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PDFWAC 212-80-113

Certificate holder employment.

(1) What are the employment requirements for a certificate holder?
(a) In no case will a certificate holder be employed full time by more than one licensed contractor at the same time.
(b) If the certificate holder should leave the employment of the licensed contractor, he or she will notify the director within thirty days of his or her last day of employment.
(2) Are there any exceptions to the employment requirements for a certificate holder? Yes. The following exceptions may apply:
(a) Any current certificate holder for the license and certification year who is no longer employed by a licensed contractor will become "INACTIVE," unless he or she is a journey, residential or trainee sprinkler fitter. An "INACTIVE" certificate will:
(i) Not be issued a physical certificate;
(ii) Not allow the certificate holder to perform any work in the fire protection sprinkler system trade as a certificate holder until the certificate holder is employed by a licensed contractor licensed by the director. When an "INACTIVE" certificate holder is employed by a licensed contractor the director will reissue a certificate to the certificate holder;
(iii) Expire at the end of the current licensing and certification cycle and cannot be renewed as "INACTIVE."
(b) The "QUALIFIED EXEMPT" certification allows persons who are considered exempt from the licensing or certification requirements of chapter 18.160 RCW and this chapter and not currently working for a licensed contractor, to obtain evidence of qualification while working for an employer who requires a knowledge and skill base of fire protection sprinkler systems.
(i) A "QUALIFIED EXEMPT" certificate:
(A) Will not be used for work under contract.
(B) May be issued to:
(I) An employee of the United States, state or local government, building officials, fire marshals, fire inspectors, or insurance inspectors when acting in their official capacities.
(II) A person who performs maintenance or other duties for an employer, and performs work on only his or her employer's fire protection sprinkler system.
(III) A person who works for an industry ancillary to the fire protection sprinkler system contracting trade that is regulated by chapter 18.160 RCW.
(ii) A "QUALIFIED EXEMPT" certificate holder will:
(A) Bear "QUALIFIED EXEMPT" on the certificate and listing post on the internet and the person's level of certification.
(B) Be issued a physical certificate.
(C) Not be issued a stamp.
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