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PDFWAC 296-31-030

What are the eligibility requirements of a mental health treatment provider under the Crime Victims Act?

(1) Mental health providers must qualify as an approved provider and register with the crime victims compensation program before they are authorized to provide treatment and receive payment in accordance with these rules.
(2) The following providers who are permanently licensed in Washington are eligible to register with this program:
(a) Psychiatrists;
(b) Psychologists;
(c) Advanced registered nurse practitioners with a specialty in psychiatric and mental health nursing;
(d) Ph.D.s not licensed as psychologists and master level counselors whose degree is in a field of study related to mental health services including, but not limited to, social work, marriage and family therapy or mental health counseling.
(3) Out-of-state providers must be currently licensed, or certified within the state in which they practice. Washington requires mental health counselors to have a masters degree to treat Washington crime victim clients.
In areas where the department has determined licensed, or certified providers are not available, the department may consider registration exceptions on an individual basis.
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