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PDFWAC 296-400A-024

How should a person performing plumbing wear or visibly display their certification, trainee card, or endorsement?

(1) The certificate must be immediately available for examination at all times.
(2) The individual must also have in their possession governmental issued photo identification.
(3) To work in the plumbing trade, an individual must possess, wear, and visibly display on the front of the upper body a current, valid plumber certificate of competency, medical gas endorsement, or plumber trainee card.
(a) The certificate may be worn inside the outer layer of clothing when outer protective clothing (e.g., rain gear when outside in the rain, arc flash, welding gear, etc.), is required.
(b) The certificate may be worn inside the protective clothing so that when the protective clothing is removed, the certificate is visible. A cold weather jacket or similar apparel is not protective clothing.
(c) The certificate may be worn inside the outer layer of clothing when working in an attic or crawl space or when operating equipment where wearing the certificate may pose an unsafe condition for the individual.
[Statutory Authority: 2020 c 153. WSR 21-13-041, § 296-400A-024, filed 6/10/21, effective 7/1/21. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.106 RCW and Uniform Plumbing Code. WSR 16-08-100, § 296-400A-024, filed 4/5/16, effective 5/16/16.]
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