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PDFWAC 388-880-056

How SCC considers a resident for release to an LRA.

When the department, based on a forensic evaluation or progress in sex offender treatment, considers a SCC resident for a less restrictive alternative placement under RCW 71.09.090(1), or considers a resident currently residing in a secure community transition facility (SCTF) on a conditional release for further transition into a nonSCTF less restrictive alternative, the clinical director shall schedule the senior clinical team to review the matter and formulate a clinical recommendation to the superintendent.
The meeting will provide an adequate staffing of the case, to include the resident's:
(1) Participation and progress in sex offender treatment.
(2) Behavior.
(3) Latest annual forensic evaluation.
(4) Relapse prevention plan.
(5) Any other relevant information such as: medication compliance, manifestation and management of dynamic risk factors, evidence or absence of paraphilia and personality disorder, responsivity, psychological testing, polygraph results, PPG assessments results, etc.
(6) When the resident is being considered for a LRA placement in a nonstate sponsored setting such as a private home or apartment option, the team shall also consider the resident's finances such as savings, benefits, eligibility for social services, housing options, employment or employability, absence or availability of community supports, family supports, etc.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 71.09 RCW and RCW 72.01.090. WSR 10-13-130, ยง 388-880-056, filed 6/22/10, effective 7/23/10.]
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