Chapter 296-31 WAC

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WAC Sections

296-31-010What mental health treatment and services are available?
296-31-012What mental health treatment and services are not authorized?
296-31-016What treatment or services require authorization from the crime victims compensation program?
296-31-030What are the eligibility requirements of a mental health treatment provider under the Crime Victims Act?
296-31-035How do I register to become an authorized provider with the crime victims compensation program?
296-31-045Can the department deny, revoke, suspend or impose conditions on a provider's authorization to treat crime victim claimants?
296-31-055What type of corrective action can be taken against providers?
296-31-056Can providers be charged interest on incorrect or inappropriate payments?
296-31-058What protest and appeal rights are available?
296-31-060What reports are required from mental health providers?
296-31-065Can my client be referred for a consultation?
296-31-067When is concurrent treatment allowed?
296-31-068When can a claimant transfer providers?
296-31-071What records must providers maintain?
296-31-072Are provider records subject to a health care services review or an audit?
296-31-073Can the department enlist utilization review or management programs?
296-31-074What if the claimant has an unrelated condition?
296-31-075What is excess recovery?
296-31-080How do providers bill for services?
296-31-085Can out-of-state providers bill the department?
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