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PDFWAC 308-63-070

Wreckers—General procedures and requirements.

Vehicle wreckers must comply with all rules set forth in this chapter and the requirements of chapter 46.80 RCW relative to the handling of vehicle parts or vehicles to be dismantled.
(1) Enclosure. The activities of a vehicle wrecker must be conducted entirely within the established place of business. A physical barrier must designate the boundary of the wrecking yard. Where necessary to obscure public view of the premises, it must be enclosed by a sight-obscuring wall or fence at least eight feet high.
(a) Where required, such sight-obscuring wall or fence must be painted or stained in a neutral shade to blend with the surrounding premises. If the fence is made of chain link, it must have sufficient slats or other construction to obscure public view of the premises.
(b) A living hedge of equal height and sufficient density to prevent view of the premises may be substituted for the wall or fence.
(c) All enclosures and barriers must be kept in good repair.
(d) Reasonable consideration will be given to the topography of the land by enforcement personnel when inspecting premises for such fence, enclosure or barrier.
(e) Exceptions to this section must be granted in writing by the department.
(2) Additional places of business. Each licensed vehicle wrecker may maintain one or more additional places of business within the same county, under the same license. The vehicle wrecker may maintain as many storage yards or sales outlets as needed so long as each is registered with the department. Each wrecking or storage yard must comply with local zoning regulations, chapter 46.80 RCW, and the requirements of this chapter. Duplicate vehicle wrecker's licenses will be issued to be posted at each additional place of business.
(3) Change of address. The department must be notified within ten days of any change of address of any business location or of the addition of any such location.
(4) Display of license certificate. The license certificate issued by the department to a licensed wrecker must be displayed conspicuously at each business address and must be available for periodic inspection by law enforcement officers and authorized representatives of the department.
(5) Identification of licensee's vehicles. All vehicles equipped for lifting or transporting vehicles or vehicle parts which are operated on the highways of this state must display the licensee's name, the city in which the licensee's established place of business is located, and the current business telephone number of the licensee. Such information must be painted on or permanently affixed to both sides of the vehicle. Each letter and numeral shall be made with at least a half-inch in solid width and must be at least three inches high. See example.
(6) License plates from vehicles entered into the wrecking yard must be removed within twenty-four hours. Plates on vehicles in the segregated area may be left on until the vehicle is entered into the wrecking yard. The wrecker must destroy such plates prior to submitting the monthly report for the month the vehicle was entered into the wrecking yard.
(7) Major component parts. A catalytic converter is a major component part. Under RCW 46.80.010(5) the term "engines, short blocks, transmissions and drive axles" will not include cores or parts which are limited to value as scrap metal or for remanufacturing only. The term "seat" will mean bucket seat. The term "drive axle" means a differential assembly.
(8) Vehicles in custody and awaiting approved ownership documents, as provided under WAC 308-63-080, must be placed in a segregated storage area within the wrecking yard which must be designated by a physical barrier. Vehicles may remain in this area after ownership documents have arrived and the vehicle has been properly entered into the wrecking yard inventory. There will be no dismantling or parts removal in this area. The physical barrier may be portable, made of substantial posts and connected by a chain, cable, or of other equally strong construction.
This area can be used for storage of dealer cars or equipment if the vehicle wrecker is both a vehicle wrecker and a dealer however, there will be no storage of vehicle parts.
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