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PDFWAC 36-12-050


(1) Promoters shall supply gloves that meet the following standards:
(a) Gloves for all main events and title fights shall be new and fit the hands of the contestants.
(b) Gloves shall be whole, clean, sanitary, in good condition, and subject to inspection by the inspector. Gloves found to be unfit or ill-fitting, shall be replaced. Gloves shall not be twisted, manipulated, or altered in any manner.
(c) One set each of eight-ounce and ten-ounce gloves shall be provided to the inspector prior to the start of the first contest for use in case gloves are damaged during a contest.
(2) Gloves must have the distal portion of the thumb attached to the body of the glove so as to minimize the possibility of injury to an opponent's eye.
(3) A glove or set of gloves shall only be used once during each boxing event.
(4) In each contest, both boxers must wear gloves of the same manufacture unless it is stated in their contract both opponents agree to wear gloves of different manufacture.
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