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PDFWAC 173-50-170

Third-party accreditation.

(1) The department may recognize accreditation (or certification, registration, licensure, approval) of a laboratory by a third party when the accreditation process is determined to be equivalent to that described in this chapter.
(2) Laboratories applying for recognition of a third party's accreditation submit:
(a) An application and associated fee (WAC 173-50-190(7));
(b) A copy of the third party's certificate;
(c) A copy of the third party's scope of accreditation;
(d) A copy of the third party's most recent audit report;
(e) A copy of the laboratory's corrective action report relative to the audit, if applicable; and
(f) Recent, satisfactory proficiency test results for the applicable parameters.
(3) In consideration of a request to recognize a third party's accreditation as the basis for accreditation by the ecology accrediting authority, the lab accreditation unit reviews the application and supporting documentation to assure compliance with minimum accreditation requirements as stated in this chapter. If the review is favorable, a certificate and scope of accreditation are granted as in WAC 173-50-090.
(4) Laboratories granted third-party accreditation must notify the laboratory accreditation unit immediately of changes in the status of their third-party accreditation.
(5) Washington laboratories accredited or applying for accreditation in recognition of a third party's accreditation must notify the lab accreditation unit of audits scheduled by the third party and allow a department observer to attend such audits.
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