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PDFWAC 173-50-190

Fee structure.

(1) Fees in this chapter are in U.S. dollars and are established to cover costs of administering the WA ELAP. Fees shall be assessed for each parameter or method within each matrix, except as noted in subsection (3) of this section. The fee per parameter or method for each category, and the maximum fee per category where applicable, are identified in Table 1.
(2) Examples of parameters or methods for each category are published in the procedural manual. Accreditation may be requested for parameters in addition to those listed in the procedural manual.
(3) When a fee is assessed for a specific drinking water parameter or method, the laboratory may be accredited for the same parameter or method in nonpotable water without paying an additional fee.
General Chemistry
Trace Metals
Organics I
Organics II
(4) The minimum fee for accreditation, either direct or through recognition of a third-party accreditation, is three hundred dollars.
(5) In addition to paying the fee indicated in Table 1, out-of-state laboratories must pay for the actual cost of travel associated with on-site audits. The department invoices the laboratory for such costs after completion of the on-site audit.
(6) The laboratory must pay applicable fees before:
• Its quality assurance manual is reviewed by the department;
• The on-site audit is conducted if applicable; and
• Interim, provisional, or full accreditation is granted.
(7) The fee for recognition of a third party accreditation (WAC 173-50-170) is three-fourths (75%) of the fee indicated in Table 1.
(8) If a laboratory withdraws from the accreditation process after the application has been processed, but before accreditation is granted, the fee is refundable, less an amount up to three hundred dollars as reimbursement for costs of processing the application. If a laboratory withdraws from the accreditation process after the on-site audit has been completed, the department may retain the entire fee including reimbursement of travel costs if applicable.
(9) Dollar amounts listed in Table 1 and subsections (4) and (8) of this section may be decreased at any time the department determines they are higher than needed to meet accreditation program requirements. The department notifies affected parties of any fee adjustment at least thirty days prior to the effective date of the adjusted fee.
(10) Accreditation fees are waived for laboratories operated by the Washington state departments of ecology and health. Accreditation fees are also waived for drinking water parameters certified by EPA Region 10 at designated principal laboratories.
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