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PDFWAC 296-62-07728

Competent person.

(1) General. For all construction and shipyard work covered by this standard, the employer must designate a competent person, having the qualifications and authorities for ensuring worker safety and health as required by chapter 296-155 WAC.
(2) Required inspections by the competent person. WAC 296-155-110(9) which requires health and safety prevention programs to provide for frequent and regular inspections on the job sites, materials, and equipment to be made by the competent person, is incorporated.
(3) Additional inspections. In addition, the competent person must make frequent and regular inspections of the job sites in order to perform the duties set out below in this section. For Class I jobs, on-site inspections must be made at least once during each work shift, and at any time at employee request. For Class II and III jobs, on-site inspections must be made at intervals sufficient to assess whether conditions have changed, and at any reasonable time at employee request.
(4) On all worksites where employees are engaged in Class I or II asbestos work, the competent person designated in accordance with WAC 296-62-07712 must perform or supervise the following duties, as applicable:
(a) Set up the regulated area, enclosure, or other containment;
(b) Ensure (by on-site inspection) the integrity of the enclosure or containment;
(c) Set up procedures to control entry and exit from the enclosure and/or area;
(d) Supervise all employee exposure monitoring required by this section and ensure that it is conducted as required by WAC 296-62-07709;
(e) Ensure that employees working within the enclosure and/or using glovebags wear protective clothing and respirators as required by WAC 296-62-07715 and 296-62-07717;
(f) Ensure through on-site supervision, that employees set up and remove engineering controls, use work practices and personal protective equipment in compliance with all requirements;
(g) Ensure that employees use the hygiene facilities and observe the decontamination procedures specified in WAC 296-62-07719;
(h) Ensure that through on-site inspection engineering controls are functioning properly and employees are using proper work practices; and
(i) Ensure that notification requirements in WAC 296-62-07721 are met.
(5) Training for competent person.
(a) For Class I and II asbestos work the competent person must be trained in all aspects of asbestos removal and handling, including:
(i) Abatement;
(ii) Installation;
(iii) Removal and handling;
(iv) The contents of this standard;
(v) The identification of asbestos;
(vi) Removal procedures where appropriate; and
(vii) Other practices for reducing the hazard.
Such training must be the certified asbestos supervisor training specified in WAC 296-65-003, 296-65-012, and 296-65-030.
(b) For Class III and IV asbestos work:
(i) The competent person must be certified as an asbestos supervisor as prescribed in WAC 296-65-012 and 296-65-030 for Class III and IV work involving an asbestos project of 3 square feet or 3 linear feet or more of asbestos containing material.
(ii) For Class III and IV asbestos work involving less than 3 square feet or 3 linear feet of asbestos containing material, the competent person must be trained in:
(A) Aspects of asbestos handling appropriate for the nature of the work, to include procedures for setting up glove bags and mini-enclosures;
(B) Practices for reducing asbestos exposures;
(C) Use of wet methods;
(D) The contents of this standard; and
(E) The identification of asbestos.
Such training must include successful completion of a course equivalent in curriculum and training method to the 16-hour Operations and Maintenance course developed by EPA for maintenance and custodial workers (see 40 C.F.R. 763.92 (a)(2)) or its equivalent in stringency, content and length.
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