Chapter 70.94 RCW


Declaration of public policies and purpose.
Air pollution control accountAir operating permit account.
Air pollution control accountSubaccount distribution.
Environmental excellence program agreementsEffect on chapter.
Technical assistance program for regulated community.
Transportation activities"Conformity" determination requirements.
Causing or permitting air pollution unlawfulException.
ExceptionBurning wood at historic structure.
Air pollution control authorities createdActivated authorities, composition, meetingsDelineation of air pollution regions, considerations.
Air pollution control authority may be activated by counties, when.
Multicounty authority may be formed by contiguous countiesName.
Merger of active and inactive authorities to form multicounty or regional authorityProcedure.
Merger of active and inactive authorities to form multicounty or regional authorityReorganization of board of directorsRules and regulations.
Resolutions activating authoritiesContentsFilingsEffective date of operation.
Powers and duties of authorities.
Cost-reimbursement agreements.
Excess tax levy authorizedElection, procedure, expense.
Air pollution control authorityFiscal yearAdoption of budgetContents.
Methods for determining proportion of supplemental income to be paid by component cities, towns and countiesPayment.
Designation of authority treasurer and auditorDuties.
Assessed valuation of taxable property, certification by county assessors.
Authorization to borrow money.
Special air pollution studiesContracts for conduct of.
Air pollution control authorityBoard of directorsCompositionTerm.
City selection committees.
City selection committeesMeetings, notice, recording officerAlternative mail ballotingNotice.
Air pollution control authorityBoard of directorsPowers, quorum, officers, compensation.
Air pollution control authorityPowers and duties of activated authority.
Subpoena powersWitnesses, expenses and mileageRules and regulations.
Federal aid.
Classification of air contaminant sourcesRegistrationFeeRegistration program definedAdoption of rules requiring persons to report emissions of greenhouse gases.
Notice may be required of construction of proposed new contaminant sourceSubmission of plansApproval, disapprovalEmission control"De minimis new sources" defined.
Existing stationary sourceReplacement or substantial alteration of emission control technology.
RACT requirements.
Control of emissionsBubble conceptSchedules of compliance.
Preemption of uniform building and fire codes.
Operating permits for air contaminant sourcesGenerallyFees, report to legislature.
Annual fees from operating permit program source to cover cost of program.
Source categories not required to have a permitRecommendations.
Gasoline recovery devicesLimitation on requiring.
Air pollution control authority control officer.
VariancesApplication forConsiderationsLimitationsRenewalsReview.
Investigation of conditions by control officer or departmentEntering private, public property.
Confidentiality of records and information.
Enforcement actions by air authorityNotice to violators.
Order final unless appealed to pollution control hearings board.
Rules of authority supersede local rules, regulations, etc.Exceptions.
Air pollution control authorityDissolution of prior districtsContinuation of rules and regulations until superseded.
Air pollution control advisory council.
Dissolution of authorityDeactivation of authority.
Withdrawal from multicounty authority.
Certain generators fueled by biogas produced by an anaerobic digesterExtended compliance period for permit provisions related to the emissions limit for sulfurTechnical assistance.
Powers and duties of department.
Enforcement actions by departmentNotice to violators.
Hazardous substance remedial actionsProcedural requirements not applicable.
Contracts, agreements for use of personnel by departmentReimbursementMerit system regulations waived.
Powers and rights of governmental units and persons are not limited by act or recommendations.
Emission control requirements.
State financial aidApplication forRequirements.
Hearing upon activation of authorityFindingAssumption of jurisdiction by departmentExpenses.
Air contaminant sourcesRegulation by department; authorities may be more stringentHearingStandards.
Order activating authorityFilingHearingAmendment of order.
Air pollution control authorityReview by department of program.
Air pollution control authorityAssumption of control by department.
State departments and agencies to cooperate with department and authorities.
Department of health powers regarding radionuclidesEnergy facility site evaluation council authority over permit program sources.
Restraining ordersInjunctions.
Civil penaltiesExcusable excess emissions.
Additional means for enforcement of chapter.
Short title.
Residential and commercial constructionBurning and heating device standards.
Solid fuel burning devicesEmission performance standards.
Sale of unapproved woodstovesProhibited.
Sale of unapproved woodstovesPenalty.
Sale of unapproved woodstovesApplication of law to advertising media.
Residential solid fuel burning devicesOpacity levelsEnforcement and public education.
Limitations on burning wood for heatFirst and second stage burn bansReport on second stage burn banExceptionsEmergency situations.
Liability of condominium owners' association or resident association.
Limitations on use of solid fuel burning devices.
Woodstove education program.
Woodstove education and enforcement account createdFee imposed on solid fuel burning device sales.
