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PDFWAC 36-12-070


(1) Hand-wraps shall be applied in the dressing room. The hand-wraps for each hand shall be applied in the following manner:
(a) Hand-wraps shall be restricted to no more than twenty yards of soft gauze, not more than two inches wide. The gauze shall be held in place by no more than eight feet of adhesive tape no more than one and one-half inches wide.
(b) The adhesive tape shall not cover any part of the knuckles when the hand is clenched to make a fist.
(c) Liquids or other materials shall not be used on the tape or gauze.
(2) The referee, inspector, or department representative shall inspect and sign the hand-wraps.
(3) Under no circumstances are gloves to be placed on the hands of a boxer until the approval of the referee, inspector, or department representative is received.
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