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PDFWAC 326-50-060

Default by either party to the agreement of intent.

The parties to the agreement of intent (the non-MWBE firm and MWBE firm) reserve their rights to pursue legal remedies based upon the underlying contract between them. In the event of default by either party, appropriate action can be taken by either to assure compliance or to recover damages. Approval of the agreement of intent by OMWBE does not constitute a ruling that the contract is in compliance with state laws, nor that either party is capable of performing its portion of the agreement. Approval of the agreement by OMWBE merely signifies that OMWBE believes the fulfillment of this agreement will further the goals of the program established by the state under chapter 39.19 RCW. If the MWBE is unable or unwilling to perform the agreement of intent, the non-MWBE firm may utilize its right to substitute under WAC 326-30-080. OMWBE also reserves the authority to apply the full range of sanctions available under the law against the parties to the agreement of intent, as appropriate, if perjured agreements of intent are filed, or spurious claims for credits are made.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 39.19 RCW. WSR 85-24-010 (Order 85-10), ยง 326-50-060, filed 11/25/85, effective 3/1/86.]
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