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PDFWAC 246-247-002


(1) Rules and regulations set forth herein are adopted and enforced by the department pursuant to the provisions of chapter 70A.388 RCW which:
(a) Designate the department as the state's radiation control agency having sole responsibility for the administration of the regulatory, licensing, and radiation control provisions of chapter 70A.388 RCW;
(b) Vest in the department the authority to formulate, adopt, promulgate, and repeal codes, rules, and regulations related to the control of sources of ionizing radiation;
(c) Authorize the department to implement an independent statewide program to monitor radioactive air emissions from sources within the state;
(d) Authorize the department to conduct inspections of facilities, both private and public, to determine whether or not there is compliance with or violation of the provisions of chapter 70A.388 RCW and rules and regulations issued thereunder; and
(e) Authorize the department to require registration of sources of ionizing radiation.
(2) In addition, RCW 70A.15.3130 (Washington Clean Air Act) grants to the department the enforcement powers contained in that chapter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70A.388.040, 70A.388.050(5) and 2020 c 20. WSR 21-22-118, § 246-247-002, filed 11/3/21, effective 12/4/21. Statutory Authority: Chapters 70.98 and 70.94 RCW and chapter 173-480 WAC. WSR 94-07-010, § 246-247-002, filed 3/4/94, effective 4/4/94.]
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