Chapter 388-880 WAC

Last Update: 1/15/13


(Formerly chapter 275-155 WAC)

WAC Sections

388-880-005Special commitment of sexually violent predators—Legal basis.
388-880-020Authorization for indefinite commitment to the sexual predator program.
388-880-030Sexual predator program supplemental and post commitment evaluations.
388-880-031Sexual predator program annual evaluation.
388-880-034Evaluator—Supplemental and post commitment evaluation responsibilities.
388-880-035Refusal to participate in a supplemental or post commitment pretrial evaluation.
388-880-036Supplemental evaluation—Reporting.
388-880-040Individualized treatment.
388-880-042Resident records—Purposes.
388-880-043Resident records—Location and custody.
388-880-044Resident records—Access.
388-880-045Resident records—Retention.
388-880-050Rights of a person court-detained or civilly committed to the special commitment center.
388-880-055How SCC processes recommendations related to releases, discharges and revocations.
388-880-056How SCC considers a resident for release to an LRA.
388-880-057How SCC considers a resident's revocation of LRA status.
388-880-058How SCC considers a recommendation for a resident's unconditional discharge.
388-880-059Communicating and coordinating resident discharge and conditional release related matters.
388-880-060Sexual predator program reimbursement.
388-880-070Resident escorted leave—Purpose.
388-880-080Reasons why escorted leave is allowed.
388-880-090Conditions of a resident's escorted leave.
388-880-100Application requests and approval for resident escorted leave.
388-880-110Procedures for resident escorted leave from the total confinement facility.
388-880-120Expenses associated with escorted leave.
388-880-130Escorted leave expenses—Paid by resident.
388-880-140Escorted leave expenses—Paid by department.
388-880-150Requests for public disclosure.
388-880-151Requests for resident medical information.
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