Chapter 74.08A RCW


Time limitsTransitional food stamp assistance.
Electronic benefit transfer.
Provision of services by religiously affiliated organizationsRules.
Income eligibilityFederal supplemental security income.
Indian tribesProgram accessFundingRules.
Indian tribesTribal programFiscal year.
Food stamp work requirements.
ImmigrantsSponsor deeming.
ImmigrantsFood assistance.
ImmigrantsNaturalization facilitation.
Diversion programEmergency assistance.
Individual development accountsMicrocredit and microenterprise approachesRules.
Earnings disregards and earned income cutoffs.
Noncustodial parents in work programs.
"Work activity" defined.
Work activityReferralIndividual responsibility planRefusal to work.
Good cause.
Employability screening.
Program goalCollaboration to develop work programsContractsService areasRegional plans.
Job search instruction and assistance.
Competitive performance-based contractingEvaluation of contracting practicesContracting strategies.
Placement bonuses.
Self-employment assistanceTraining and placement programs.
Wage subsidy program.
Community service program.
Program constraintsExpenditures.
QuestionnairesJob opportunities for welfare recipients.
Teen parentsEducation requirements.
Outcome measuresIntent.
Outcome measuresDevelopmentBenchmarks.
Outcome measuresDataReport to the legislature.
Outcome measuresEvaluationsAwarding contractsBonuses.
Recipients exempted from active work searchBenefits eligibility.
Legislative-executive WorkFirst poverty reduction oversight task forceDefinitions.
Legislative-executive WorkFirst poverty reduction oversight task forceMembershipDutiesFive-year plan.
Legislative-executive WorkFirst poverty reduction oversight task forceIntergenerational poverty advisory committeeMembershipDuties.
Short title1997 c 58.
Part headings, captions, table of contents not law1997 c 58.
Exemptions and waivers from federal law1997 c 58.
Conflict with federal requirements1997 c 58.
Severability1997 c 58.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
Interagency task force on unintended pregnancy: RCW 43.41.905.
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