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PDFWAC 246-840-760

Definitions of terms used in WAC 246-840-750 through 246-840-790.

The definitions in this section apply throughout WAC 246-840-750 through 246-840-790 unless the text clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Continuing care" means the phase of treatment following acute treatment. Common elements of continuing care include relapse prevention and self-help group participation.
(2) "Defray" means the board may pay up to 80 percent of out-of-pocket expenses related to WHPS program participation that includes substance use disorder (SUD) evaluations, SUD treatment and other ancillary services including drug testing, participation, professional peer support groups, and any other expenses deemed appropriate by the board.
(3) "Financial assistance" means board approval to use funds to pay for a participant's out-of-pocket costs associated with participation in the WHPS program.
(4) "Financial need" means a demonstrated need by a WHPS participant when they need help to pay for costs related to participation in the WHPS program.
(5) "Monitoring contract" is a comprehensive, structured agreement between the recovering nurse and WHPS defining the requirements of the nurse's program participation.
(6) "Peer support group" is a professionally facilitated support group designed to support recovery and re-entry into practice.
(7) "Random drug screens" means laboratory tests to detect the presence of drugs in body fluids and other biologic specimens that are performed at irregular intervals not known in advance by the person to be tested.
(8) "Referral contract" is a formal agreement between the board and the nurse to comply with the requirements of the WHPS program in lieu of discipline.
(9) "Self-help groups" means groups or fellowships providing support for people with substance use disorder to support their sobriety and recovery.
(10) "Stipend program" means the board program to defray the out-of-pocket expenses for participants who have applied for and been approved to receive financial assistance in connection with participation in WHPS. The purpose is to assist nurses who would otherwise be unable to participate in the program because of personal financial limitations.
(11) "Stipend program application" means a board form that the participant uses to request stipend assistance that provides information to determine eligibility for stipend funds.
(12) "Substance use disorder" (SUD) means a chronic progressive illness that involves the use of alcohol or other drugs to a degree that it interferes with the functional life of the registrant/licensee, as manifested by health, family, job (professional services), legal, financial, or emotional problems.
(13) "Washington health professional services (WHPS)" is the approved substance use monitoring program as described in RCW 18.130.175 that meets criteria established by the board. WHPS does not provide evaluation or treatment services.
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