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PDFWAC 36-12-100


(1) The department shall appoint at least two referees, a timekeeper, two event physicians, three judges, and an inspector for each event. Additional event officials may be appointed by the department.
(2) In order to ensure the health and safety of the contestants and officials, licensed event officials not appointed to work at a boxing event shall be admitted to a boxing event without charge by the promoter. These officials shall report to the department immediately upon arriving at the event for appointment as back-up to appointed event officials or for other duties.
(3) Event officials shall dress in appropriate attire.
(a) Judges and inspectors should dress in casual business attire (sport coat and dress slacks) to assure a professional appearance. At a minimum, the recommended attire will be dress sport shirt and slacks.
(b) The uniform for referees should consist of:
(i) Black or dark blue trousers;
(ii) Black shoes (boxing shoes or approved soft-soled shoes);
(iii) Light blue button shirt (long or short sleeved); and
(iv) Black bow tie.
(c) Timekeepers should dress in a black and white striped shirt and dress slacks.
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