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PDFWAC 36-12-040

Ring and equipment.

(1) The promoter shall supply a ring that meets the following standards:
(a) The ring shall be not less than a sixteen-foot square or more than a twenty-four foot square measured within the ropes.
(b) The ring floor shall extend at least twenty-four inches beyond the ring ropes and shall be covered with one inch of padding. Padding must extend beyond the ring ropes and over the edge of the platform, with a top covering of canvas, duck, or similar material, tightly stretched and laced securely to the ring platform. Material that tends to gather in lumps and ridges may not be used. The top covering must be clean, smooth, free of cracks and splits, and not slippery.
(c) The ring platform shall not be more than four feet above the floor of the building, and shall have safe steps.
(d) Ring posts shall be of metal, not more than four inches in diameter, extending to a height of fifty-eight inches above the ring floor and placed at least twenty-four inches behind the rope corners.
(e) There shall be four ring ropes not less than one inch in diameter, wrapped in soft material. The ropes shall be manila rope of standard manufacture. No wire or cable shall be used. The lower rope shall be eighteen inches above the ring floor, the second rope thirty inches above the floor, the third rope forty-two inches above the floor, and the fourth rope fifty-four inches above the floor. The lower rope shall have at least one-half inch of padding. Two vertical stays or rope spacers shall be evenly spaced between the rope corners on all four sides of the ring.
(2) The promoter shall provide equipment for use by the seconds and boxers at ringside. Equipment shall consist of, but not be limited to, a corner stool, spit bucket, ice, towels, and any other items necessary for the health and safety of the boxers.
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