Chapter 70.128 RCW
Adoption of rules and standardsNegotiated rule makingSpecialty license.
Negotiated rule makingStatewide unit of licenseesIntent.
LicenseRequired as of July 1, 1990Limitations.
Operating without a licenseMisdemeanor.
Operating without a licenseInjunction or civil penalty.
Operating without a licenseApplication of consumer protection act.
Priority processing for license applicationsProvisional license.
Multiple facility operatorsRequirementsLicensure of additional homes.
LicenseInspectionsCorrection of violations.
License and inspection reportAvailability for review.
Immediate suspension of license when conditions warrant.
Injunction if conditions warrant.
Prohibition against recommending unlicensed homeReport and investigation of unlicensed home.
Adult family home provider, applicant, resident managerMinimum qualifications.
Adult family homes licensed by Indian tribes.
Resident rights.
Adult family homesRequirements.
Compliance with chapter 70.24 RCW.
Compliance with local codes and state and local fire safety regulations.
Adult family homes to work with local quality assurance projectsInterference with representative of ombuds programPenalty.
Department authority to take actions in response to noncompliance or violationsCivil penaltiesAdult family home account.
Temporary management programPurposesVoluntary participationTemporary management duties, durationRules.
Disputed violations, enforcement remediesInformal dispute resolution process.
Homes relying on prayer for healingApplication of chapter.
Toll-free telephone number for complaintsDiscrimination or retaliation prohibited.
Training standards reviewDelivery systemIssues reviewedReport to the legislature.
Elder careProfessionalization of providers.
Long-term caregiver training.
Approval systemDepartment-approved trainingAdoption of rules.
Required training and continuing educationFood safety training and testing.
Limitation on restrictive covenants.
Legislative intentEnacting recommendations included in the adult family home quality assurance panel report.
Required disclosureFormsDecrease in scope of care, services, activitiesNoticeIncreased needs of a residentDenial of admission to a prospective residentDepartment web site.
Correction of a violation or deficiencyNot included in a home's reportCriteria.
ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
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