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PDFWAC 326-50-050

Utilization of credits in business partnership account.

(1) The credits in a non-MWBE firm's business partnership account may be applied to goods and services, architecture, engineering and other consultant services contracts or requests for proposals. The credits cannot apply to MWBE requirements set on construction or public works contracts.
(2) Only the value of those transactions requested and approved may be applied against MWBE requirements set by state agencies or educational institutions in meeting contract specifications.
(3) When the non-MWBE firm bids on a state contract, it may utilize the credit it has established with OMWBE by applying the credit against the MWBE participation requirements set on contracts or requests for proposals for purchase of goods and services, architecture, engineering and other consultant services.
(4) The state agency or educational institution shall give the non-MWBE firm equal consideration as other vendors utilizing certified MWBE vendors in evaluating the bids or requests for proposal. The state agency or educational institution may count the credit toward its annual overall goals.
(5) The credit obtained by an agreement of intent shall only be used once. Additional credits may be obtained by filing additional agreements of intent with OMWBE.
(6) If credits on file with OMWBE are invoked by the non-MWBE firm on more than one outstanding bid or proposal, the credits shall be utilized on the first contract awarded.
(7) The state agency letting a contract shall contact the OMWBE to verify the existence of credits on file at the time an apparent low bidder using business partnership credits to meet the MWBE requirements of the contract is identified. The state agency letting the contract shall notify the OMWBE of the award of the contract, and the number of credits utilized by the non-MWBE firm to meet the MWBE requirements of the contract.
(8) If credits are used on one contract (first awarded), the non-MWBE firm, if the apparent low bidder, may be allowed a period of up to twenty-four working hours to secure new or additional MBE or WBE subcontractors. If written proof of subcontractors with new or additional MBE or WBE firms is not provided to the agency within that time, agency may award contract pursuant to WAC 326-40-020.
(9) The business partnership credits will remain in the account established for the non-MWBE firm for one year after the credits are accrued, or for one year from the time the contract in the agreement of intent is completed, as stipulated in the agreement of intent. All unused credit will be voided six months after the effective date, in the event the business partnership program is discontinued.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 39.19.030(7). WSR 89-24-050, § 326-50-050, filed 12/1/89, effective 1/1/90. Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.19 RCW. WSR 85-24-010 (Order 85-10), § 326-50-050, filed 11/25/85, effective 3/1/86.]
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