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Office of forensic mental health services.

(1) In order to prioritize goals of accuracy, prompt service to the court, quality assurance, and integration with other services, an office of forensic mental health services is established within the department of social and health services. The office shall be led by a director who shall have responsibility for the following functions:
(a) Coordination of all forensic evaluation services;
(b) Responsibility for assuring appropriate training of forensic evaluators;
(c) Development of a system to certify forensic evaluators, and to monitor the quality of forensic evaluation reports;
(d) Liaison with courts, jails, and community mental health programs to ensure the proper coordination of care, flow of information, and transition to community services, when applicable;
(e) Coordination with state hospitals to identify and develop best practice interventions and curricula for services relevant to forensic patients;
(f) Coordination with the authority, managed care organizations, behavioral health administrative services organizations, community behavioral health agencies, and the department of corrections regarding community treatment and monitoring of persons on conditional release;
(g) Participation in statewide forensic data collection, analysis, and appropriate dissemination of data trends;
(h) Provide data-based recommendations for system changes and improvements; and
(i) Oversight of the development, implementation, and maintenance of community forensic programs and services.
(2) The office of forensic mental health services must have a clearly delineated budget separate from the overall budget for state hospital services.


Effective date2019 c 325: See note following RCW 71.24.011.
Finding2015 1st sp.s. c 7: See note following RCW 10.77.075.
Effective dates2015 1st sp.s. c 7: See note following RCW 10.77.075.
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