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Chapter 388-825 WAC

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(Formerly chapter 275-27 WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF388-825-020 Definitions.
HTMLPDF388-825-056What benefits do DDD paid services provide to me?
HTMLPDF388-825-057Am I eligible to receive paid services from DDA?
HTMLPDF388-825-0571What services am I eligible to receive from DDA if I am under the age of eighteen, have been determined to meet DDA eligibility requirements, and I am in a dependency guardianship or foster care with children's administration?
HTMLPDF388-825-058What services does DDA authorize?
HTMLPDF388-825-0581What programs does DDA authorize services under?
HTMLPDF388-825-059How will I know which paid services I will receive?
HTMLPDF388-825-067What are medicaid state plan services?
HTMLPDF388-825-068What medicaid state plan services can DDA authorize?
HTMLPDF388-825-072Where do I find information on DDA's home and community-based services (HCBS), eligibility rules, and definitions?
HTMLPDF388-825-074Am I eligible for state-only funded services?
HTMLPDF388-825-082What state-only funded services may DDA authorize?
HTMLPDF388-825-083Is there a comprehensive list of waiver and state-only DDA services?
HTMLPDF388-825-084What are the limits of state-only funded services or programs?
HTMLPDF388-825-0871What out-of-home residential services does DDA provide?
HTMLPDF388-825-089What is a residential habilitation center (RHC)?
HTMLPDF388-825-091Am I eligible for residential habilitation center (RHC) services?
HTMLPDF388-825-093Can I receive a short term stay at a residential habilitation center (RHC)?
HTMLPDF388-825-094What is the process to receive services in an RHC?
HTMLPDF388-825-096Will I have to pay for the services DDD authorizes for me?
HTMLPDF388-825-097Are any of my expenses deducted from the income available to pay for my care in a licensed facility?
HTMLPDF388-825-098Does DDA provide guardianship services?
HTMLPDF388-825-100How will I be notified of decisions made by DDA?
HTMLPDF388-825-101Why does DDA send my notices and correspondence to someone else?
HTMLPDF388-825-102What if I do not want my DDA notices and correspondence sent to anyone else?
HTMLPDF388-825-103When will I receive written notice of decisions made by DDA?
HTMLPDF388-825-104What information will the notice include?
HTMLPDF388-825-105Am I given any advance notice of termination, reduction, or eligibility for services?
HTMLPDF388-825-120When may I appeal a decision made by the developmental disabilities administration?
HTMLPDF388-825-125How do I request an administrative hearing?
HTMLPDF388-825-130How long do I have to file a request for an administrative hearing?
HTMLPDF388-825-135What if I need help to request an administrative hearing?
HTMLPDF388-825-140Who else can help me appeal a department decision?
HTMLPDF388-825-145Will my benefits continue if I request an administrative hearing?
HTMLPDF388-825-150When may the department proceed to take action during my appeal?
HTMLPDF388-825-155What are my appeal rights if I am appealing a decision to transfer me from a state residential habilitation center to the community?
HTMLPDF388-825-165Where can I find additional information about the appeal process?
HTMLPDF388-825-168How do I complain to DDA about my services or treatment?
HTMLPDF388-825-201What are enhanced respite services?
HTMLPDF388-825-206Who is eligible to receive enhanced respite services?
HTMLPDF388-825-211How long am I eligible to receive enhanced respite services?
HTMLPDF388-825-300What is the purpose of WAC 388-825-300 through 388-825-400?
HTMLPDF388-825-305Who is governed by WAC 388-825-305 through 388-825-400?
HTMLPDF388-825-310What are the provider qualifications, responsibilities, and training requirements for a home care agency provider?
HTMLPDF388-825-315What is your responsibility when you hire an individual provider?
HTMLPDF388-825-320How does a person become an individual provider?
HTMLPDF388-825-330What is required for agencies to provide community first choice services, medicaid personal care, or respite services?
HTMLPDF388-825-335Is a background check required of a long-term care worker employed by a home care agency licensed by the department of health?
HTMLPDF388-825-340Can a provider deliver respite services in the provider's home?
HTMLPDF388-825-345What "related" providers are exempt from licensing?
HTMLPDF388-825-355What are the training requirements for individuals providing respite care, attendant care, community first choice, or personal care services?
HTMLPDF388-825-360How does an individual terminate employment as a provider?
HTMLPDF388-825-365Are providers expected to report abuse, neglect, exploitation or financial exploitation?
HTMLPDF388-825-370What are the responsibilities of an individual or home care agency when employed to provide respite care, attendant care, or personal care services to a client?
HTMLPDF388-825-375When will the department deny payment for services?
HTMLPDF388-825-380When may the department reject the client's choice of an individual respite care, attendant care or personal care provider?
HTMLPDF388-825-385When may the department terminate an individual respite care, attendant care, or personal care provider's contract?
HTMLPDF388-825-390When can the department otherwise terminate an individual's contract to provide respite care, attendant care, or personal care?
HTMLPDF388-825-396When does a home care agency have a right to an administrative hearing?
HTMLPDF388-825-400Self-directed care—Who must direct self-directed care?
HTMLPDF388-825-600What definitions apply to WAC 388-825-600 through 388-825-690 of this chapter?
HTMLPDF388-825-605What background check requirements apply to providers?
HTMLPDF388-825-610Who must have a background check and a background check renewal?
HTMLPDF388-825-615What type of background check is required?
HTMLPDF388-825-620How often must a background check be renewed?
HTMLPDF388-825-621May a DDA-contracted agency applicant or employee have access to clients before the completion of the Washington state name and date of birth background checks?
HTMLPDF388-825-625What happens if an individual receives a disqualifying background check result?
HTMLPDF388-825-630What does the background check cover?
HTMLPDF388-825-635Who pays for the background check?
HTMLPDF388-825-640What criminal convictions, pending crimes or negative actions will prohibit me from being contracted or authorized to work in a capacity that may involve unsupervised access to individuals with a developmental disability?
HTMLPDF388-825-645May an individual work in an unsupervised capacity with individuals with developmental disabilities when his or her background check reveals a conviction, pending charge or negative action that is not considered disqualifying per chapter 388-113 WAC or WAC 388-825-640?
HTMLPDF388-825-650What does a character, competence, and suitability review include?
HTMLPDF388-825-655How will someone know if they have been disqualified by the background check?
HTMLPDF388-825-660May a provider appeal DDA's decision to deny a contract or payment based on the results of the background check?
HTMLPDF388-825-665Is the background check information released to my employer or prospective employer?
HTMLPDF388-825-670May a person receive a copy of their criminal background check results?
HTMLPDF388-825-675What is the purpose of the one hundred twenty-day provisional hire?
HTMLPDF388-825-680Who is responsible for approving the one hundred twenty-day provisional hire?
HTMLPDF388-825-685When are individuals eligible for the one hundred twenty-day provisional hire?
HTMLPDF388-825-690When does the one hundred twenty-day provisional hire begin?
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