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PDFWAC 388-310-1050

WorkFirst—Skills enhancement training.

(1) What is skills enhancement training?
Skills enhancement training, formerly known as job skills training, is training or education for job skills required by an employer to provide a person with the ability to obtain employment or to advance or adapt to the changing demands of the workplace. Skills enhancement training may include:
(a) Customized training programs to meet the needs of a specific employer;
(b) General education and training that prepares a person for employment to include vocational education and courses explicitly required for program entry;
(c) Basic education and English as a second language training when such instruction is focused on skills needed for employment, combined in a unified whole with job training or needed to enable the person to perform a specific job or engage in a specific job training program;
(d) Four-year bachelor degree programs at any state-certified college or university; and
(e) Approved homework and study activities.
(2) Who may provide skills enhancement training?
The following types of organizations that meet the WorkFirst program's standards for service providers may offer training:
(a) Community based organizations;
(b) Businesses;
(c) Tribal governments; or
(d) Public and private community and technical colleges.
(3) When can skills enhancement training be included in my individual responsibility plan?
We may add skills enhancement training in your individual responsibility plan if you are participating the equivalent of twenty or more hours a week in job search, vocational education, issue resolution, paid work or unpaid work that meets the federal definition of core activities.
(4) Can I get help with paying the costs of skills enhancement training?
WorkFirst may pay your costs, such as tuition or books, if skills enhancement training is in your individual responsibility plan and there is no other way to pay them. You may also get help with paying your child care costs through the working connections child care program under chapter 110-15 WAC.
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