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PDFWAC 388-96-366

Facility records and handling of resident moneys.

(1) A nursing facility may not require residents to deposit personal funds with the facility. A facility may hold a resident's personal funds only if the resident or resident's guardian provides written authorization.
(2) Once a nursing facility accepts the written authorization of the resident or resident's guardian, the facility shall hold, safeguard, and account for such personal funds under an established system in accordance with this chapter and chapter 74.46 RCW. For all resident moneys entrusted to the contractor and received by the contractor for the resident, the nursing facility shall establish and maintain a bookkeeping system incorporated into the business records and adequate for audit.
(3) The nursing facility shall maintain the resident's or guardian's written authorization in the resident's file. The facility shall deposit any resident's personal funds in excess of fifty dollars in an interest-bearing resident personal fund account or accounts, separate from any of the facility's operating accounts, and credit all interest earned on an account to the account. With respect to any other personal funds, the facility shall keep such funds in a noninterest-bearing account or petty cash fund maintained for residents.
(4) The facility shall give the resident at least a quarterly reporting of all financial transactions involving personal funds held for the resident by the facility. Also, the facility shall send the representative payee, the guardian, or other designated agents of the resident a copy of the quarterly accounting report.
(5) The nursing facility shall further maintain a written record of all personal property deposited with the facility for safekeeping by or for the resident. The facility shall issue or obtain written receipts upon taking possession or disposing of such property and retain copies and/or originals of such receipts. The facility shall maintain records adequate for audit.
(6) The facility shall purchase a surety bond, or otherwise provide assurances or security satisfactory to the department, to assure the security of all personal funds of residents deposited with the facility.
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