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Substance use disorder assessment only services requiring program-specific certificationDUI assessment services.

Driving under the influence (DUI) assessment services are diagnostic services requested by a court to determine an individual's involvement with alcohol and other drugs and to recommend a course of action.
(1) A behavioral health agency certified for substance use disorder assessment only services may choose to provide optional program-specific DUI assessment services. Optional DUI assessment services require additional program-specific certification by the department's division of behavioral health and recovery.
(2) An agency providing DUI assessment services, as defined in chapter 46.61 RCW, must ensure:
(a) The assessment is conducted in person.
(b) The individual has a summary included in the assessment that evaluates the individual's:
(i) Blood or breath alcohol level and other drug levels, or documentation of the individual's refusal at the time of the arrest, if available; and
(ii) Self-reported driving record and the abstract of the individual's legal driving record.
(3) When the assessment findings do not result in a substance use disorder diagnosis, the assessment must also include:
(a) A copy of the police report;
(b) A copy of the court originated criminal case history;
(c) The results of a urinalysis or drug testing obtained at the time of the assessment; and
(d) A referral to alcohol and drug information school.
(4) If the information in subsection (3)(a) through (d) of this section is required and not readily available, the record must contain documentation of attempts to obtain the information.
(5) Upon completion of the DUI assessment, the individual must be:
(a) Informed of the results of the assessment; and
(b) Referred to the appropriate level of care according to patient placement criteria (PPC).
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