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PDFWAC 296-400A-035

How can I be placed on inactive status?

(1) To be placed on inactive status, you must meet these three requirements:
(a) You must currently be a certified plumber;
(b) Have your inactive status request submitted and approved by the department prior to the expiration date of your plumbing certificate; and
(c) Not be working in the plumbing trade.
Inactive status means that you are not currently working in the plumbing trade and you are not required to pay the certificate renewal fee or required continuing education.
(2) To be reinstated from inactive status, you must meet these requirements:
(a) If you have been in inactive status for less than five years, you may return to active status, without reexamination, by paying the reinstatement fee shown in WAC 296-400A-045 and meet continuing education requirements for your certification.
(i) Journey level and residential specialty plumbers are required to meet a minimum of twenty-four hours continuing education with a minimum of twelve hours of plumbing code and a minimum of eight hours being in electrical training before being reinstated. The remaining four hours can be from any of the approved categories.
(ii) Domestic pump plumbers are required to complete twenty-four hours, with a minimum of twelve hours of plumbing classes before being reinstated.
(b) If you have been in inactive status for five or more years, you are required to reapply and pass the competency examination pursuant to WAC 296-400A-020 and pay the appropriate fees shown in WAC 296-400A-045.
(3) Inactive status does not apply to medical gas endorsements.
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