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Chapter 246-840 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF246-840-015Requirement to submit demographic data.
HTMLPDF246-840-020Credentials issued to an LPN, RN, or ARNP in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-025Initial licensure for registered nurses and practical nursesCommission approved Washington state nursing education program.
HTMLPDF246-840-030Initial licensure for registered nurses and practical nursesOut-of-state traditional nursing education program approved by another United States nursing board.
HTMLPDF246-840-045Initial licensure for registered nurses and practical nurses who graduate from an international school of nursing.
HTMLPDF246-840-048Students enrolled in a nontraditional nursing program.
HTMLPDF246-840-050Licensing examination.
HTMLPDF246-840-060Results and retaking of examination.
HTMLPDF246-840-090Licensure for nurses by interstate endorsement.
HTMLPDF246-840-095Temporary practice permits.
HTMLPDF246-840-105Brief adjudicative proceedingsDenials based on failure to meet education, experience, or examination prerequisites for licensure.
HTMLPDF246-840-111Expired license.
HTMLPDF246-840-120Inactive credential.
HTMLPDF246-840-125Retired active credential.
HTMLPDF246-840-200Continuing competency purpose statement.
HTMLPDF246-840-210Continuing competency definitions.
HTMLPDF246-840-220Continuing competency requirementsActive status.
HTMLPDF246-840-222Continuing competency requirementsHealth equity continuing education.
HTMLPDF246-840-230Continuing competency audit process and compliance.
HTMLPDF246-840-250Continuing competency requirementsReactivation from expired status.
HTMLPDF246-840-260Continuing competency requirementsReactivation from inactive status.
HTMLPDF246-840-300ARNP scope of practice.
HTMLPDF246-840-302ARNP designations, certification, and approved certification examinations.
HTMLPDF246-840-310Use and protection of professional titles.
HTMLPDF246-840-311ARNP previously adopted specialties.
HTMLPDF246-840-340Initial ARNP requirements.
HTMLPDF246-840-342Licensure for ARNP applicants by interstate endorsement.
HTMLPDF246-840-344Licensure for ARNP applicants educated and licensed outside the United States.
HTMLPDF246-840-360Renewal of ARNP licensure.
HTMLPDF246-840-361Continuing education for ARNP license renewal.
HTMLPDF246-840-365Inactive and reactivating an ARNP license.
HTMLPDF246-840-367Expired license.
HTMLPDF246-840-400ARNP prescriptive authority.
HTMLPDF246-840-410Application requirements for ARNP prescriptive authority.
HTMLPDF246-840-420Authorized prescriptions by ARNP with prescriptive authority.
HTMLPDF246-840-450Renewal of ARNP prescriptive authority.
HTMLPDF246-840-451Continuing education requirements for ARNP prescriptive authority.
HTMLPDF246-840-460Pain managementIntent.
HTMLPDF246-840-4651Patient notification, secure storage, and disposal.
HTMLPDF246-840-4653Use of alternative modalities for pain treatment.
HTMLPDF246-840-4655Continuing education requirements for opioid prescribing.
HTMLPDF246-840-4657Diagnosis identified on prescriptions.
HTMLPDF246-840-4659Patient evaluation and patient recordAcute.
HTMLPDF246-840-4661Treatment planAcute nonoperative pain.
HTMLPDF246-840-4663Treatment planAcute perioperative pain.
HTMLPDF246-840-4665Patient evaluation and patient recordSubacute pain.
HTMLPDF246-840-4667Treatment planSubacute pain.
HTMLPDF246-840-467Patient evaluation and patient record.
HTMLPDF246-840-470Treatment plan.
HTMLPDF246-840-475Written agreement for treatment.
HTMLPDF246-840-477Periodic review.
HTMLPDF246-840-485ConsultationRecommendations and requirements.
HTMLPDF246-840-487ConsultationExemptions for exigent and special circumstances.
HTMLPDF246-840-490ConsultationExemptions for the advanced registered nurse practitioner.
HTMLPDF246-840-493Pain management specialist.
HTMLPDF246-840-4935Assessment of treatment plan.
HTMLPDF246-840-4940Patients with chronic pain, including those on high doses, establishing a relationship with a new practitioner.
HTMLPDF246-840-4950Special populationsPatients twenty-five years of age or under, pregnant patients, and aging populations.
HTMLPDF246-840-4955Episodic care of chronic opioid patients.
HTMLPDF246-840-4960Coprescribing with certain medications.
HTMLPDF246-840-4970Coprescribing of opioids for patients receiving medication assisted treatment (MAT).
HTMLPDF246-840-4980Coprescribing of naloxone.
HTMLPDF246-840-4990Prescription monitoring programRequired registration, queries, and documentation.
HTMLPDF246-840-500Philosophy governing approval of nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-505Purposes of commission approval of nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-510Approval of initial (new) in-state nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-511Accreditation requirements for all nursing education programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-512Standards and evaluation of nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-513Reporting and recordkeeping requirements for nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-514Purpose and outcomes for approved nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-516Organization and administration for all nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-517Nurse administrator qualification requirements in nursing education programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-518Resources, facilities and services for approved nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-519Student requirements in all approved nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-521Additional student requirements for prelicensure registered nurse nursing education programs located in the state of Washington.
