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PDFWAC 182-550-4500

Payment methodRatio of costs-to-charges (RCC).

(1) The medicaid agency pays hospitals using the ratio of costs-to-charges (RCC) payment method for services exempt from the following payment methods:
(a) Ambulatory payment classification (APC);
(b) Diagnosis-related group (DRG);
(c) Enhanced ambulatory patient group (EAPG);
(d) Per case;
(e) Per diem; and
(f) Maximum allowable fee schedule.
(2) The agency:
(a) Determines the payment for inpatient claims by multiplying the hospital's inpatient RCC by the allowed covered charges for medically necessary services.
(b) Deducts from the amount derived in (a) of this subsection:
(i) All applicable adjustments for client responsibility;
(ii) Any third-party liability;
(iii) Medicare payments; and
(iv) Any other adjustments as determined by the agency.
(c) Limits the RCC payment to the hospital's usual and customary charges for services allowed by the agency.
(3) The agency uses the RCC payment method to calculate the following:
(a) Payment for the following services:
(i) Organ transplant services (see WAC 182-550-4400 (4)(h));
(ii) Hospital services provided at a long-term acute care (LTAC) facility not covered under the LTAC per diem rate (see WAC 182-550-2596); and
(iii) Any other hospital service identified by the agency as being paid by the RCC payment method; and
(b) Costs for the following:
(i) High outlier qualifying claims (see WAC 182-550-3700); and
(ii) Hospital services provided in hospitals eligible for certified public expenditure (CPE) payments under WAC 182-550-4650(5).
(4) When directed by the legislature to achieve targeted expenditure levels, as described in WAC 182-550-3000(8), the agency may apply an inpatient adjustment factor to the inpatient RCC payments made for the services in subsection (3) of this section.
(5) This section explains how the agency calculates each in-state and critical border hospital's RCC. For noncritical border city hospitals, see WAC 182-550-3900. The agency:
(a) Divides adjusted costs by adjusted patient charges. The agency determines the allowable costs and associated charges.
(b) Excludes agency nonallowed costs and nonallowed charges, such as costs and charges attributable to a change in ownership.
(c) Bases the RCC calculation on data from the hospital's annual medicare cost report (Form 2552) and applicable patient revenue reconciliation data provided by the hospital. The medicare cost report must cover a period of 12 consecutive months in its medicare cost report year.
(d) Updates a hospital's inpatient RCC annually after the hospital sends its hospital fiscal year medicare cost report to the centers for medicare and medicaid services (CMS) and the agency. If medicare grants a delay in submission of the CMS medicare cost report to the medicare fiscal intermediary, the agency may determine an alternate method to adjust the RCC.
(e) Limits a noncritical access hospital's RCC to one point zero (1.0).
(6) For a hospital formed as a result of a merger (see WAC 182-550-4200), the agency combines the previous hospital's medicare cost reports and follows the process in subsection (5) of this section. The agency does not use partial year cost reports for this purpose.
(7) For newly constructed hospitals and hospitals not otherwise addressed in this chapter, the agency annually calculates a weighted average in-state RCC by dividing the sum of agency-determined costs for all in-state hospitals with RCCs by the sum of agency-determined charges for all hospitals with RCCs.
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