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Close Note: This page consolidates, and makes available electronically, reports to the Legislature from January 1, 2008 to date. These reports come from a variety of sources and the Legislature makes no claim as to the timeliness or comprehensiveness of the list. If you have or are aware of additional reports during this time frame, please send them to the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives or the Secretary of the Senate.

Reports to the Legislature by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee, and the State Auditor's Office can be accessed at:
JLARC: Audit and Study Reports
SAO: Reports
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Organization Name RCW Bill Exec. Order Report Title Report Date
Commerce, Department of HB 1818 (2013-14)  (17k) Regulatory Streamlining -- Manufacturing (721k) 1/3/2017
Labor and Industries, Department of 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Comprehensive Catastrophic Care Management Project, 2016 Report (205k) 12/1/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of EHB 2123 (2011-12)  (125k) Insurance Services Division, Implementation of Recommendations of Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (473k) 4/22/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of EHB 2123 (2011-12)  (125k) Insurance Services Division, Update on Implementation of Recommendation of Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (691k) 10/19/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Medical Management Best Practices, 2016 Annual Report (1.0MB) 12/1/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Reducing Long-Term Disability through Use of Medical Best Practices (1.0MB) 12/1/2016
Social & Health Services, Department of E2SHB 1725 (2015-16)  (81k) Individual Provider Overtime Quarterly Expenditures, December 2016 (1.4MB) 12/1/2016
Student Achievement Council 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Southeast King County Needs Assessment and Operating Plan (1.2MB) 12/30/2016
Transportation, Department of 2ESHB 1299 (2015-16)  (1.7MB) SR 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Public-Private Partnership Review (593k) 1/16/2017
Transportation, Department of ESHB 2524 (2015-16)  (1.3MB) SR 169 Safety Study: Maple Valley to Renton (10.0MB) 12/1/2016
Commerce, Department of 43.380.050 Reentry from Confinement (959k) 1/11/2017
Commerce, Department of 43.21F.045 2017 Biennial Energy Report and State Energy Strategy Update (3.2MB) 12/1/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of 70.87.020 Elevator Program Performance Study (3.4MB) 12/31/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of 49.12.180 Wage, Child Labor and Protected Leave Investigations, 2016 Report (169k) 12/31/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of 18.27.800 Underground Economy Benchmark Report for 2016 (678k) 12/1/2016
Labor and Industries, Department of 51.04.069 Structured Settlement Program (374k) 7/5/2016
Sexual Assualt Forensic Examination Best Practices Task Force 70.125.090 SHB 1068 (2015-16)  (40k) 2016 Annual Report to the Legislature and Governor (2.8MB) 12/31/2016
Transportation, Department of 47.56.880 ESHB 2524 (2015-16)  (1.3MB) I-405 Express Toll Lanes: 1 Year of Operations (October 2015 - September 2016 (2.5MB) 1/6/2017
Health, Department of 77.32.555 SB 5169 (2015-16)  (24k) Biotoxin Fee Letter (3.0MB) 12/30/2016
Transportation, Department of, Ferries Division 47.60.830 Diesel Fuel Price Hedging FY 2016 Report (549k) 12/1/2016
Ecology, Department of 70.105D.030 Status of Developing Model Remedies (1.1MB) 12/1/2016
Licensing, Department of 46.18.060 Special License Plate Annual Report, Reporting for 2015 (279k) 1/1/2017
Transportation, Department of 47.01.330 Transit Mobility 2016 Report (1.2MB) 12/22/2016
Transportation, Department of 47.01.480 Practical Design Savings, Semiannual Report (1.2MB) 1/1/2017
Caseload Forecast Council 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Racial and Ethnic Impact Statements (506k) 12/27/2016
Commerce, Department of 43.330.300 Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Investigation and Prosecution Program (387k) 12/1/2016
Commerce, Department of ESHB 1291 (2013-14)  (47k) Criminal Penalty Fees (522k) 12/1/2016
Commerce, Department of 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Civilian-Military Land Use Study (3.1MB) 12/1/2016
Ecology, Department of 90.90.040 Columbia River Basin Long-Term Water Supply and Demand Forecast, 2016 (58.2MB) 1/1/2017
Fish and Wildlife, Department of 77.15.135 Washington Animal Trafficking Act Report (234k) 1/1/2017
Health Care Authority 74.09.522 Proportion of Non-Participating Providers Serving Apple Health Enrollees, July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016 (1.1MB) 1/1/2017
Aging and Disability Issues, Joint Legislative Executive Committee on ESSB 6052 (2015-16)  (6.1MB) 2016 Final Report (2.0MB) 12/1/2016
Ecology, Department of 70.105D.130 Cleanup Settlement Account, Annual Report for 2016 Fiscal Year (2.4MB) 12/20/2016
Employment Security Department 50.22.157 Training Benefits Program Report, 2016 (525k) 12/1/2016
Financial Management, Office of 43.88.160 Audit Resolution, 2016 Report (1.9MB) 12/1/2016
Health, Department of 18.88A.087 Alternative training options for home care aides and medical assistants (66k) 12/20/2016
Health, Department of 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) A Plan to Rebuild and Modernize Washington's Public Health System (2.0MB) 12/1/2016
Parks and Recreation Commission, Washington State 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Joyn Wayne Pioneer Trail Noxious Weed Treatment and Vegetation Management (1.0MB) 12/20/2016
Transportation, Department of 2ESSB 5994 (2015-16)  (95k) Streamlining the environmental review of highway transportation projects (513k) 12/1/2016
Commerce, Department of 43.330.082 Associate Development Organizations, 2015-2016 Report (3.2MB) 12/1/2016
Transportation, Department of ESHB 2524 (2015-16)  (1.3MB) Toll Division Proviso Report, July - September 2016 (741k) 11/28/2016
Ecology, Department of 70.235.020 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report 2010-2013 (299k) 10/1/2016
Health Care Authority 74.09 Medicaid Dental Prior Authorization (1.4MB) 12/15/2016
Health Care Authority 2ESHB 2376 (2015-16)  (4.3MB) Home Health Nursing, 2016 Report (1.3MB) 12/15/2016
Transportation, Department of 47.01.480 Implementing Practical Design Connecting Washington Project Title and Scope Changes (162k) 12/5/2016
Transportation, Department of 47.66.030 Regional Mobility Grant Program, 2017-2019 Recommended Projects (380k) 12/1/2016
Corrections, Department of 72.09.680 Staff Safety, 2016 Report (2.7MB) 11/30/2016
Ecology, Department of HB 2376 (2015-16)  (3.2MB) Dredged Material Management Program Review (2.0MB) 11/30/2016
GET Committee 28B.95.045 Future Options for the Washington Advanced College Tuition Program: Impacts of the College Affordability Program (1.9MB) 11/30/2016
Natural Resources, Department of HB 2376 (2015-16)  (3.2MB) Dredged Material Management Program Review (2.0MB) 11/30/2016

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