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Duties of the superintendent of public instruction.

The superintendent of public instruction shall:
(1) Develop model policies and procedures, in consultation with the Washington state school directors' association, that may be used by school district boards of directors in the development of the school district policies and procedures required in RCW 28A.250.050. The model policies and procedures shall be disseminated to school districts by February 1, 2010;
(2) By December 1, 2009, modify the standards for school districts to report course information to the office of the superintendent of public instruction under RCW 28A.300.500 to designate if the course was an online course. The reporting standards shall be required beginning with the 2010-11 school year; and
(3) Beginning January 15, 2011, and annually thereafter, submit a report regarding online learning to the state board of education, the governor, and the legislature. The report shall cover the previous school year and include but not be limited to student demographics, course enrollment data, aggregated student course completion and passing rates, and activities and outcomes of course and provider approval reviews.
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