HTMLPDF246-840-522Additional student requirements for RN to BSN and graduate nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-523Faculty requirements for nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-524Degree requirements for faculty teaching in practical nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-526Degree requirements for nursing faculty teaching in prelicensure registered nurse or for RN to BSN education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-527Degree and licensing requirements for nursing faculty teaching in a nursing education program leading to licensure as an advanced registered nurse practitioner.
HTMLPDF246-840-528Degree requirements for nursing faculty teaching in a graduate nursing education program not leading to licensure as an advanced registered nurse practitioner.
HTMLPDF246-840-529Exceptions to nursing faculty degree requirements in prelicensure registered nurse nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-531Clinical and practice experiences for students in approved nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-532Faculty to student ratios for clinical and practice experience in nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-533Nursing preceptors, interdisciplinary preceptors, and proctors in clinical or practice settings for nursing students located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-534Use of simulation for clinical experiences in LPN, RN, or RN to BSN nursing education programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-536Dedicated education units for practical nurse or registered nurse nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-537Curriculum for approved nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-539Curriculum for practical nurse nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-541Curriculum for prelicensure registered nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-542Curriculum for registered nurse to bachelor's or master's in nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-543Curriculum for nursing education programs preparing students for licensure as advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNP).
HTMLPDF246-840-544Curriculum for graduate nursing education programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-546Distance-learning nursing education course or courses offered by approved nursing programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-547Extended or satellite nursing campus of nursing education programs approved in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-549Internationally educated nurse program approval criteria for nursing education programs approved in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-551Internationally educated practical nurse program in an approved nursing education program.
HTMLPDF246-840-552Internationally educated registered nurse program in an approved nursing education program.
HTMLPDF246-840-553Innovation projects or program approach for approved nursing education programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-554Ongoing evaluation and approval of nursing education programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-556Ongoing approval, accreditation and commission reviews.
HTMLPDF246-840-557Commission action following commission site visit, complaint investigation, or national accreditation visits of nursing education programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-558Denial, statement of deficiencies, conditional approval or withdrawal of approval of nursing education programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-559Closing of an approved nursing education program located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-561Reinstatement of approval for nursing programs located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-562Appeal of commission decisions.
HTMLPDF246-840-563Criteria for approval of LPN and RN refresher course program located in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-564Curriculum for LPN nurse refresher course.
HTMLPDF246-840-566Curriculum for registered nurse refresher course.
HTMLPDF246-840-567Refresher course program for advanced registered nurse practice nurses.
HTMLPDF246-840-568Criteria for approval of refresher course program located outside Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-569Commission action regarding refresher course programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-571Out-of-state distance learning nursing program approval for practice experiences in Washington state.
HTMLPDF246-840-581Early remediation program purpose.
HTMLPDF246-840-582Early remediation program definitions.
HTMLPDF246-840-583Early remediation program criteria.
HTMLPDF246-840-700Standards of nursing conduct or practice.
HTMLPDF246-840-705Functions of a registered nurse and a licensed practical nurse.
HTMLPDF246-840-710Violations of standards of nursing conduct or practice.
HTMLPDF246-840-720Mitigating circumstances.
HTMLPDF246-840-730Mandatory reporting.
HTMLPDF246-840-740Sexual misconduct prohibited.
HTMLPDF246-840-745Adjudicative proceedings.
HTMLPDF246-840-747Appearance and practice before agencyStandards of ethical conduct.
HTMLPDF246-840-750Philosophy governing voluntary substance abuse monitoring programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-760Definitions of terms used in WAC 246-840-750 through 246-840-780.
HTMLPDF246-840-770Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
HTMLPDF246-840-780Conditions for participants entering the approved substance abuse monitoring program.
HTMLPDF246-840-800Scope of practiceAdvisory opinions.
HTMLPDF246-840-810Provision for continuity of drug therapy for residents.
HTMLPDF246-840-820Provision for clean, intermittent catheterization in schools.
HTMLPDF246-840-830Determination and pronouncement of death by a licensed registered nurse.
HTMLPDF246-840-840Nursing technician.
HTMLPDF246-840-850Use of nomenclature.
HTMLPDF246-840-860Nursing technician criteria.
HTMLPDF246-840-870Functions of the nursing technician.
HTMLPDF246-840-880Functions of the registered nurse supervising the nursing technician.
HTMLPDF246-840-890Functions of the employing facility.
HTMLPDF246-840-900Functions of the nursing program.
HTMLPDF246-840-905How to register as a nursing technician.
HTMLPDF246-840-930Criteria for delegation.
HTMLPDF246-840-940Washington state nursing care quality assurance commission community-based and in-home care setting delegation decision tree.
HTMLPDF246-840-950How to make changes to the delegated tasks.
HTMLPDF246-840-960Rescinding delegation.
HTMLPDF246-840-970Accountability, liability, and coercion.
HTMLPDF246-840-990Fees and renewal cycle.
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