Woodsmoke emissionsFindings.
Policy to cooperate with federal government.
Transportation demand managementFindings.
Transportation demand managementDefinitions.
Transportation demand managementRequirements for counties and cities.
Transportation demand managementGrowth and transportation efficiency centers.
Transportation demand managementRequirements for employers.
Transportation demand managementJurisdictions' review and penalties.
Transportation demand managementCommute trip reduction board.
Transportation demand managementTechnical assistance.
Transportation demand managementUse of funds.
Transportation demand managementIntentState leadership.
Transportation demand managementState agenciesJoint comprehensive commute trip reduction planReports.
Transportation demand managementCollective bargaining powers unaffected.
Reports of authorities to department of ecologyContents.
Report to the legislatureAchieving attainment for areas of nonattainment.
Burning used oil fuel in land-based facilities.
Metals mining and milling operations permitsInspections by department of ecology.
Odors or fugitive dust caused by agricultural activities consistent with good agricultural practices exempt from chapter.
Ammonia emissions from use as agricultural or silvicultural fertilizerRegulation prohibited.
Definition of "outdoor burning."
Outdoor burningFires prohibitedExceptions.
Outdoor burningAreas where prohibitedExceptionsUse for management of storm or flood-related debrisSilvicultural burning.
Outdoor burningPermits issued by political subdivisions.
Limited outdoor burningEstablishment of program.
Limited outdoor burningConstruction.
Limited outdoor burningAuthority of local air pollution control authority or department of ecology to allow outdoor fires not restricted.
Limited outdoor burningProgramExceptions.
Limited outdoor burningPermits issued by political subdivisionsTypes of fires permitted.
PermitsIssuanceConditioning of permitsFeesAgricultural burning practices and research task forceDevelopment of public education materialsAgricultural activities.
Delegation of permit issuance and enforcement to political subdivisions.
Open burning of grasses grown for seedAlternativesStudiesDeposit of permit fees in special grass seed burning accountProceduresLimitationsReport.
Burning permits for abating or prevention of forest fire hazards, management of ecosystems, instruction or silvicultural operationsIssuance.
Silvicultural forest burningReduce statewide emissionsExemptionMonitoring program.
Burning permits for abating or prevention of forest fire hazards, management of ecosystems, instruction or silvicultural operationsConditions for issuance and use of permitsAir quality standards to be metAlternate methods to lessen forest debris.
Cooperation between department of natural resources and state, local, or regional air pollution authoritiesWithholding of permits.
Adoption of rules.
Burning permits for regeneration of rare and endangered plants.
Aircraft crash rescue fire trainingTraining to fight structural firesTraining to fight forest firesOther firefighter instruction.
Outdoor burning allowed for managing storm or flood-related debris.
Fires necessary for Indian ceremonies or smoke signals.
Permit to set fires for weed abatement.
Disposal of tumbleweeds.
Burning of brush and yard waste in a city or town located partially inside a quarantine area for apple maggotPermitReport to the legislature.
Air pollution episodesLegislative findingDeclaration of policy.
Air pollution episodesEpisode avoidance planContentsSource emission reduction plansAuthorityConsidered orders.
Air pollution episodesDeclaration of air pollution emergency by governor.
Air pollution episodesRestraining orders, temporary injunctions to enforce ordersProcedure.
Air pollution episodesOrders to be effective immediately.
Plans approved pursuant to federal clean air actEnforcement authority.
Legislative declarationIntent.
Monitoring by department of ecology.
Emission credits banking programAmount of credit.
Department of ecology may accept delegation of programs.
Evaluation of information on acid deposition in Pacific NorthwestEstablishment of critical levelsNotification of legislature.
Establishment of critical deposition and acidification levelsConsiderations.
Carbon dioxide mitigationFees.
Construction1967 c 238.
Construction, repeal of RCW 70.94.061 through 70.94.066Saving.
Effective dates1991 c 199.
Severability1967 c 238.
Clean fuel matching grants for public transit, vehicle mechanics, and refueling infrastructure.
ChlorofluorocarbonsOzoneRefrigerants regulated.
RefrigerantsUnlawful acts.
RefrigerantsRulesEnforcement provisions, limitations.
Stationary natural gas engines used in combined heat and power systemsPermitting processEmission limits.
Boiler or process heatersAssessment and reporting requirements.
Environmental certification programsFeesRulesLiability: RCW 43.21A.175.
Pollution Disclosure Act of 1971: Chapter 90.52 RCW.
Tax exemptions and credits for air pollution control facilities: Chapter 82.34 RCW.
Washington clean indoor air act: Chapter 70.160 RCW.
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