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PDFWAC 173-50-150

Revoking or suspending accreditation.

(1) Revocation of accreditation is the department's withdrawal of a previously granted accreditation. Revocation may involve the entire laboratory or one or more individual parameters.
(2) Suspension of accreditation is for a specified period during which the affected laboratory corrects deficiencies that led to the suspension. Suspension may involve the entire laboratory, or one or more individual parameters.
(3) The ecology accrediting authority may suspend or revoke accreditation if the accredited laboratory:
(a) Fails to comply with standards for critical elements of an audit;
(b) Violates a state rule and/or federal law relative to the analytical procedures for which it is accredited;
(c) Misrepresents itself to the department;
(d) Falsifies reports of analysis including proficiency testing results;
(e) Engages in unethical or fraudulent practices concerning generation of analytical data;
(f) Is deficient in its ability to provide accurate and defensible analytical data;
(g) Refuses to permit entry for enforcement purposes (WAC 173-50-210);
(h) Fails to render applicable fees;
(i) Fails to maintain third-party accreditation; or
(j) Reports two consecutive unsatisfactory PT sample results.
(4) A laboratory having had its accreditation suspended or revoked may appeal under the provisions of WAC 173-50-200. If an appeal does not result in action favorable to the laboratory, and following correction of deficiencies, a laboratory having had its accreditation revoked may reapply for accreditation to include payment of appropriate fees as determined in WAC 173-50-190.
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