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PDFWAC 110-15-0065

Calculation of income.

DSHS uses a consumer's countable income when determining income eligibility and copayment. A consumer's countable income is the sum of all income listed in WAC 110-15-0060 minus any child support paid out through a court order, division of child support administrative order, or tribal government order.
(1) To determine a consumer's income, DSHS either:
(a) Calculates an average monthly income by:
(i) Determining the number of months, weeks or pay periods it took the consumer's WCCC household to earn the income; and dividing the income by the same number of months, weeks or pay periods.
(ii) If the past wages are no longer reflective of the current income, DSHS may accept the employer's statement of current, anticipated wages for future income determination.
(b) When the consumer begins new employment and has less than three months of wages, DSHS uses the best available estimate of the consumer's WCCC household's current income:
(i) As verified by the consumer's employer; or
(ii) As provided by the consumer through a verbal or written statement documenting the new employment at the time of application, reapplication or change reporting, and wage verification within sixty days of DSHS request.
(2) If a consumer receives a lump sum payment (such as money from the sale of property or back child support payment) in the month of application or during the consumer's WCCC eligibility:
(a) DSHS calculates a monthly amount by dividing the lump sum payment by twelve;
(b) DSHS adds the monthly amount to the consumer's expected average monthly income:
(i) For the month it was received; and
(ii) For the remaining months of the current eligibility period; and
(c) To remain eligible for WCCC the consumer must meet WCCC income guidelines after the lump sum payment is applied.
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