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PDFWAC 388-880-050

Rights of a person court-detained or civilly committed to the special commitment center.

(1) During a person's period of detention or commitment, the department shall:
(a) Apprise the person of the person's right to an attorney and to retain one professionally qualified person to perform an evaluation on the person's behalf;
(b) Provide access to the person and the person's records in accordance with RCW 71.09.080 and WAC 388-880-044.
(2) A person the court detains for evaluation or commits to the SCC shall:
(a) Receive adequate care and individualized treatment;
(b) Be permitted to wear the person's own clothing except as may be required to wear state issued clothing during an escorted leave from the secure facility, or when the wearing of state issued clothing is required within the facility for health or safety of self or others, or when the wearing of a particular type of clothing or a particular colored clothing or accoutrement is prohibited for the general safety and security within the facility where the person is housed; and to keep and use the person's own possessions, except when deprivation of possessions is necessary for the person's protection, health or safety, the protection, health or safety of others, or to limit the quantity of the person's personal possessions to within facility limitation, or for the protection of property within the SCC or SCTF;
(c) Be permitted to accumulate and spend a reasonable amount of money in the person's SCC resident trust account;
(d) Have access to reasonable personal storage space within SCC limitations, which shall be outlined in an internal policy that is accessible to the person;
(e) Be permitted to have approved visitors within reasonable limitations;
(f) Have reasonable access to a telephone to make and receive confidential calls within SCC limitations; and
(g) Have reasonable access to letter writing material and to:
(i) Receive and send correspondence through the mail within SCC limitations and according to established safeguards against the receipt of contraband material; and
(ii) Send written communication regarding the fact of the person's detention or commitment.
(3) A person the court commits to the SCC shall have the following procedural rights to:
(a) Have reasonable access to an attorney and be informed of the name and address of the person's designated attorney;
(b) Petition the court for release from the SCC; and
(c) Receive annual written notice of the person's right to petition the committing court for release. The department's written notice and waiver shall:
(i) Include the option to voluntarily waive the right to petition the committing court for release; and
(ii) Annually be forwarded to the committing court by the department.
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