440Report of findings—Issuing report and obtaining acknowledgment of receipt (FDA Food Code 8-403.30).
HTMLPDF246-215-08445Report of findings—Refusal to sign acknowledgment (FDA Food Code 8-403.40).
HTMLPDF246-215-08450Report of findings—Public information (FDA Food Code 8-403.50).
HTMLPDF246-215-08455Imminent health hazard—Ceasing operations and reporting (FDA Food Code 8-404.11).
HTMLPDF246-215-08460Imminent health hazard—Resumption of operations (FDA Food Code 8-404.12).
Subpart E - Prevention of Foodborne Disease Transmission by Employees
HTMLPDF246-215-08500Investigation and control—Obtaining information—Personal history of illness, medical examination, and specimen analysis (FDA Food Code 8-501.10).
HTMLPDF246-215-08505Investigation and control—Restriction or exclusion of food employee, or summary suspension of permit (FDA Food Code 8-501.20).
HTMLPDF246-215-08510Investigation and control—Restriction or exclusion order: Warning or hearing not required, information required in order (FDA Food Code 8-501.30).
HTMLPDF246-215-08515Investigation and control—Removal of exclusion or restriction (FDA Food Code 8-501.40).
HTMLPDF246-215-08520Investigation and control—Procedure when disease transmission is suspected.
Subpart F - Enforcement
HTMLPDF246-215-08600Permits required, suspension, revocation, enforcement.
HTMLPDF246-215-08605Service of notice.
Subpart A - Mobile Food Units
HTMLPDF246-215-09100Requirements and restrictions—Requirements.
HTMLPDF246-215-09105Requirements and restrictions—Restrictions.
HTMLPDF246-215-09110Plan approval—Plan review.
HTMLPDF246-215-09115Plan approval—Plan contents.
HTMLPDF246-215-09120Additional requirements—Standard operating procedures.
HTMLPDF246-215-09125Time/temperature control for safety foodTemperature control.
HTMLPDF246-215-09126Commissary usage.
HTMLPDF246-215-09127Commissary exemption.
HTMLPDF246-215-09135Water and wastewater—Water system.
HTMLPDF246-215-09140Handwashing—Handwashing facilities.
HTMLPDF246-215-09145Handwashing—Handwashing waiver.
HTMLPDF246-215-09150Employee restrooms—Toilet facilities.
HTMLPDF246-215-09155Sink compartment requirements—Warewashing facilities.
HTMLPDF246-215-09160Required postingsBusiness name and operating locations.
HTMLPDF246-215-09165Required postings—Permit.
HTMLPDF246-215-09170Food and equipment protection—Overhead protection.
HTMLPDF246-215-09175Food and equipment protection—Food and food service supplies.
Subpart B - Temporary Food Establishments
HTMLPDF246-215-09200Requirements and restrictions.
HTMLPDF246-215-09205Food and equipment protection—Standard operating procedures.
HTMLPDF246-215-09210Time/temperature control for safety foodTemperature control.
HTMLPDF246-215-09215Thawing thicknessThawing time/temperature control for safety foods.
HTMLPDF246-215-09220Public access—Separation barrier.
HTMLPDF246-215-09225Handwashing and wastewater—Facilities.
HTMLPDF246-215-09230Employee restrooms—Toilet facilities.
HTMLPDF246-215-09235Sink compartment requirements—Warewashing facilities.
HTMLPDF246-215-09240Sink compartment requirements—Food preparation sink.
Subpart C - Bed and Breakfast Operations
HTMLPDF246-215-09300Residential kitchen—Requirements and restrictions.
HTMLPDF246-215-09305Food protection—Standard operating procedures.
HTMLPDF246-215-09310Sinks—Sink compartment requirements.
Subpart D - Donated Food Distributing Organizations
HTMLPDF246-215-09400Requirements and exemptions.
HTMLPDF246-215-09405Standard operating procedures—Food protection.
HTMLPDF246-215-09406Standard operating proceduresFood handling.
HTMLPDF246-215-09407Standard operating proceduresTransportation.
HTMLPDF246-215-09410Sinks—Sink compartment requirements.
HTMLPDF246-215-09415Food sources—Donated foods.
HTMLPDF246-215-09420Receiving food—Food condition.
HTMLPDF246-215-09425Prohibited food—Restrictions.
HTMLPDF246-215-09430Food labels—Alternative labeling.
HTMLPDF246-215-09435Record keeping—Receiving record.
Subpart E - Preschools
HTMLPDF246-215-09500Requirements and exemptions.
HTMLPDF246-215-09505Standard operating procedures.
HTMLPDF246-215-09510Sink compartment requirements.
HTMLPDF246-215-09515Food preparation sink.
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