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PDFWAC 326-50-040

Implementation of business partnership program.

(1) Agreement of intent—Contents of agreement. In order to claim business partnership credit for contracts or other assistance provided to MWBEs, an agreement of intent must be filed with OMWBE by the non-MWBE firm within seven days of the commencement of the supplier-service contract. The agreement of intent to be filed with OMWBE must include such information as required by OMWBE.
(2) Evaluation committee.
(a) An evaluation committee will review each agreement of intent and make a recommendation to the director. Evaluation committees appointed by OMWBE will consist of a representative from the private sector, a representative from the MWBE community, and a state agency representative. During the prototype phase of the program, the purchased goods and services workgroup, appointed by the OMWBE advisory committee, will serve as the evaluation committee.
(b) The office, through the evaluation committee, will monitor the progress of the agreement of intent against the details outlined in the agreement of intent as filed with OMWBE, or as approved under subsection (3) below.
(3) The director may approve the agreement, with or without modifications, or disapprove the agreement. Upon approval of the agreement, OMWBE will establish an account for non-MWBE firms under the number assigned to the agreement of intent. Upon proof of completion of the agreement, or portions thereof if applicable, credits for the negotiated dollar value of the contract will be placed in the non-MWBE firm's account.
(4) The credit received by the non-MWBE firms will be calculated from the firm's documented expenditures. Prior to initiating a goods or service contract or other approved assistance, the non-MWBE firm must file an agreement of intent with OMWBE. Upon approval of the plan, the firm will thereafter document the actions that have been taken on behalf of MWBEs. The actual dollar value to be credited may be established either before or after the program is concluded, but the agreement of intent must set the standards for evaluation and receive approval by OMWBE. The amount of credit that will be given for any contracted good or service or other approved assistance will be established between OMWBE and the non-MWBE firm.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.19 RCW. WSR 85-24-010 (Order 85-10), § 326-50-040, filed 11/25/85, effective 3/1/86.]
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