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PDFWAC 296-400A-022

What procedure is required for renewal of a journey level medical gas endorsement?

(1) Maintain an active Washington state journey level certification.
(2) Submit affidavit of continuity verifying that brazing has been performed every six months during the renewal cycle.
(3) Submit affidavit of review of current medical gas code adopted by the Washington state building code council.
(4) Pay the appropriate fee: If renewal occurs before expiration of current endorsement, the renewal fee shown in WAC 296-400A-045; if renewal occurs within ninety days of expiration of current endorsement, you must pay a double renewal fee; if the current endorsement has been expired for ninety-one days or more, you must take an examination relating to medical gas installation administered by the department and pay the examination application fee shown in WAC 296-400A-045. Medical gas endorsement is renewed every three years.
(5) Plumbing contractors must accurately verify and attest to brazing performed by the journey level plumber by sending an affidavit of continuity to the department or in lieu of the biannual braze requirement from the plumbing contractor, a performed brazed coupon test documenting that the coupon was certified as passing from a department approved medical gas training course provider would be accepted.
(6) If affidavit of continuity and/or affidavit of review are not received within ninety days of expiration, the applicant will be required to retake the examination and pay the appropriate fees prior to being placed in active status.
[Statutory Authority: 2020 c 153. WSR 21-13-041, § 296-400A-022, filed 6/10/21, effective 7/1/21; WSR 20-16-141, § 296-400A-022, filed 8/4/20, effective 8/4/20. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.106 RCW and Uniform Plumbing Code. WSR 16-08-100, § 296-400A-022, filed 4/5/16, effective 5/16/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.106.040 and 18.106.140. WSR 10-06-051, § 296-400A-022, filed 2/24/10, effective 4/1/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 19.103.040, 18.106.140, and chapter 18.106 RCW. WSR 05-11-061, § 296-400A-022, filed 5/17/05, effective 6/30/05.]
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