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PDFWAC 308-63-080

Vehicle wrecker—Procedures for acquiring vehicles and vehicle parts.

What ownership documents may I use to acquire vehicles or vehicle parts? The vehicle wrecker may acquire vehicles and vehicle parts if the seller can furnish ownership documents as follows:
(1) Certificate of title, including salvage certificates, properly endorsed in the case of vehicles from states issuing a title.
(2) Bills of sale pursuant to WAC 308-63-020(1) for vehicles from nontitle jurisdictions, for vehicles that have had their title surrendered to a state after having been declared a total loss, and for vehicles of the type to which titles are not issued.
(3) Affidavit of lost or stolen title if executed by the registered and legal owner of record.
(4) Insurance company bills of sale pursuant to WAC 308-56A-460(2).
(5) Affidavit of sale of an abandoned vehicle pursuant to WAC 308-61-026(1).
(6) Affidavit of junk vehicle pursuant to RCW 46.55.230.
(7) A court order.
(8) A bill of sale for parts pursuant to WAC 308-63-020(2).
(9) A bill of sale from another licensed vehicle wrecker.
(10) Bill of sale from a salvage pool auction.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.80.140. WSR 09-08-065, § 308-63-080, filed 3/27/09, effective 4/27/09; WSR 05-14-093, § 308-63-080, filed 6/30/05, effective 7/31/05; WSR 00-13-019, § 308-63-080, filed 6/12/00, effective 7/13/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.55.190, 46.79.080 and 46.80.140. WSR 93-08-076, § 308-63-080, filed 4/6/93, effective 5/7/93.]
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