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PDFWAC 246-840-770

Approval of substance use monitoring programs.

The board uses WHPS as the approved monitoring program.
(1) WHPS will:
(a) Employ staff with the qualifications and knowledge of both substance use and the practice of nursing as defined in this chapter to be able to evaluate:
(i) Clinical laboratories;
(ii) Laboratory results;
(iii) Providers of substance use treatment, both individuals and facilities;
(iv) Peer support groups;
(v) The nursing work environment; and
(vi) The ability of the nurse to practice with reasonable skill and safety.
(b) Enter into a monitoring contract with the nurse to oversee the nurse's required recovery activities. Exceptions may be made to individual components of the contract as needed.
(c) Determine, on an individual basis, whether a nurse will be prohibited from engaging in the practice of nursing for a period of time and restrictions, if any, on the nurse's access to controlled substances in the workplace.
(d) Maintain case records on participating nurses.
(e) Report to the board any nurse who fails to comply with the requirements of the monitoring program as defined by the board.
(f) Provide the board with an annual statistical report.
(2) The board approves WHPS's procedures on treatment, monitoring, and limitations on the practice of nursing for those participating in the program.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.010, 18.79.110, 18.130.175, and 2023 c 141. WSR 24-12-066, § 246-840-770, filed 6/3/24, effective 7/1/24. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.010, 18.79.110, 18.130.070, and 18.130.175. WSR 17-11-132, § 246-840-770, filed 5/24/17, effective 6/24/17. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.79 RCW. WSR 97-13-100, § 246-840-770, filed 6/18/97, effective 7/19/97.]
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