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PDFWAC 296-400A-070

Can I work as a certified plumber in Washington without taking the Washington state plumbers' competency examination?

The director of labor and industries negotiates reciprocal agreements with states that have equivalent requirements for certification and licensing of journey level and specialty plumbers. The agreement allows plumbers from those states to work in Washington and Washington-certified plumbers to work in the other state without taking competency examinations. To find out if your state has an agreement with the department contact the plumber's certification clerk at the department's Tumwater, Washington headquarters.
(1) You may be eligible to work in Washington state without taking an examination if:
(a) You have a current plumbers certificate or license from another state; and
(b) That state has a current reciprocal agreement with the department of labor and industries; and
(c) You pay the reciprocity application fee and journey level or specialty certificate fee shown in WAC 296-400A-045.
(2) Reciprocity agreements cannot be used to take the Washington state competency examination instead of the examination in your home state.
(3) Reciprocity application is only allowed for applicants that are applying work experience toward certification that was obtained in state(s) with which the department has a reciprocity agreement.
(4) An applicant for a reciprocal certificate must be a resident of the state in which they hold the certificate at the time they make the application for reciprocity.
(5) A certificate by reciprocity must not be granted to an individual residing in the state to which they are making application at the time of application.
(6) Reciprocal certificate holders are responsible for the renewal of their certificate. A late renewal fee and/or reexamination can result when renewal is not accomplished in accordance with each state's respective statutes.
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