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PDFWAC 182-550-4400

ServicesExempt from DRG payment.

(1) Inpatient services are exempt from the diagnosis-related group (DRG) payment method only if they qualify for payment methods specifically mentioned in other sections of this chapter or in this section.
(2) Subject to the restrictions and limitations in this section, the agency exempts the following services for medicaid and CHIP clients from the DRG payment method. This policy also applies to covered services paid through medical care services (MCS) and any other state-administered program, except when otherwise indicated in this section. The exempt services are:
(a) Withdrawal management services when provided in a hospital having a withdrawal management provider agreement with the agency to perform these services.
(b) Hospital-based intensive inpatient withdrawal management, medical stabilization, and drug treatment services provided to substance-using pregnant people (SUPP) clients by an agency-approved hospital. These are medicaid program services and are not covered or funded by the agency through MCS or any other state-administered program.
(c) Acute physical medicine and rehabilitation (acute PM&R) services.
(d) Psychiatric services. An agency designee that arranges to pay a hospital directly for psychiatric services may use the agency's payment methods or contract with the hospital to pay using different methods.
(e) Chronic pain management treatment provided in a hospital approved by the agency to provide that service.
(f) Administrative day services. The agency pays administrative days for one or more days of a hospital stay in which an acute inpatient or observation level of care is not medically necessary, and a lower level of care is appropriate. The administrative day rate is based on the statewide average daily medicaid nursing facility rate, which is adjusted annually. The agency may designate part of a client's stay to be paid an administrative day rate upon review of the claim or the client's medical record, or both.
(g) Inpatient services recorded on a claim grouped by the agency to a DRG for which the agency has not published an all-patient DRG (AP-DRG) or all-patient refined DRG (APR-DRG) relative weight. The agency will deny payment for claims grouped to APR DRG 955 or APR DRG 956.
(h) Organ transplants that involve heart, intestine, kidney, liver, lung, allogeneic bone marrow, autologous bone marrow, pancreas, or simultaneous kidney/pancreas. The agency pays hospitals for these organ transplants using the ratio of costs-to-charges (RCC) payment method. The agency maintains a list of DRGs which qualify as transplants on the agency's website.
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