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PDFWAC 212-80-118

Certificate renewals.

(1) When are certificates required to be renewed?
(a) A certificate must be renewed by January 1st of each calendar year.
(b) Certificates for journey and residential fitters must be renewed by January 1st of every even-numbered year. A sprinkler fitter certificate holder will be sent a renewal form by the director to renew the certificate.
(c) Certificates for sprinkler fitter trainees must be renewed by January 1st of every even-numbered year.
(i) Trainees who have a current certificate will be sent a renewal form by the director to renew their certificate.
(ii) The certificate will not be renewed if the trainee is not currently employed by a licensed contractor.
(d) Failure of a trainee, journey, or residential sprinkler fitter to renew his or her certificate will result in him or her:
(i) Filing a new application with the director on a form provided by the director; and
(ii) Successfully passing the written examination required by this chapter.
(2) What happens if the certificate holder does not renew his or her application by the expiration date? Failure of a certificate holder to renew his or her certificate by the expiration date will constitute a break in certification. For certificates that are expired for:
(a) Less than two consecutive calendar years, the certificate holder may renew by submitting a renewal application provided by the director and applicable fees.
(b) Two or more calendar years, the certificate holder must submit a new application with evidence of qualification and applicable fees for a new certificate.
Those who were qualified under the grandfathering process will need to show evidence of qualification meeting the current requirements.
(3) Are there reasons why the director would not renew a certificate? Yes. The director will not renew a certificate if:
(a) The certificate holder is employed by a fire protection sprinkler system contractor who has not submitted for a renewal of its license; or
(b) The certificate is in a revoked or suspended status.
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