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PDFWAC 246-247-010


(1) The standards and requirements of this chapter apply statewide at the following types of facilities that emit radionuclides to the air:
(a) Facilities licensed by the department or by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC);
(b) United States Department of Energy (DOE) facilities;
(c) Non-DOE federal facilities;
(d) Uranium fuel cycle facilities;
(e) Uranium mills that are processing material; and
(f) Any other facility that the department determines emits or has the potential to emit radionuclides to the ambient air.
(2) The standards and requirements of this chapter apply to point sources, nonpoint sources, and fugitive emissions.
(3) The standards and requirements of this chapter apply to stationary and mobile emission units, whether temporary or permanent.
(4) The control technology standards and requirements of this chapter apply to the abatement technology and indication devices of facilities and emission units subject to this chapter. Control technology requirements apply from entry of radionuclides into the ventilated vapor space to the point of release to the environment.
(5) In accordance with RCW 70A.15.2260(10), air operating permits issued under chapter 173-401 WAC shall incorporate all applicable requirements of this chapter. Therefore, all facilities listed in subsection (1) of this section that are also subject to the operating permit regulations in chapter 173-401 WAC shall be considered in compliance with the requirements of this chapter if they comply with all the applicable requirements of the air operating permit issued under chapter 173-401 WAC. These applicable requirements shall be contained in the radioactive air emissions license which shall be incorporated as part of the air operating permit. In accordance with RCW 70A.15.3130(1), the department shall enforce all the requirements contained in the radioactive air emissions license.
(6) Should any of the federal regulations that have been adopted by reference in this chapter be rescinded, the affected facilities shall nonetheless comply with all other applicable requirements of this chapter.
(7) An applicant may view any document referenced in this chapter by contacting the department's office of radiation protection, radioactive air emissions section at 509-946-0363. Mail reports, applications, and other written correspondence to the Radioactive Air Emissions Section at 309 Bradley Boulevard, Suite 201, Richland, Washington, 99352. An applicant may send reports, applications, and other written correspondence to
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