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PDFWAC 388-96-369

The nursing facility shall maintain a subsidiary ledger with an account for each resident for whom the facility holds money.

(1) The facility shall assure a full and complete separate accounting of each resident's personal funds. Each account record and related supporting information and documentation shall:
(a) Be maintained at the facility;
(b) Be kept current;
(c) Be balanced each month; and
(d) Show in writing and in detail, with supporting verification, all moneys received on behalf of the individual resident and the disposition of all moneys so received.
(2) Each account shall be reasonably accessible to the resident or the resident's guardian or legal representative and shall be available for audit and inspection by a department representative. Each account shall be maintained for a minimum of four years. A medicaid provider shall notify each Title XIX medicaid recipient or guardian and the home and community services office of the department that serves the area when the amount in the account of any Title XIX medicaid recipient reaches two hundred dollars less than the applicable dollar resource limit for supplemental security income (SSI) eligibility set forth in Title XVI of the Social Security Act.
(3) When notice is given under subsection (2) of this section, the facility shall notify the recipient or guardian that if the amount in the account, in addition to the value of the recipient's other nonexempt resources, reaches the dollar resource limit determined under Title XVI, the recipient may lose eligibility for SSI medical assistance or benefits under Title XVI.
(4) After the recipient's admission to the facility, accumulation toward the Title XVI limit is permitted only from the clothing and personal incidentals allowance and other income that the department specifically designates as exempt income.
(5) No resident funds may be overdrawn (show a debit balance). If a resident wants to spend an amount greater than the facility is holding for the resident, the home may provide money from its own funds and collect the debt by installments from that portion of the resident's allowance remaining at the end of each month. No interest may be charged to residents for such loans.
(6) The facility may not impose a charge against the personal funds of a medicare or medicaid recipient for any item or service for which payment is made under the Title XVIII medicare program or the Title XIX medicaid program. In order to ensure that medicaid recipients are not charged for services provided under the Title XIX program, any charge for medical services otherwise properly made to a recipient's personal funds shall be supported by a written denial from the department.
(a) Mobility aids including walkers, wheelchairs, or crutches requested for the exclusive use by a medicaid recipient shall have a written denial from the department of social and health services before a recipient's personal funds may be charged.
(b) Requests for medically necessary services and supplies not funded under the provisions of chapter 388-96 WAC or chapter 388-86 WAC (reimbursement rate or coupon system) shall have a written denial from the department before a medicaid recipient's personal funds may be charged.
(c) A written denial from the department is not required when the pharmacist verifies that a drug is not covered by the program, e.g., items on the FDA list of ineffective or possible effective drugs, nonformulary over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The pharmacist's notation to this effect is sufficient.
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