Chapter 18.106 RCW


Certificate or permit requiredPhoto identificationWritten warning, penaltyTrainee supervision requiredMedical gas piping installer endorsementPenaltyNotice of infraction.
Application for certificate of competencyMedical gas piping installer endorsementEvidence required.
ExaminationsEligibility requirementsDetermination.
Certificates of competency, installer endorsementIssuanceRenewalRights of holderTraining certificatesSupervisionTraining, certified plumber.
Medical gas piping installer endorsement.
Persons engaged in plumbing business or trade on effective date.
Temporary permits.
Revocation of certificate of competencyGroundsProcedure.
Advisory board of plumbers.
Plumbing certificate fund.
Powers and duties of director.
ViolationsInspectionsProduction of credentials.
Notice of infractionIssuance, service.
NoticeHearingContestNotice of appeal.
NoticeDetermination infraction committed.
NoticePenalty paymentFiling answer of protestFailure to respond or appear.
NoticeFailure to respondMisdemeanor.
Representation by attorneyDepartment represented by attorney general.
InfractionCasesAdministrative Procedure ActBurden of proofOrderAppeal.
InfractionMonetary penaltiesRules.
Pilot projectEnforcement of chapterReimbursement fee.
Certificate or permit suspensionNonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
Certificate suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
Backflow assembly testersSpecialty plumber's certificate of competency.
Contractor's dutiesRecords auditDepartment's rule-making authorityPenalty.
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