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PDFWAC 296-400A-140

How does the department enforce plumbers certification requirements?

The department enforces plumber certification requirements by means of job-site inspections conducted by an authorized representative of the department. The representative must determine whether:
(1) Each person doing plumbing has their department issued certification card and governmental issued photo identification in their possession on the job site; and
(2) The ratio of certified specialty and/or journey level plumbers to certified trainees is correct; and
(3) Each certified trainee is directly supervised by either a certified specialty plumber or a certified journey level; and
(4) Persons who are installing medical gas piping systems have active medical gas piping installer endorsements in addition to their active plumber certification; and
(5) Persons who are certified as backflow assembly maintenance and repair specialties have an active backflow assembly tester certification from the department of health.
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