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PDFWAC 308-63-060

Vehicle wreckerSpecial plates.

How do I use the special vehicle wrecker license plates? All vehicles used for towing or transporting vehicles or vehicle parts by a vehicle wrecker on the highways of this state in the conduct of the business must bear regular license plates and, in addition, special wrecker's plates.
The wrecker may purchase sets of plates equal in number to the number of vehicles reported on the application as owned, rented, leased and operated by the applicant for towing or transporting of vehicles or vehicle parts in the conduct of the business. Should the wrecker purchase, lease, or rent additional vehicles for towing or transporting of vehicles or vehicle parts, the applicant must so inform the department and may obtain additional plates for such vehicles.
Each vehicle used for towing or transporting of vehicles or vehicle parts must display both wrecker plates of the same number. However, when any vehicle being towed does not have valid license plates, the set of wrecker plates may be split, with one being displayed on the front of the towing vehicle and the other on the rear of the vehicle being towed.
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