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PDFWAC 296-400A-110

How does work experience count toward my trainee certificate?

If your work experience was in plumbing construction in Washington state, you will be given credit for all verifiable hours that are properly submitted on the department's approved form. Plumber trainee hours accumulated in the state of Washington will be credited only if an active Washington state trainee card was in place when the work occurred. (Refer to the definition of "plumbing" in WAC 296-400A-005.)
[Statutory Authority: 2020 c 153. WSR 21-13-041, § 296-400A-110, filed 6/10/21, effective 7/1/21. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.106 RCW. WSR 98-13-126, § 296-400A-110, filed 6/17/98, effective 7/20/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.106.050, [18.106.]070, [18.106.]110, [18.106.]125, [18.106.]140 and [18.106.]270. WSR 97-11-052, § 296-400A-110, filed 5/20/97, effective 6/30/97.]
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